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Sungazing method

MH has talked about sungazing as one of the important ways to get back to health.  He always says the modern person spends too much time in indoors, in the dark – and in the long run this is definitely not good for our health.  In the past, he has recommended conceiving children outdoors to create more Aware Beings.  I don’t know much about that but it would be interesting to hear feedback on children conceived under the sun and how they behave in life afterwards.

At the Solar Healing Center website Hira Ratan Manek has one of the better methods for practicing this form safely.  I accomplished three months worth of sungazing which is up to the 15 minute mark and had many good results from it.  Once you start gazing at the sun it will activate the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain.  It will also open up blockages in the spine right away.  Another good quality about the practice is, it will heal and repair the functional channel to improve digestion.

When you gaze directly at the sun, the most important benefit is steadying the eyes.  As a rule of thumb, when the eyes are steady the mind becomes steady.  As we intentionally still our body there is a better chance to deepen our meditative practice and stability can be gained.  A famous quote from the bible says:

“Be still, and know that I am God.” — Psalm 46:10

You can gaze directly or indirectly at the sun.  When you are fully and properly trained, gazing DIRECTLY at the sun will yield the most benefits. In this case you will experience the deepest penetration of light and energy into your system.  When you are not too experienced you can gaze INDIRECTLY and let the light begin to enter your system slower as you stare into the sky alone or look through the leaves of a tree with the sunlight being diffused.

For best results, it has been taught to stand on sand or dirt and not the grass while gazing at the sun.  If you are not sure, try both until you can perceive what is better.  After working with it I am sure you can discern that standing in sand, gravel or dirt is a lot better energetic wise.

The method: Stare at the sun for ten seconds on day one; then add ten seconds to each day.  Blinking is OK.  When finished, palm your hands over your eyes and concentrate on the after-image of the sun until it disappears.

  • After 90 days all mental disorders and mental diseases will be cured
  • After 180 days all physical disorders get cured
  • After 270 days hunger pangs disappear and you attain victory over taste and hunger

Power boost: Looking at the sun for 30 seconds early in the morning reduces melatonin levels right away so your body temperature rises immediately.  This will counteract the tendency to sleep all day like a vampire and you feel super-charged.

It is very important to practice during the safe hours. Research more about it at the HRM website:

“No harm will come to your eyes during the morning and evening safe hours.  The safe hours are anytime within 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hr window before sunset.  It is scientifically proven beyond a reasonable doubt that during these times, one is free from UV and IR rays exposure, which is harmful to your eyes.” — Hira Ratan Manek

RULE: It is import to get thoroughly educated first and NOT exceed 44 minutes as it will be dangerous.

TIPS: I discovered two things with my own observations of this practice.  First, if you bare your teeth to the sun – the bones all through-out the body are infused with healing light.  Second, if you close your eyes and face the sun it feels like an acupuncture session as the individual channels that are in most need of repair get energized.

IMPORTANT: Always palm the eyes afterwards as this will be cooling.  If you are attuned to reiki…the symbols in the palms will add more beneficial healing energy into your eyes and throughout your nervous system.

One last thing, BEFORE each session it is good to drink a glass of water to hydrate your body and AFTER the session it is best to walk on the grass for some time to ground the solar energy that you took in.

Good luck!


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The matrix has you

In order to find a real and lasting happiness we must disconnect from the Matrix or veil that blinds us to ultimate Reality.  But, how do we do that when we have so many worldly obligations to take care of?  One way to begin is by deciding on a game-plan that feels right and works best for you.

Every personal problem has an inherent solution that only needs to be discovered.  The root of most of these problems is a damaged nervous system.  Fortunately, each problem ALWAYS has more than one antidote to choose from.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ the main character had to undergo extensive therapy to repair his damaged nervous system before his true potential could unfold. As a pre-requisite, he had to undergo acupuncture (remember the long needles) before he was allowed to study (downloading information) and receive the physical martial-arts and advanced mind-training.

