Bardo Ceremony

If you have lost a loved one, feel free to contact me to perform the Bardo Deliverance Ceremony for them.  This phowa ceremony is a Tibetan Buddhist rite that is commonly performed on behalf of the deceased when requested of a lama.  I wish to reach out and assist as many people as possible to ease the unbearable suffering that often occurs with death.

This ritual is done so the deceased can purify their negative karma accrued through beginning-less lifetimes.  It will also create the positive merits needed to “cross-over” to the Amitabha Pure Realm.  It takes about two-hours to complete.  I received permission from my teacher to make this available online to benefit others.

Three things required:

  1. their first and last name
  2. date of birth and time of death
  3. a photograph of the individual

Make sure it is still within the first 49 days of their death.  It is more difficult to direct their consciousness to Amitabha’s Pure Land after that.  By then, they have most likely moved on to their next place of incarnation.

NOTE: When requesting prayers, it is a Tibetan Buddhist custom to generate merit for your loved one by offering a donation.

This virtuous action will bring about blessings while avoiding karmic-debt.  No matter how small or large an offering you give is fine.  A good intention is what matters most.  You can donate by clicking here:

I don’t know of too many lamas that are offering this online.  But with the internet, it is a quick way to alleviate others suffering due to our busy lifestyle.

If you absolutely don’t have any money, then just email me that person’s full name and I’ll do the White-Sur practice.  This is a skillful way to give blessings of food, clothing, medicine and other necessities through a smoke-offering ritual.  I will do it for FREE.  It only takes about 20 minutes to perform those prayers and it is no problem at all.

Make sure you connect with me first through email as I may be on retreat.  If you have any questions or concerns email me at:


6 responses to “Bardo Ceremony

  1. Neozen888 performed the Barto Ceremony last week for my loved one who just passed. I experienced a profound difference in energy a few days later. The feeling was that of immense clearing and expansiveness, and emptiness. I truly felt my Mom had moved on and was missing her so. At that moment, a very large flock of white doves (100+) flew in front of and above the house. I perceive it as a positive sign she has gone to Heaven. The Barto Ceremony is such an immense gift to offer to your loved one who has passed. It clears their lives past and guides them on to higher existences. I am extremely fortunate to have found this most vital service, which is rare indeed.

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    • Maxine,

      It was my pleasure to help you and your mom. I know it is such a difficult time to go through. Thanks for all your questions and important feedback. Here is wonderful dharani you can recite for your mom to further help her have the strongest blessings:

      “If an evil man after death falls into hell, he must suffer uninterruptedly, not knowing when release will come. However, if his descendants say his name and then recite this spiritual mantra, upon completion of only seven repetitions, the molten copper and burning iron in hell will suddenly change into pond water with eight virtues. This man will have a lotus flower supporting his feet and a jeweled canopy over his head. The door of hell will break and the Bodhi Way will open. His lotus flower will fly him to the Land of Ultimate Bliss. There, his knowledge of all knowledge will spontaneously unfold. Delighting in expounding the Dharma endlessly, he will be ready to attain Buddhahood in his next life.”

      “Moreover, a person who, with a heavy heart, suffers from 100 diseases as requital for his grave sins should recite this spiritual mantra twenty-one times. Then 100 diseases and 10,000 distresses will be eliminated at once. His lifespan will be lengthened, and his fortune and merit will become immeasurable.”

      Then the Buddha pronounced the dhāraṇī:

      namas tryadhvikānāṁ sarva tathāgatānāṁ | oṁ bhuvi-bhavana-vare | vacana-vacati suru suru dhara dhara | sarva tathāgata dhātu dhare | padmaṁ bhavati jaya vare mudre | smara tathāgata dharma-cakra pravartana vajre bodhimaṇḍālaṁkārālaṁkṛte | sarva tathāgatādhiṣṭhite | bodhaya bodhaya bodhi bodhi | budhya budhya saṁbodhani saṁbodhaya | cala cala calantu | sarvāvaraṇāni sarva pāpa vigate | huru huru sarva śoka vigate | sarva tathāgata hṛdaya vajriṇi | saṁbhāra saṁbhāra | sarva tathāgata guhya dhāraṇī-mudre | bhūte subhūte | sarva tathāgatādhiṣṭhita dhātu garbhe svāhā | samayādhiṣṭhite svāhā | sarva tathāgata hṛdaya dhātu mudre svāhā | supratiṣṭhita stūpe tathāgatādhiṣṭhite huru huru hūṁ hūṁ svāhā | oṁ sarva tathāgatoṣṇīṣa dhātu mudrāṇi | sarva tathāgata sadhātu vibhūṣitādhiṣṭhite hūṁ hūṁ svāhā ||

      — The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secret Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas’ Hearts


  2. Neozen888 had performed the Barto Ceremony for a friend of mine that very suddenly and without warning passed away in an accident. Today I felt something incredible where I seriously felt no grief, but suddenly in the public library had tears coming out of my eyes for no really explainable reason – I was actually right in the middle of studying for a professional exam. It was something incredible because I really felt fine but I took it as a sign that the ceremony had significance and impact. Thank you so much for everything.

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    • Thank you Doug for your kind words. The Dharma certainly has so many incredible blessings but unfortunately many continue to be quite skeptical.

      I believe that all Bardo Prayers that I had you recite for Kristina, as well as the Chod practice that I do on a regular basis, has had some real positive effect. Having some time pass is essential, so that together, we can continue to break through some of the serious trauma from her car accident.

      Next Sunday I plan on performing the actual Bardo Ceremony and that will bring even more powerful blessings than you experienced yesterday. I encourage you to continue to recite the mantras and prayers that I recommended earlier.

      Light & Love


  3. John Kightlinger

    I am interested in having the Bardo Ceremony performed when I die. Do I need to do anything now?
    I was thinking that when I hear from you, I can give my daughter the details about completing the form so she will know what to do when I die.
    I am 85 years old and presently a Pure Land Practitioner. Since I am homebound and unable to travel, I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to make this Bardo Ceremony online.

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    • Of course, I would be happy to help you. Just make sure that your daughter remembers to contact me.

      Perhaps you could put this in your will to ensure that everything is done according to your wishes. It is so important to have a Lama or Ngakpa perform the Bardo Ceremony at the right time and this cannot be stressed enough. The loved ones need to realize how much benefit can be created for you and themselves.

      Knowing which recitation of mantras, dharanis and prayers are most effective, within the 49 day transition period, will certainly bring about the greatest success.

      Many blessings,


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