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Rebuilding Neural Pathways

A seven-year-old Argentine boy, Ivo Cardile, has defied doctors’ predictions that he would never walk again.  Jorge Cardile was told by these doctors that his son wouldn’t be able to walk because he had suffered permanent brain damage upon being born.  The father decided to take matters into his own hands.  Since he is a mechanic he was good at building cars and fixing problems.  Jorge invented a homemade rehabilitation device for his son to train his body to walk.  This machine has proven successful and his disabled son now walks fairly well.

Unfortunately, the BBC removed this video from YouTube due to copyright laws.  Here I found another webpage that has it still intact.  If you are patient to wait through the advertisement this short 2 minute video is very inspiring.  You can view his video here: Father’s Homemade Machine

There are so many types of conditions that are believed to be incurable.  These neurological diseases affect the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  The symptoms include paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination, seizure, altered states of consciousness and pain.

When we hear this success story about Ivo Cardile, our minds can begin to accept the possible what was previously considered impossible.

There are many forms of neurological disorder such as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Dystonia, Muscular dystrophy (MD), Multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke and autism.  The following are some of the correct principles to help us understand exactly how Jorge Cardile would have achieved results for his son.

The Feldenkrais Method:

“The Feldenkrais Method works by facilitating the formation of new neural connections and patterns, irrespective of the cause of the child’s limitations. New and effective patterns of movement, thought, and feeling are learnt.”
The Anat Baniel method:

“Movement and Awareness are the main tools utilized for communicating with the brain, providing information the brain requires in order to form missing neural patterns.”

MH, the Barefoot Herbalist, says:
“Keep in mind stitches, drugs and numbing fluids and every form of commercial pain killer, over counter and drug, ALL have a long term effect and often permanent damage done on the operating table…and when it can’t, because of lack of proper minerals/foods and poisoned…some authors have suggested the results can be cancer.  But, that makes ZERO difference to your original design, that never stops trying to rebuild your body ‘perfect’.”

When the proper conditions are present (such as movement therapy) the body will begin to heal and regenerate itself.  Even juice fasting, which removes the negative conditions (associated with disease) is a suitable method for healing. 

If someone like Ivo Cardile wanted to walk with more refinement, then these further exercises would be of tremendous help.  On a deeper level, the following healing modalities are the conditions that are often lacking in a complete recovery.

Base Therapies:  This is required so that your mind-stream can obtain a full upgrade, clear past-life issues, and repair the nerve damage in a deeper way.

  1. Reiki Tummo attunement
  2. Barbara Brennan School of Healing
  3. Feldenkrais movement therapy

Self-Therapies:  Each one can be practiced on its own for a year or more before moving on to the next and more difficult exercise.

  1. Chi-Lel Chi-Kung (LCUPCD) – strongest for adjusting the spine
  2. Fragrant Chi Kung – strongest for ‘massaging’ the central channel
  3. Chinese Health Balls – strongest for resonating the spine and tailbone

Degrees of trauma: The theory is that each person can receive healing and regenerate their nervous system no matter how much damage there is.

  1. autistic – work with the Hand Xtrainer since the Chinese health balls are most likely too hard to manipulate*
  2. paraplegic – could use the Chinese health balls
  3. quadriplegic – could utilize Dr. Bates eye exercises such as the Moon Swing
  4. Seeing impaired (blind) – listen to the Centerpointe Research binaural therapy (audio CD)

*When the patient’s motor skills are not fully developed then the Hand Xtrainer would be my choice before utilizing the more advanced Chinese Health balls. The Thera-Band Hand Xtrainer can be purchased here: Thera-Band purchase

Another video that is worth watching is an inspirational story about a baby girl who was born without a third of her cerebellum.  She was given a hopeless prognosis by medical doctors that she would never walk or talk again.  Now, twenty years later, the young woman can walk and she enjoys a nearly normal life.  She can even talk and is a college student winning academic honors.

She and her family attribute her amazing recovery to Feldenkrais, a unique therapy developed in Israel and based on the belief that the body can actually teach the brain.  This seven minute video will give you more information about how the therapy actually works:


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Six Yogas of Naropa

For the serious aspirant who wants a method that will repair the nervous system in a thorough way one must investigate the esoteric practices of the Six Yogas of Naropa.

The first yoga is called the practice of inner fire referred to as tummo in Tibetan or candali in Sanskrit.  A good introductory book into this wonderful practice is Lama Yeshe’s commentary called “The Bliss of Inner Fire.”