Likewise, the root cause of most dis-ease can be traced back to what Tibetan Buddhism refers to as Tsa, Lung or Thigle.  Tsa represents our channels, Lung is our inner wind and Thigle is our vital essence.  If our channels are damaged then the energy cannot flow properly and we open ourselves up to unwanted psychic influences and negative energy.  If we have a wind-disease we often feel extremely cold, introverted, and mentally imbalanced.  If our essence or blood is dirty then we become depressed and crave all sorts of unnatural foods.

This purpose of this website is to help anyone find an antidote to life’s problems quickly regardless of their denomination.  It is a result of over thirty years of my research and findings.  As you progress on your spiritual path, it will become clearer to you which method is superior and yields swifter benefits.

Here is a general outline for a thorough process of healing:

  1. Become attuned to level-one reiki to swiftly open the central channel or median nerve.  The two that are reputable and authentic are Reiki Jin Kei Do and Reiki Tummo.
  2. After that, receive healing from a certified reiki therapist such as a Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner.  Their standard of therapy is very high which can repair a severely damaged nervous system on many levels.  Make a commitment to receive weekly sessions for about four to six months.
  3. Choose a movement therapy such as Feldenkrais Movement Therapy or the Anat Baniel Method which is key for building new neural pathways within the nervous system.  Again, work with this trained healer once a week for many months.
  4. Then, pick a chi-kung practice such as Chi-Lel QiGong (LCUPCD), Fragrant Chi Kung, or Chinese Health balls to help maintain the strength of your spine and nervous system.
  5. Lastly, begin a meditation routine to calm (shamatha) and investigate the nature of mind (vipasyana).

As you are working at self-improvement, it would be wonderful to follow MH, the Master Herbalist, in order to discover the old-fashioned remedies used for healing all disease including burns, scars, and broken bones.

As always, it is important to have a right motivation and not stray into any sort of spiritual materialism as it has been said that:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33

Here is a short video that I created for some inspiration:


In the event any reader of this blog applies this information without the approval of a health care provider, he or she is prescribing for themselves and assumes full responsibility for it.  These health products and protocols are not offered as an alternative to an orthodox medical approach to treat disease, but are complementary.  Therefore, be discerning; read and research everything thoroughly before beginning an alternative program.


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Conscious Parenting

It’s hard to imagine what highly evolved spiritual beings would want to incarnate into today’s world.  They would have to be very brave indeed to be born in these degenerate times.  Presently, we are fortunate to have the Barefoot Herbalist to rely on for proper health.  He has one main axiom which is: “One cure, cures all.”

He states that stagnation or constipation is the root cause of physical disease.  Once this is thoroughly understood and accepted then one can begin applying the proper antidotes for better health.

The image of the caduceus medical symbol to the right is a clue for health.  It represents the central channel in the middle and the left and right channels to the sides.  This is the structure of the autonomic nervous system seen from a spiritual point of view.

Once the central-nerve is open and the energy or blood circulates freely through that meridian, then one can truly say the nervous-system is healed and strong.  As the Barefoot Herbalist tells us – circulation is key.

On a physical level, some of the proper ways to increase circulation are Herbs, the Liver Flush, the Sitz bath, and Rebounding.  On an energetic level, some of the recommendations to increase circulation are Reiki, Chi-kung, and Pranayama.

Family planning:

If you are planning on having a child it would be wise to compare and view these two births.  The first video is a normal Medical birth that on the surface seems fine.  But, to a highly trained eye is much too invasive for the baby’s delicate body and nervous-system to handle.  The second video is a Natural Water birth which is only a five minute video that will evoke your emotions.

If we have suffered greatly in our own life we would naturally come to the conclusion that we don’t want our own children to suffer.

The video will make you teary-eyed since we never realized that birthing could be so beautiful.  It is sad and disappointing that televised births have really conditioned our minds to fear this as something that is extremely painful.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Preventative care:

How do we get past our deep fears since doctors tell us one thing and alternative medicine doesn’t have a clear road-map for good and proper health? 

