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Virtual Stupa Walk

The summer of 2015, in upstate New York, the Migyur Dorje Stupa was finally completed at our retreat center.

I uploaded a new video to YouTube and now you can listen and meditate while visualizing yourself doing Korwa (circumambulations) around the stupa to generate a limitless supply of merit.


Guru Rinpoche states:

If there is a man who offered melody music to the great stupa, shall be able to propagate the sound of dharma throughout the ten directions.  If there is a man who offered drum and melody sounds, shall obtain vast wisdom and prosperity.  If there is a man who offer the sound of bell, shall obtain a soft and harmonious voice, which is the voice of brahma.” — The Legend of Maha Buddha Stupa

From the book “Crystal Mirror 12” by author Elizabeth Cook states:

  1. Whoever offers prayers finds immediate fulfillment of his wishes for both himself and others.
  2. Whoever offers flowers to the Great Stupa obtains ease and contentment, prosperity and health.
  3. Whoever offers incense achieves pure action.
  4. Whoever offers lamps has the darkness of unknowing illuminated.
  5. Whoever offers perfume is freed from anxiety and suffering.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama states:

“It has long been the tradition that wherever the teachings of the Buddhas have been revered and practiced, communities of followers have built reliquary monuments known in Sanskrit as stupas and as chörtens in Tibetan.

And wherever they have been built, they have been regarded as sacred, for like religious images and scriptures, they represent aspects of enlightenment.”

The Sutra On The Merit of Bathing The Buddha states:

At that time, the World Honored One uttered these verses:

After my death
You will be able to honor my relics
Some will build stupas
Or images of the Tathágata.
At the place of the image or stupa,
One who anoints that spot of ground
With various incenses and flowers Scattering them over its surface
Uses pure, beautifully scented water
To pour onto the body of this image,
Offers it various flavorful drinks and foods,
Fully maintaining it with oblations,
Eulogizes the virtue of the Tathágata,
Which is endlessly difficult to conceive;
Through the wisdom of skillful means and the supernatural power of the Buddha
Such a one will quickly reach the other shore of Nirvana.
He will obtain the diamond body
Complete with the thirty-two marks of a great person
And the eighty minor signs of excellence.


Artist: Caitlin – Laxmi’s Dream
Song: Om Mani Padme Hum (track 5)

Video Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 13:


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Happy New Year

Now that the new year is in, we have a chance to make things right.  If we believe in karma and a higher power then all of our many goals and aspirations can be heard by these realized beings through our prayer.

Since we never know when we are going to pass away, it is important to create some sort of virtue and merit so that wisdom may dawn in our mind-stream before it is too late.

…here is an email I got today from the Jnanasukha sangha.  With such perfect words, from one of the most highly realized masters of the last century, it certainly strikes the essential point:


happy new year


Now that your spiritual connection has been forged,
Achieve your eternal goals.

Strive on the sole path of all the victorious ones’ heirs:
Generate compassion and the mind of awakening.

The view is the great emptiness of samsara and enlightenment.
Concluding that your own awareness is the unformulated dharmakaya is the sovereign view.

Meditation is to settle unconcerned
Within unfabricated present awareness,

Unfettered by grasping,
Take as the supreme kind of conduct
Not to fall under the negative influence of carelessness
But to have your acts accord with the Dharma.

Be diligent in undistracted practice.

Wisdom Nectar: Dudjom Rinpoche’s Heart Advice.
Snow Lion Publications 2005.

Light & Love

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The matrix has you

In order to find a real and lasting happiness we must disconnect from the Matrix or veil that blinds us to ultimate Reality.  But, how do we do that when we have so many worldly obligations to take care of?  One way to begin is by deciding on a game-plan that feels right and works best for you.

Every personal problem has an inherent solution that only needs to be discovered.  The root of most of these problems is a damaged nervous system.  Fortunately, each problem ALWAYS has more than one antidote to choose from.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ the main character had to undergo extensive therapy to repair his damaged nervous system before his true potential could unfold. As a pre-requisite, he had to undergo acupuncture (remember the long needles) before he was allowed to study (downloading information) and receive the physical martial-arts and advanced mind-training.

Likewise, the root cause of most dis-ease can be traced back to what Tibetan Buddhism refers to as Tsa, Lung or Thigle.  Tsa represents our channels, Lung is our inner wind and Thigle is our vital essence.  If our channels are damaged then the energy cannot flow properly and we open ourselves up to unwanted psychic influences and negative energy.  If we have a wind-disease we often feel extremely cold, introverted, and mentally imbalanced.  If our essence or blood is dirty then we become depressed and crave all sorts of unnatural foods.

This purpose of this website is to help anyone find an antidote to life’s problems quickly regardless of their denomination.  It is a result of over thirty years of my research and findings.  As you progress on your spiritual path, it will become clearer to you which method is superior and yields swifter benefits.

Here is a general outline for a thorough process of healing:

  1. Become attuned to level-one reiki to swiftly open the central channel or median nerve.  The two that are reputable and authentic are Reiki Jin Kei Do and Reiki Tummo.
  2. After that, receive healing from a certified reiki therapist such as a Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner.  Their standard of therapy is very high which can repair a severely damaged nervous system on many levels.  Make a commitment to receive weekly sessions for about four to six months.
  3. Choose a movement therapy such as Feldenkrais Movement Therapy or the Anat Baniel Method which is key for building new neural pathways within the nervous system.  Again, work with this trained healer once a week for many months.
  4. Then, pick a chi-kung practice such as Chi-Lel QiGong (LCUPCD), Fragrant Chi Kung, or Chinese Health balls to help maintain the strength of your spine and nervous system.
  5. Lastly, begin a meditation routine to calm (shamatha) and investigate the nature of mind (vipasyana).

