Fragrant Chi Kung

In 1988 a newfrangipani form of chi kung, called Fragrant Qigong (Xiang Gong), began to be taught openly in China after being kept secret for centuries.  It has been reported that those performing this particular chi-kung will begin to smell a sweet fragrance emanating from the body.  I haven’t noticed it myself because this tends to occur more often when done in a group setting.  To me, there are more important physical, mental and emotional benefits to be had from it.

From the Chinese Health Website:

“Fragrant Qigong (Xiang Gong) is one of the easiest yet most powerful styles of Qigong.  Fifteen simple arm movements, twice a day, no concentration required, no special breathing, can be done sitting and watching TV or chatting, yet it is known to treat almost any disease humankind may suffer from.  With the exception of late stage cancer, schizophrenia and emergencies like heart infarction, poisonous snake or spider bites or rabies, which are contraindicated, there are stacks of successful case histories to support this claim.  Among them, stroke, cancer, allergies, asthma, diabetes, depression, ulcers, stones, epilepsy, even deafness and blindness (including congenital).”

The story:

Around 1938, at the age of twelve, Master Tian Ruisheng was diagnosed with an incurable skin disease.  A Buddhist monk happened to knock on the door and requested to stay the night.  The parents agreed but explained they couldn’t attend to his needs properly because of a family matter.  He asked them what was wrong and when he found out he wished to take a look at their son.  They agreed to let him do so.

After he diagnosed the son, the Buddhist monk asked permission if he could do a healing session.  The monk treated their son with certain hand positions, sounds and a high level of the Fragrant Chi Kung practice.  The monk successfully cured the son much to the delight of his parents.  Later, the monk chose to make the boy his successor in one condition.

It has been said that, if he would keep the practice hidden for fifty years he would teach him the secrets of this ancient art.  Only after a half a century has passed, he should come out and help others who were suffering.  And this is just what happened.  In 1988 Master Tian Ruisheng started teaching this form of chi-kung to the public.

Healing levels:

There are three levels to this Fragrant Qigong.  Each level has 15 different movements which takes about 10-15 minutes to execute.  The practice is done once or twice a day but no more than three times a day.  It also can be done either in a seated or standing position.

  • On a purely functional level this practice will open up and adjust the spine.
  • On an inner level it opens blockages in the body and organs.
  • On the deepest level it churns the central channel in order to heal the broken channels (nadis) so that they realign and return to normal functioning.

These movements will unblock the spine in difficult or troublesome places such as the neck.  It will also massage the stomach, liver and thyroid with simple arm swings.  You can feel that right away.  I would go on to infer that all the glands are activated within the seven chakras due to each twisting movement.  This makes sense since the fragrance would be emitted from the pineal or pituitary glands.

The nadis are also healed and repaired in a unique way; as you may perceive from each movement.  These nadis are energy channels in the body in which prana flows and connects to all the chakras like a network or web.  Ayurveda mentions 72,000 different nadis and in Tibetan Buddhism it mentions 84,000 nadis.

Here, I found a wonderful copy of an Adobe file of the Fragrant Chi Kung with specific illustrations and explanation of all the moves.  It goes hand in hand with watching the video as it fills in some remaining questions.

If you have been attuned to Reiki, the effects of this practice are multiplied greatly.  This is due to the fact the palms of the hands are facing each other in most of these movements.  Just as in Chinese Acupuncture, the hand can be used to diagnose disease; likewise it can be used to heal.  Therefore, when the Reiki symbols in the palms activate as they face each other, all areas of the body can be infused with healing energy.

Important Results: 

  1. There is an immediate increase of WARMTH in the body.  Those that are depressed and suffering from a cold disease will be greatly benefited by it.
  2. Your auric field is fully CLEANSED of dirty, stagnant chi.

It is remarkable to experience this positive effect right away since we live in a time where we can more easily contract drib, or what the Tibetan Masters refer to as moral defilement, by associating with degenerate people.  It will also cleanse you of computer, cell phone or other harmful electronic frequencies that tend to mess up your natural energetic field.

It is always best to find a teacher to show you the movements directly in person in order to gather the transmission and correct any mistakes in your form.  Nonetheless, this group shows the form very accurately:



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8 responses to “Fragrant Chi Kung

  1. wow! this all sounds wonderful! I am trying to heal my five year old son with autism any recomendations which therapy to try first? i live out in the country and cant get easy access to any practitioners so i am looking for things I can learn to do with him


    • Since you are way out in the country – you do the best you can. You can always work on diet and exercises which are in your control. Being on a strict and healthy diet, that is more vegetarian in style, can help release the metal toxicity that is said to be stored in the brain-area. The reason the body does this naturally – is to protect the heart and keep the body alive. The BAREFOOT HERBALIST would have a lot more suggestions on “obeying nature” as closely as possible with such advice as consuming a tablespoon of olive-oil or lecithin nightly to help soothe the nerves and a tablespoon of molasses which acts as a natural chelator of heavy metals.