Finding the truth about health is nearly impossible since everyone has a vested interest in getting rich.  Of course, not everyone is bad person but most have an incomplete understanding.  It’s a tough world we live in when people don’t live with a proper code of honor and don’t take the time to investigate the root causes of disease.  However, we are fortunate right now that two Master Herbalists on the CureZone website.  They have voiced their views and methods to natural living and get results with preventative care.

The first is MH – the Barefoot Herbalist and the other is Dr. Mom.  They are both Dr. Christopher trained who is considered to be the father of modern herbal medicine.  If you want a female perspective, from a mother of fifteen and grandmother of thirty-seven, then Dr. Mom is a good choice.  If you want a male perspective, who is bold and isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, then MH is the one to look at.  Both are controversial figures to those whose opinions are set in stone.  However, if you are rational person and willing to follow the correct PRINCIPLES to health, you will discover a way of life that will benefit you and your family.

About Immunizations:

Are vaccines causing drastic health problems?

It’s up to you to do the research and make an educated decision.  Most of us healers don’t object to homeopathic methods in healing.  What we object to are the heavy base metals and animal bi-products that can cause damage to the nervous-system and deterioration of the mind found in modern vaccines.

A new study suggests about 1 in 38 children have traits of autism, higher than a previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 100.

In my experience, in the classroom for over fourteen years, and seeing thousands and thousands of different children; I have never met one that was innately joyful and whole.  Only a few years ago do I remember meeting one boy on retreat who was about eight at the time.  It was amazing to see someone so naturally happy at his age.  Later on, I asked the mom if he was vaccinated.  She went on to explain that he wasn’t vaccinated at birth but at age four he was.  I thought that was quite remarkable.  It would seem that once the body is much older, a child’s nervous-system is strong enough to handle any of life’s difficulties with ease.

Compassionate Mothers:

Lastly, in honor and dedication to my own parents I wanted to share what the Buddha had to say about how much love mothers really do have for bearing and raising children:

“For ten months while the mother is with child, she feels discomfort each time she rises, as if she were lifting a heavy burden. Like a chronic invalid, she is unable to keep her food and drink down. When the ten months have passed and the time comes for the birth, she undergoes all kinds of pain and suffering so that the child can be born. She is afraid of her own mortality, like a pig or lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Then the blood flows all over the ground. These are the sufferings she undergo.”

“Once the child is born, she saves what is sweet for him and swallows what is bitter herself. She carries the child and nourishes it, washing away its filth. There is no toil or difficulty that she does not willingly undertake for the sake of her child. She endures both cold and heat and never even mentions what she has gone through. She gives the dry place to her child and sleeps in the damp herself. For three years she nourishes the baby with milk, which is transformed from the blood of her own body.”

You can read the whole sutra here: The Filial Piety Sutra

If you are already an expecting mom you can click here: proper prenatal care to find more information to help you on your way.  If it is already too late, then just click on my home page and learn some of the basic antidotes to get your child back to normal, functional health.


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Some causes of mental disease

As I was browsing through one of my favorite spots on the internet called The CureZone, I came across an interesting post that bothered me and lead me to realize how much confusion is going on in regards to mental health.  He claimed that:

“Outside the Western World there is no such thing as a Schizophrenic, only Shaman, spiritual leaders. The one percent of our people are the natural community leaders of our species and the most important ability we all have has been intentionally hidden from our people.”

I felt I needed to respond:

I have to say you greatly misunderstand the intricate details that underlie mental illness of today or the past.  What others are really going through (ie. Kundalini Syndrome) needs to be looked at in the light of proper Reason.  This is not meant to be a personal attack but a suggestion to look DEEPER into the causes and conditions of mental disease.

