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The matrix has you

In order to find a real and lasting happiness we must disconnect from the Matrix or veil that blinds us to ultimate Reality.  But, how do we do that when we have so many worldly obligations to take care of?  One way to begin is by deciding on a game-plan that feels right and works best for you.

Every personal problem has an inherent solution that only needs to be discovered.  The root of most of these problems is a damaged nervous system.  Fortunately, each problem ALWAYS has more than one antidote to choose from.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ the main character had to undergo extensive therapy to repair his damaged nervous system before his true potential could unfold. As a pre-requisite, he had to undergo acupuncture (remember the long needles) before he was allowed to study (downloading information) and receive the physical martial-arts and advanced mind-training.

Likewise, the root cause of most dis-ease can be traced back to what Tibetan Buddhism refers to as Tsa, Lung or Thigle.  Tsa represents our channels, Lung is our inner wind and Thigle is our vital essence.  If our channels are damaged then the energy cannot flow properly and we open ourselves up to unwanted psychic influences and negative energy.  If we have a wind-disease we often feel extremely cold, introverted, and mentally imbalanced.  If our essence or blood is dirty then we become depressed and crave all sorts of unnatural foods.

This purpose of this website is to help anyone find an antidote to life’s problems quickly regardless of their denomination.  It is a result of over thirty years of my research and findings.  As you progress on your spiritual path, it will become clearer to you which method is superior and yields swifter benefits.

Here is a general outline for a thorough process of healing:

  1. Become attuned to level-one reiki to swiftly open the central channel or median nerve.  The two that are reputable and authentic are Reiki Jin Kei Do and Reiki Tummo.
  2. After that, receive healing from a certified reiki therapist such as a Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner.  Their standard of therapy is very high which can repair a severely damaged nervous system on many levels.  Make a commitment to receive weekly sessions for about four to six months.
  3. Choose a movement therapy such as Feldenkrais Movement Therapy or the Anat Baniel Method which is key for building new neural pathways within the nervous system.  Again, work with this trained healer once a week for many months.
  4. Then, pick a chi-kung practice such as Chi-Lel QiGong (LCUPCD), Fragrant Chi Kung, or Chinese Health balls to help maintain the strength of your spine and nervous system.
  5. Lastly, begin a meditation routine to calm (shamatha) and investigate the nature of mind (vipasyana).

As you are working at self-improvement, it would be wonderful to follow MH, the Master Herbalist, in order to discover the old-fashioned remedies used for healing all disease including burns, scars, and broken bones.

As always, it is important to have a right motivation and not stray into any sort of spiritual materialism as it has been said that:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33

Here is a short video that I created for some inspiration:


In the event any reader of this blog applies this information without the approval of a health care provider, he or she is prescribing for themselves and assumes full responsibility for it.  These health products and protocols are not offered as an alternative to an orthodox medical approach to treat disease, but are complementary.  Therefore, be discerning; read and research everything thoroughly before beginning an alternative program.



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The importance of breathwork

Tibetan Buddhism tells us that there are 84,000 channels in our body.  For the scientific minded, these channels are the nerves or veins that carry blood or electrical signals throughout the body.  When the nervous system gets damaged the reflective person seeks to find the cause of it as well as the right antidote.  As you begin to ask the right questions the answers will follow.

In the advanced teachings, we are taught that our “mind rides on the wind”.  As you learn about your breath in relation to your body you will discover that sometimes the breath is stuck and heavy.  This leads us to ask, “What is the best way to decondition the breath from this improper habitual tendency?”

In our daily lives, interacting with others causes our breath to get stuck and we tend to breathe in a shallow manner.  With this exercise you can decondition your habitual breathing patterns.

A friend of mine created this healing therapy.  He is a genius at how he produced such a fantastic healing tool through knowledge of binaural beats.  We’ve done many one-month retreats together when one day he handed me his Breath CD that changed my life.  With it, I have received tremendous benefits over the years.  There are two tracks; the whole thing is one hour long.  The first is for relaxation and the second is deeper for sleep.

This guided meditation allowed me to access several non-ordinary states of consciousness such as several past life-regressions and one rebirthing experience – to the time I was being born.  It was that powerful!

Whenever you have done too much breathwork for the day it is best to disconnect from the breath by focusing on the third-eye point (between the eyebrows).  I wish this will help others who do a lot of pranayama work move from breathing with effort to effortless breathing.  Perhaps that is one reason the Hindus were that mark on their forehead – as a reminder that witnessing the breath is very freeing.

Remember the mind rides the wind like a rider and horse.  Sometimes you have to “get off” the breath by focusing on the third-eye point in order to experience some peace and relaxation.

This video I uploaded is a short sample from the first track.  Remember if you have high blood pressure or any type of heart or lung condition be careful and consult your physician before attempting to practice pranayama.  There is no holding the breath so it should be fine for most people.

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