Mastery of inner fire quickly brings the mind to its most refined and penetrating state — the experience of clear light, an extra-ordinarily powerful state of mind that is unequaled in its ability to directly realize ultimate reality.

The Six Yogas:

  1. Yoga of Inner Heat or tummo yoga (candali/mystic heat)
  2. Yoga of Illusory-Body
  3. Yoga of Clear Light
  4. Yoga of Dream State
  5. Yoga of  the Intermediate State (bardo thodal)
  6. Yoga of  the Transference of Consciousness (phowa)

In his teachings, Milarepa frequently referred his tummo meditation as `my short-AH′.  One day his disciple Gampopa told him that when he practiced single-pointed concentration he could remain for seven days in one uninterrupted session.

“So what?” replied Milarepa.  “You sit for seven days but do not experience the clear light.  If you meditated on my short-AH of inner fire you would experience the clear light very quickly.”

If you are serious about gaining proper health and moving forward quickly on your path to enlightenment then it is imperative to seek out a qualified lama to gain empowerment into this ancient tradition.  It will help repair the nerves, open up the heart and quickly gain results in meditation.

Now that Buddhism has spread all over the world it is much easier to train in the tsa-lung or trulkor exercises instead of having to journey and take much hardship in traveling through the Himalayan mountains.

These advanced sets of physical exercise will help release the tension or knots in the subtle body that prevent a good flow of spiritual energy in the body.  Once you have done this you can literally feel the psychological armor that you may have held onto, ever since you were young, melt away forever.

Good luck!

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The matrix has you

In order to find a real and lasting happiness we must disconnect from the Matrix or veil that blinds us to ultimate Reality.  But, how do we do that when we have so many worldly obligations to take care of?  One way to begin is by deciding on a game-plan that feels right and works best for you.

Every personal problem has an inherent solution that only needs to be discovered.  The root of most of these problems is a damaged nervous system.  Fortunately, each problem ALWAYS has more than one antidote to choose from.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ the main character had to undergo extensive therapy to repair his damaged nervous system before his true potential could unfold. As a pre-requisite, he had to undergo acupuncture (remember the long needles) before he was allowed to study (downloading information) and receive the physical martial-arts and advanced mind-training.

Likewise, the root cause of most dis-ease can be traced back to what Tibetan Buddhism refers to as Tsa, Lung or Thigle.  Tsa represents our channels, Lung is our inner wind and Thigle is our vital essence.  If our channels are damaged then the energy cannot flow properly and we open ourselves up to unwanted psychic influences and negative energy.  If we have a wind-disease we often feel extremely cold, introverted, and mentally imbalanced.  If our essence or blood is dirty then we become depressed and crave all sorts of unnatural foods.

This purpose of this website is to help anyone find an antidote to life’s problems quickly regardless of their denomination.  It is a result of over thirty years of my research and findings.  As you progress on your spiritual path, it will become clearer to you which method is superior and yields swifter benefits.

Here is a general outline for a thorough process of healing:

  1. Become attuned to level-one reiki to swiftly open the central channel or median nerve.  The two that are reputable and authentic are Reiki Jin Kei Do and Reiki Tummo.
  2. After that, receive healing from a certified reiki therapist such as a Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner.  Their standard of therapy is very high which can repair a severely damaged nervous system on many levels.  Make a commitment to receive weekly sessions for about four to six months.
  3. Choose a movement therapy such as Feldenkrais Movement Therapy or the Anat Baniel Method which is key for building new neural pathways within the nervous system.  Again, work with this trained healer once a week for many months.
  4. Then, pick a chi-kung practice such as Chi-Lel QiGong (LCUPCD), Fragrant Chi Kung, or Chinese Health balls to help maintain the strength of your spine and nervous system.
  5. Lastly, begin a meditation routine to calm (shamatha) and investigate the nature of mind (vipasyana).

As you are working at self-improvement, it would be wonderful to follow MH, the Master Herbalist, in order to discover the old-fashioned remedies used for healing all disease including burns, scars, and broken bones.

As always, it is important to have a right motivation and not stray into any sort of spiritual materialism as it has been said that:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33

Here is a short video that I created for some inspiration:


In the event any reader of this blog applies this information without the approval of a health care provider, he or she is prescribing for themselves and assumes full responsibility for it.  These health products and protocols are not offered as an alternative to an orthodox medical approach to treat disease, but are complementary.  Therefore, be discerning; read and research everything thoroughly before beginning an alternative program.


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