As I have been interested in meditation for over thirty years, I have come to find this truth… when a person becomes an empath, someone sensitive to other people’s feelings, stems from two main causes: drugs (recreational or medicinal) or abuse (physical or sexual).

A person who has never been abused or done drugs will naturally become more Aware and Sensitive to another person’s feelings or thoughts the more one meditates.  This person definitely won’t get lost or affected by anything outside of himself in any detrimental way.  Furthermore, this type of person is most likely not to lose touch with reality.  But, how rare is that?

Most all of us have received some sort of damage via vaccinations, medical prescriptions, antibiotics, or abuse.  The list goes on and on.  But, whenever someone has taken drugs or been abused, reiki healers such as Barbara Brennan in her book “Hands of Light” shows clearly (with illustrations) what happens.

The scientific mind will say that the nervous system has been damaged; while the mystic perceives this damage as a hole in the auric field.

It can be determined that this imbalance, when seen from an energetic perspective, was a “shock” that was too overwhelming for the body/mind system to handle.  The trauma can be shown energetically how the person develops unhealthy behavioral patterns when coping with life or relationships.

The upside to having done drugs or unfortunately being abused is that most people can access deeper meditative or trance states.  That is why a Shaman would do drugs, to open him up to altered-states of consciousness by letting go of his preconceived notions of a solid reality.  Thick-headed Castaneda did this, as a crutch, and was meant to be done only in the beginning of his quest and not made an unhealthy habit.

But, the downside is that one becomes an empath, an overly sensitive person who tends to get lost in other people’s negative thoughts, judgments or low feelings of anger, lust etc.

While having these new abilities definitely makes one different from others, it is not always a thing to be proud of, since there is a constant difficulty…as the aspirant takes years and years of hard work to learn how to ground and protect themselves in public situations.  I, fortunately or unfortunately, have had to deal with this challenge of staying centered for over twenty-five years.

Similarly, when someone has faced a serious physical, sexual, or traumatic abuse the aura is shattered when the energetic force is too much and when left unresolved, that core issue remains in one’s subconscious mind and grows like a bad weed in a garden.  We find that many years later the mind had become split off from reality and slowly it gets worse.  When suddenly the person gets restimulated or triggered the Bipolar becomes paranoid and later manic or the schizophrenic will freak out and “go off the deep end”.  This behavior is their own protective way of dealing with an unwanted reality.  It is NOT an enlightened behavior as you suggested in your post.  More often than not – these unfortunate victims are harmful to themselves and others.

The modern medical therapy manages these cases with drugs.  The drug instantly cuts off their impulses and they have a chance to calm down.  They may be zombies for a while.  And, that is a good thing for protecting citizens who would be in harms-way if they met this person when having a melt-down.

We know that medical just manages mental disease and doesn’t heal or solve the situation completely.

And that is upsetting to you and many people.  I can understand that.  Believe me.  I have gone through my own Bipolar issues.  But, the majority of the population doesn’t have the will or know-how to heal in a holistic way.  Nor are they inclined when offered the chance – because one would then have to take a risk: either pay money out of their own pocket or be brave enough to face their inner “demons”.  Furthermore, it doesn’t seem that a medical doctor could ever take that type of responsibility when dealing with the masses.

The current situation world-wide, may not be the best solution but put yourself in the lunatic’s place a hundred years ago.  In Europe, it has been documented that the people were placed in an asylum in the most severe conditions.  All fifty or a hundred grouped together and locked in a cell, most likely underground – bereft of all human dignity or hope – no private toilet, no bathing etc.  Today, the modern medical way is definitely a step up from that nightmare. But, not the final solution of course.

A person must be willing to heal, take the steps outside of the commonly accepted way, and with the Grace of God one can get well.  But, be prepared for no quick solutions – it will take a good twenty to thirty years if not a lifetime’s work.

I hope that sheds some light to people that can only see this illness from the outside; not to mention for those who are continually suffering.  I truly wish that others will contemplate this serious topic from such a wider perspective.

be well,


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