Bardo Ceremony

If you have lost a loved one, feel free to contact me to perform the Bardo Deliverance Ceremony for them.  This phowa ceremony is a Tibetan Buddhist rite that is commonly performed on behalf of the deceased when requested of a lama.  I wish to reach out and assist as many people as possible to ease the unbearable suffering that often occurs with death.

This ritual is done so the deceased can purify their negative karma accrued through beginning-less lifetimes.  It will also create the positive merits needed to “cross-over” to the Amitabha Pure Realm.  It takes about two-hours to complete.  I received permission from my teacher to make this available online to benefit others.

Three things required:

  1. their first and last name
  2. date of birth and time of death
  3. a photograph of the individual

Make sure it is still within the first 49 days of their death.  It is more difficult to direct their consciousness to Amitabha’s Pure Land after that.  By then, they have most likely moved on to their next place of incarnation.

NOTE: When requesting prayers, it is a Tibetan Buddhist custom to generate merit for your loved one by offering a donation.

This virtuous action will bring about blessings while avoiding karmic-debt.  No matter how small or large an offering you give is fine.  A good intention is what matters most.  You can donate by clicking here:

I don’t know of too many lamas that are offering this online.  But with the internet, it is a quick way to alleviate others suffering due to our busy lifestyle.

If you absolutely don’t have any money, then just email me that person’s full name and I’ll do the White-Sur practice.  This is a skillful way to give blessings of food, clothing, medicine and other necessities through a smoke-offering ritual.  I will do it for FREE.  It only takes about 20 minutes to perform those prayers and it is no problem at all.

Make sure you connect with me first through email as I may be on retreat.  If you have any questions or concerns email me at:

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