The Barbara Brennan School

Barbara Brennan offers a generous amount of information that ties psychological patterns of disease in relation to physical wellness and healing.  She is a true pioneer in her field.

With mental imbalance on the rise, it is certainly possible that a fracturing of the nervous-system (scientific term) or its chakras/channels (spiritual term) can lead to a personality disorder such as Bipolar, ADD, OCD, Autism and even Morgellons syndrome.

It is true that the body can affect the mind.  It is also true that the mind can affect the body in ways we are only beginning to realize.  When you understand this principle you can apply the appropriate antidote as you learn how the body-mind works interdependently.

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is a formal reiki healing-session that goes way beyond the traditional form of reiki.  The fact that it often lasts for 1.5 hours which is forty-five minutes longer than other forms of reiki is an added bonus.  There are three things that make this therapy stand out from all the others:

  • The First thing that makes this healing modality unique is you have information to healing your core psychological issues.
  • Second, you have a method that you can work at to strengthen your hara-line for aligning you with your life purpose.
  • Third, you are taught a specific meditation to heal and improve the function of the core star, soul seat, and lower tan tien.

These meditations will help GROUND you to come into the body rather than being dissociated or disconnected from life.  Due to any form of traumatic incident, we often “leave” the body out of fear or pain.  Psychologically speaking, this pattern of being dissociated means we are not in the present – here and now.  More often than not, the pain has left its mark in childhood and surfaces more apparently in adult life.

The Hara Line:

In regards to the hara-line, which is only briefly talked about in martial arts, we come to know that adjusting it properly will align you with your life purpose.  The hara-line is discussed in depth in Barbara Brenna’s books.  The exercise that follows will help you to perceive if your hara line has any distortions or damage.

I remember reading a book by the Dalai Lama saying if you press the spot, four finger widths below your navel, you should feel heat and bliss.  Hold that for a few minutes and breathe gently, in order to discern what affects this has all over your body.  This is a very important point in your body.  It is often referred to as the lower tan-tien

To use a computer analogy, our nervous system is not “online” until the hara line is up and functioning properly.

This is a quick test to tell if your nervous system is functioning properly.  I would say that if you feel an absence of heat or bliss then you have some work to do. Sometimes you may press that spot and feel pain in other areas of the body.  What that means is our whole body is interconnected with other parts of the body in an intricate web-like fashion.  It is interesting to note that with the ‘push of a button’ you can determine the health of your body-mind system.


Furthermore, if you are fortunate enough to find a qualified lama to empower you to practice Tsa-Lung (yogic exercises for the channels and winds) then healing can move into something much deeper and progress will become swifter.  Within the tsa-lung system there are movement exercises called Yantra Yoga (Sanskrit) or Trulkor (Tibetan) which will help you achieve the quickest and most thorough way to heal your nervous system.

As you dive deeper into Tibetan Buddhism (supervised by a qualified Lama) and complete a Tsa-Lung retreat for a month, it will help you break apart the psychological armor that you have been carrying with you all your life.

In the meantime, it would be wise to investigate the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for those with a serious physical trauma, mental imbalance, or core abuse issue you would like to get a handle on.


I’ve gone through about eight months worth of this type of healing on a weekly basis.  It was definitely worth visiting a Barbara Brennan Healer once a week to learn about the many facets of our psyche.  If you are serious about having a stable, healthy state of mind then check out the two books she wrote.  The first book is Hands of Light and her other book is Light Emerging.

As one Barbara Brennan Healer put it nicely:

“When people connect to this Core essence aspect of themselves they stop participating in negative patterns and stop putting up with abusive or destructive behavior.  Old situations transform into new ones.  Sicknesses heal.  People heal cancer, auto-immune disorders, thyroid problems, heart problems, digestive disorders and more.”

The first book is a must have.  Both books are well written and explain a path towards health with such in-depth information and illustrations that you can put it to good use for becoming whole.  Since the school has grown internationally, it should be easy for anyone to find a practitioner to work with no matter where you live.

Three important meditations:

For immediate information on how to perform these meditations for more advanced healing purposes click these links:

  1. The Core Star meditation to ground and expand your energy
  2. The Hara Line meditation to ground and align you with your true purpose
  3. The Soul Seat meditation to develop this compassion and inner peace center

The website above is not a substitute for working directly with a healing practitioner or reading her books which will give you much more exact and detailed information.  At the very least, it is something you can start with right away if you are inclined to do so.

Hope that helps!



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