Printing sutras

I just completed a project that I had envisioned doing about twelve years ago.  One of the sutras that inspired me to become more mindful and holding the precepts very carefully is called Yuli – the Holy Book.

It is written that if you print 500 copies, the merits of doing so would be immeasurable.  Furthermore, it has been said:

`Those who have reprinted and circulated Yuli – the Holy Book and warn others about the suffering in the nether world will not be punished from the first to the eighth court.  And if they have not committed any offenses punishable in the ninth court, they will be sent to the tenth court.  And thereafter, they will be reborn as human beings at places of great fortune.´

If you would like to read the whole book, then click on the above link.  I enthusiastically spent over 100 hours on the layout and design as well as fixing up the grammatical errors and so forth.  However, I knew that printing this text would be expensive but didn’t realize just how much.  I had wished to print this in glossy paper but that would have been nearly double what I paid for.  Maybe the next printing I will be able to do that.  At any rate, Fed-Ex Office was kind enough to work a deal with me and I got it down to $800 dollars even though it was three-hundred dollars over my budget.

I am not expecting anything in return but wish to help others:

  • rejoice in this virtuous activity
  • read the text
  • or participate directly

It is entirely up to you.  I am completely happy doing this project on my own.  The blessings alone were incredible.  Other people may not have enough time to take out of their busy lives to get involved in a deep project like this.  Just knowing that such dharma can be spread for the first time in the West with all this great new technology is rewarding in itself.

In the past, this text was only available in places like China that had a rich Dharma community for many centuries.  The added benefit for them was that they knew exactly what behavior to adopt and refrain from because it was part of their culture.  Now, we have a special duty to bring awareness of these precious teachings to new places all over the world.

I will keep you posted of other sutras I plan on reprinting in the future for the benefit of all sentient beings.  I did consult my teacher, showed him the finished sutra pamphlet and received permission to request offerings to benefit others here.   If you would like to be a part of this project you can assist by clicking this link:

Don’t forget to type in a brief note which sutra you would like sponsor along with a dedication.  With honor, all money will go towards dharma purposes for the benefit of others.  If you have any questions email me at:

Thanks and many blessings!


One response to “Printing sutras

  1. Hi Neozen,
    I recommend you put the contents of this post in the free sangha forum, they have a place where you can post notices for donations:

    Many of the initiatives seeking funding have several hundred views, and it is a large community.


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