I have been interested in spirituality ever since I can remember.  When I was young, I began reading Paul Brunton’s writings and essays.  His books were essential guidance for learning, understanding and growing internally.

After college I was attuned to Usui Reiki which helped provide a good foundation for my meditation practice.  Many years later I was attuned to an even deeper form of energy practice called Reiki Jin Kei Do that brought forth a wonderful silence.  In 2003, I discovered the deepest form called Reiki Tummo which offered a profound healing and a unique set of skills that are so important in this degenerate time.

Two healing modalities that I had a wonderful opportunity to explore are the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Feldenkrais Movement Therapy.  Under the direction of two wonderful healers, I received healing sessions once a week for eight months and four months respectively.  Without participating directly like this I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to heal the pain, release the karmic blockages and move towards wholeness.

Many years after that, I took a weekend seminar on Chi-Lel QiGong.  After one month of daily practice I was able to adjust my spine with only this exercise and had no need to visit the chiropractor again.  The tai-chi-like movement takes about twelve minutes to perform and is called Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down.

A while later, I met MH (the Master Herbalist) and studied all of his materials for several months before completing a 21 day OJ Fast.  It was a helpful process which lead to greater discernment in regards to physical health.  If you ever get a chance to investigate his online-forum you won’t be disappointed.  These days I am more interested in Buddhism and sharing the dharma with others.

Early life

I remember my second grade teacher discussing the Big-Bang Theory and that started it all for me.  As a young kid, I was wide-eyed and totally blown away by this concept that I refused to sleep at night until I figured out where that leaves me – before the universe was created.  It was a great challenge and I was intent on finding a solution; even frightened at the enormous implications.  I wondered how anyone could breathe if there was only a pinpoint of matter and nothing outside of that.  For months, I contemplated this problem until I had my first out-of-body experience where I could intuit the solution.

At the age of eleven, I had in my possession some of Paul Brunton’s Notebooks which were given freely to my father by his publisher.  A year earlier, my brother and I were home-schooled (1982-1983).  Since my father took a leave-of-absence to teach us and write about our experiences, I was fortunate to come across this spiritual author.  Reading PB’s books allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of my own experiences and what the higher path consisted of.  From then on, I read everything I could find on spirituality using the principles he taught to determine the value of their work.  Over the next decade, I practiced almost every meditation that was out there until I came to a dead end.

Immediately after college, I visited the Wisdom’s Golden Rod Center in 1995 and learned that PB was considered an emanation of the great Buddhist Master, Atisha.  His writings had inspired me to deepen my meditation, uphold good ethics, and search for a physical teacher.  However, I still had to find out what my mystical experiences meant and books could only go so far.  Shortly after that, I stumbled on the path only to become more determined to achieve wholeness with the assistance of several important alternative-healers.


Finally, after going through this extensive holistic therapy I found my Tibetan Buddhist Master in 1997.  Under his guidance, I completed five years worth of shedra studies and eleven years of month-long retreats beginning with the Ngöndro accumulations, Tsa Lung meditation, and the advanced classes until his parinirvana in 2009.  I continue to do these solitary and monthly retreats every year.  With the wish to give back what I discovered and permission from my teacher to write, hopefully others will avoid the common pitfalls and dangers that beset every seeker on the Quest.

I received the Longchen Nyingtik Cycle of teachings and practice from Holiness Penor Rinpoche in 1999 and the whole Namchö Cycle of empowerments from Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche in 2018.  With such amazing blessings through receiving all of these initiations, it is important to remember the suffering everyone undergoes and generate bodhicitta by passing on and sharing good, workable information for the benefit of all sentient beings.

If you want to respond to something that I have written then the easiest thing to do is leave a comment.  Otherwise, if you’re not comfortable posting in public you can email me at:  NeoZen888@yahoo.com

Light and Love,


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  1. faten hamadeh

    This was very educational. I am interested in learning more. How do I go about this?


  2. Just continue to READ and RESEARCH all about meditation and alternative health. The age old aphorism applies here: Knowledge is power. Once you find something that interests you then you apply yourself. That means take appropriate action.

    If you get positive results from any healing modality then it would be quite valuable. Once you discern what is truly beneficial to your body, mind, heart and soul then you will be at the head of the class.

    good luck,


  3. tfarmenta

    . . .namaste. . .

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  4. Ilona

    Hi Neo,

    Thank you for the brilliant article on Barefoot Herbalist and the link to the Dr Hay book which had a profound effect on me (and changed many incorrect things I had been told). Could you show me the way to find Barefoot’s 108 pages? I see him mentioning it in Curezone threads. Where can I find it? Is it something I have to buy from him or can have access to online? I live in the UK and he doesn’t ship his herbs abroad 😦 I’ve been using Dr Morse herbs which I’m happy with. But would have Loved to try MH’s stuff.

    With God’s Love,


  5. Hi Ilona,

    I am glad you were able to find my information useful. You can find the 108 page booklet on the Barefoot Forum I have running. Just Register, Log In and click the link below:




  6. lemonfarm

    You know what I think. I think that what we call dominant in a bdsm sense, and what the Tibetans call Tulkus etc are the same thing. This means that these people/traits can be tracked, in other words, we can assess who the leaders are, from an astrological point of view.

    That is why the Tibetans are looking for their leaders when they reincarnate, because they are born a leader.

    I also think that when leaders are not leading, other people are leading and so those people are not able to look at the common good and to represent the “people”.

    Therefore erosion occurs, which then results in mental abuse. People get rubbed the wrong way. Along the way this will result in society collapsing when it gets messy.

    I also think that the Chinese 5 ART system which astrology is a part of, can guide us. Ba zi profiling, feng shui etc all deal with energy and energy is all there is in the end.

    Mental abuse is rife and we need to really try and make a lot of sense.

    And, technically, leaders dont have to be found, they could work their way up and get elected and all that. But this rarely works. So its quicker to find them and train then up again and again.

    I have not checked this but that is where I am at at the minute.


    • Interesting points. While Tulkus may be dominant when it is necessary to lead sentient beings out of samsara, there is one MAJOR difference than an ordinary sentient being’s behavior. It is this:

      The realized Tulku, who is truly qualified, has absolutely no afflictive emotion when he acts. His actions are based on wisdom, compassion and skillful means. Therefore his leadership and guidance is something we can fully trust.


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