As you are working at self-improvement, it would be wonderful to follow MH, the Master Herbalist, in order to discover the old-fashioned remedies used for healing all disease including burns, scars, and broken bones.

As always, it is important to have a right motivation and not stray into any sort of spiritual materialism as it has been said that:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33

Here is a short video that I created for some inspiration:


In the event any reader of this blog applies this information without the approval of a health care provider, he or she is prescribing for themselves and assumes full responsibility for it.  These health products and protocols are not offered as an alternative to an orthodox medical approach to treat disease, but are complementary.  Therefore, be discerning; read and research everything thoroughly before beginning an alternative program.


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Centerpointe research

One of the better programs I have come across is something called Holosync technology at the Centerpointe Research Institute.  When karma ripens and subconscious feelings of pain, stress and fear start to surface sometimes the suffering can be too much to bear.  If that begins to happen, it is wise to seek help from a qualified lama or reiki healer that you can begin to place your trust in to assist you.  Getting out of your comfort zone is so important because when you work with someone else they can more easily see the problems you are facing.

There are times when we go through so much pain and suffering and depression that it can be quite overwhelming and we need immediate relief.  I considered this the lazy way to get back on track in that you can lay in bed and allow the guided meditation to work on you.  It is a really great, emergency tool to have.

From a Buddhist perspective this practice is very good at fixing and repairing broken or damaged channels.  In western scientific terms, that means your nervous system can get an upgrade!  Here is an excellent explanation of how this sort of technology works from Bill Harris:

While you are listening to the Holosync® soundtracks used in the program, your brain is creating new neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres. After approximately four months of practice with Awakening Prologue, the initial level of the program, the brain will have completed its creation of the new neural structure needed to handle the stimulus it’s been receiving.  (It is the creation of this new structure that is responsible for the positive changes in mental abilities, emotional health, stress level, and self-awareness people experience in the program.)

Just as a runner running a mile each day for several months reaches the point where running that mile will no longer push him into better condition, the Holosync® stimulus from Awakening Prologue will no longer push the nervous system to further changes once the brain has created the structure necessary to handle the input it is receiving.

It should be noted that this therapy does NOT take the place of your regular meditation practice and working on your core issues.  It is what Tibetan Buddhists would call a “branch practice”.  One’s root practice should always be something authentic like shamatha (concentration) and vipashana (insight) meditation.

As you learn new skills and methods of healing you come to know yourself.  Whatever went wrong in the first place happened for a reason.  When you step forward to receive authentic help you can begin to see progress being made and get your life back in alignment.  I hope you can take these tools to heart so you can quickly discern the real causes and conditions of your problems and heal much faster.

Good luck!

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Dr. Bates eye therapy

It is interesting to note that according to Tibetan Buddhism the eyes are connected to the central channel (the median nerve) when open produces a quiet, relaxed mind.  This network of channels extends from the eyes down the spine and all the way to the root chakra.  Therefore, pay attention to the eyes at some point in the spiritual journey because the whole nervous system is connected to the eyes.  In order to completely relax, our nervous system needs to be healed fully.

Both the mind and the nervous system are interdependent in such a way that when you relax the mind, the nervous system is healed and when you heal the nervous system, the mind is relaxed.

Dr. William H. Bates (1860 – 1931) was an American physician who practiced ophthalmology and developed what became known as the Bates Method for better eyesight. He used his method for short sight, long sight, astigmatism, old-age sight, squint, ‘lazy’ eye, and even structural diseases such as macular degeneration – nothing was left out and he found all could be benefited by learning normal and relaxed use of the eyes and mind.

There are quite a few vision exercises.  The one in particular that I found very beneficial is called the moon swing. This vision game is a movement exercise to remove the habitual stare that develops due to grasping at visual phenomena. There are many variations to this exercise so click here to read the instructions:  Moon Swing.

Utilizing Dr. Bates theories this group has created a very important tool using “animation which encourages awareness of movement throughout all angles and at the same time provides insights into central fixation.”

It can be useful as a training tool in order to correct the function of your eyes as well as increasing your understanding of the interrelation between the stress of the body and the stress of the mind. Click on the image below to practice right now:

The key point is learning how to achieve central fixation in order to relax and heal. When you have understood this precisely then you can carry this effortless ability with you throughout your life.  But, if you go into the practice with the idea of gaining quick results and never having to wear glasses again you could be disappointed.  Even though it is true that some people were successful enough to give up their glasses completely, they were the ones that went to a trained professional who could teach them on an individual basis.

When you get out of your comfort zone and take an active role in your health, you’ll tend to see more benefits with having personal guidance.  Working with a healer will give you the specific advice you need according to your own condition. As with everything, take your time when you work with these eye-exercises, knowing that the process is just as important as the goal.  I remember Paul Brunton mentioning this about the eyes that always stuck with me. He says:

“A true sage is more often than not unhurried in manner and slow in speech and eye-movement.”Paul Brunton

As an exercise in discrimination, take the time to look at this video on YouTube. See who has achieved central fixation:  a sense of complete relaxation and expanded awareness. The video is titled:  Tibetan Yoga Masters 3/3

It is only a three minute video but you can see all sorts of lamas in their meditative absorption.  Even Dudjom Rinpoche is there at the 2:34 mark. Can we look at these masters and learn something from them? I think so.  Dudjom Rinpoche appears like he is beyond everything to the extent that it is hard to put into words to describe his state of mind. It is very amazing to watch.


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