      Once you have that understanding, you can practice this FRAGRANT CHI KUNG method with him on a daily basis. If you are fortunate enough to become attuned to REIKI TUMMO that would help repair his central nervous system at a very deep level. You can both receive this attunement long-distance (without leaving your home) and have this nervous system upgrade all his life. If you have it as well, it can give you more energy “to keep up with him” and also have a tool to heal him with your own hands.

      Then, if you can find a BARBARA BRENNAN SCHOOL OF HEALING therapist she can assist greatly in repairing the damaged nervous system or channels/chakras that needs more time, energy and assistance from a qualified person.

      And lastly, look into FELDENKRAIS THERAPY or the ANAT BANIEL method. Having access to a healer is so important. It cannot be under-estimated. However, if it is not possible to work with a healer, then you might be able to find some exercises on Youtube that you can utilize. A simple way to form neural patterns is crawling on the floor. You could make that part of a game with him each day. Just know that the more advanced exercises would be tailor-made when a therapist can determine what his precise needs are. As it is said:

      “The Feldenkrais Method works by facilitating the formation of new neural connections and patterns, irrespective of the cause of the child’s limitations. New and effective patterns of movement, thought, and feeling, are learnt.”

      At any rate, my website is designed to look at the root causes of disease and offer a suitable antidote for you and your loved ones. You can explore this site to find all the information you need to research the healing modalities that I mentioned above. Any other questions just feel free to ask.


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  2. I am glad you are excited. I am excited to see someone willing to take action in order to heal. Just check out my page on Reiki Tummo. I wish you all the best in your journey with your precious son. My article has some brief information about the benefits that I have discovered over the years of doing Reiki Tummo for myself. Here is the link that shows that group’s website and book:

    Keep me posted on your progress.

    Good luck!


  3. Tim Quinn

    Hi Friends.

    I practiced this form of qigong for many years under an experienced master. It is very powerful and excellent for healing. However, it is important to note, this particular form of qigong should not be practiced with any other forms of qigong or similar practices that involve any kind of focused breathing or mind practices. It can create negative effects. I hope this information is of benefit.


  4. Am trying to decide between Zineng Qi Gong and Fragrant Qi Gong for both my physical concerns and those of my husband who has Lyme disease, mold and heavy metal poisoning with possible bipolar episodes. Feel drawn to the simplicity of fragrant, after watching the above video and practicing along… Any suggestions? Thank you!


  5. Sherry,

    It’s a good question that no one can answer you without much caution especially when there is a mental-health condition involved. Therefore, it is best to take responsibility yourself while also adding a support-system in place. If you have a Yoga Teacher or Reiki Healer that can monitor your unique situation, then he/she can help you when difficulties and hardship arises that you wouldn’t be able to deal with alone. This is of utmost importance and rather dangerous to omit.

    With that said, you choose a path that is safest and feels right to you. Then, with proper MINDFULNESS you check in (with yourself) and ask these questions: “Am I feeling spaced out and forgetful? Am I attached to these high feelings? Am I avoiding or running away from the low feelings? Do I feel all powerful like a God?”

    Of course, in these degenerate times… no one tells you that enlightenment is BEYOND any high or low feeling. The best goal to achieve is “perfect peace”. That experience is beyond the mind and is the middle path which is sometimes referred to as the “peace that passes ALL understanding”.

    Later on when you develop more confidence in yourself, you can see the patterns that your body, mind and emotions tend to go through. This takes a lot of courage and fearlessness. You will tend to see this more readily when you are working with a Reiki Healer as she can point these things out to you. As time goes by, you can break through and flatten the heaviest trauma which will give you the space to deal with most anything that comes after. As you stay with it and actually observe the habitual patterns and chronic pains, then you will be able to master yourself till each and every negative emotion dissolves when you pay attention.

    This spiritual quest, is no easy task. However, having this type of knowledge and plan of action is something you can look forward to until you can handle all the trials and tribulations that life throws at you with ease.

    Good luck!
    And if you have any breakthroughs. Feel free to post them here and always share them with others so that everyone could benefit.

    Light & Love


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