Six Yogas of Naropa

For the serious aspirant who wants a method that will repair the nervous system in a thorough way one must investigate the esoteric practices of the Six Yogas of Naropa.

The first yoga is called the practice of inner fire referred to as tummo in Tibetan or candali in Sanskrit.  A good introductory book into this wonderful practice is Lama Yeshe’s commentary called “The Bliss of Inner Fire.”

Mastery of inner fire quickly brings the mind to its most refined and penetrating state — the experience of clear light, an extra-ordinarily powerful state of mind that is unequaled in its ability to directly realize ultimate reality.

The Six Yogas:

  1. Yoga of Inner Heat or tummo yoga (candali/mystic heat)
  2. Yoga of Illusory-Body
  3. Yoga of Clear Light
  4. Yoga of Dream State
  5. Yoga of  the Intermediate State (bardo thodal)
  6. Yoga of  the Transference of Consciousness (phowa)

In his teachings, Milarepa frequently referred his tummo meditation as `my short-AH′.  One day his disciple Gampopa told him that when he practiced single-pointed concentration he could remain for seven days in one uninterrupted session.

“So what?” replied Milarepa.  “You sit for seven days but do not experience the clear light.  If you meditated on my short-AH of inner fire you would experience the clear light very quickly.”

If you are serious about gaining proper health and moving forward quickly on your path to enlightenment then it is imperative to seek out a qualified lama to gain empowerment into this ancient tradition.  It will help repair the nerves, open up the heart and quickly gain results in meditation.

Now that Buddhism has spread all over the world it is much easier to train in the tsa-lung or trulkor exercises instead of having to journey and take much hardship in traveling through the Himalayan mountains.

These advanced sets of physical exercise will help release the tension or knots in the subtle body that prevent a good flow of spiritual energy in the body.  Once you have done this you can literally feel the psychological armor that you may have held onto, ever since you were young, melt away forever.

Good luck!


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