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Root of nervous system damage

When I look at the root cause of the deep pain within the psyche of modern man there are two aspects.  The first is based on our relative condition and the other on our ultimate condition.  Within the relative condition, suffering can stem from myriad forms of abuse or trauma while growing up.  On the other hand, Tibetan Buddhism focuses mostly on the ultimate cause of our suffering – the fundamental ignorance of our true nature.  To perceive that directly is the ultimate goal and once discovered all of our personal problems melt away in an instant.

In the world today, it seems to me that most healers have been soft-spoken about this touchy subject of circumcision.  When we ask, “What is the root cause of nervous system damage?” we can find a definite answer.

Whenever anybody receives such serious pain or trauma, then that being energetically contracts in on itself as a way of protecting and creating a wall of psychological armor.

Our society seems to be degenerating at a rapid rate and we can more easily see young people gaining an abnormal amount of weight or having to take pills to cope with anxiety and mental disorders.  Whether the problem is physical, mental, or emotional in nature one has to come up with a strategy to protect their family and the generations to come.

One of the most horrendous ordeals a male infant will face coming into the world is circumcision.  For an infant, it is neither appropriate nor consensual.  He will live most of his life not even knowing consciously there is anything wrong with him.  I remember the Dalai Lama being bewildered that westerners have a common disposition of self-hatred.  If this is unheard of in his part of the world then we need to take a closer look at what we are doing to ourselves in the West.

In the past, circumcision was mainly an old Judaic or tribal ritual that was done as a rite of passage for boys ages twelve to eighteen.  But somehow, starting in the last century, based on Victorian puritan principles, it became something that modern medical began performing this surgery on the newborn infants.  Any type of pain or trauma done at such an early age will be stored in the subconscious and leave “scars” on the psyche for a lifetime or until it is handled properly with full awareness.  If the feelings and signals the nerves send from the body to the mind are not working properly then a type of self-hatred begins to develop.  At most this is an unconscious feeling to males, but for others they begin to see traces of misogyny or hatred and mistrust of women.  Others just go through life never seeing their patterns of behavior because they have nothing to compare it with.

If there is an objection to all this as nonsense and this is just what we do in name of religion then we should look to what the bible itself says:

“For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.” — Galatians 5:6

If there is an objection to this on grounds for health reasons, then we must look at the reality of it.  Is it better to suffer a lifetime of not being able to connect to a woman with a natural, gentle heart or take a little extra time to be mindful of proper hygienic procedures?

There was a movie years ago that came out titled: “Kinsey” starring Liam Neeson.  Professor Alfred Kinsey went to great lengths to research normal and abnormal sexual behavior.  At the end of the movie he circumcised himself as an adult and felt it was such an utter, foolish thing to do.  I also remember hearing a story about a male who was circumcised as an adult and he described it as he “went from driving a Cadillac to driving a Pontiac.”  Clearly he was dissatisfied.  On the NOHARMM website it has been stated by Neuroanatomist Dr. Ashley Montagu that:

“Infant circumcision likely deprives the adult male of about 240 feet (73.2m) of nerves and over 1,000 nerve endings.  Since Dr. Taylor’s research suggests that the foreskin is more densely nerve-laden than ‘normal’ skin, a circumcised man likely loses many times more than 1,000 nerve endings.”

The reality of it is, that once the nerve endings are removed there is a loss of ability for the energetic pathways to reach the heart and brain.  This being the number one complaint of ALL women…that men are cold and distant.  Go figure why men can’t go beyond the physical aspect and get obsessed or fixated on one thing.  There is so much suffering going on.  Let’s not make it worse for the next generation.  We must be aware not to pass on a lifetime’s suffering by blindly allowing such a barbaric ritual to be performed on our beloved children.

Spiritual Remedy:

On the bright side, no matter what has happened in the past there is always a solution or remedy.

  • The Shing-Chi 9 empowerment from a Reiki Tummo master at the ‘meditation and kundalini’ seminar was very powerful.
  • The other more profound healing came from a one-month retreat practicing the Tibetan Trulkor exercises.

With the Shing-Chi 9 empowerment it felt like the back heart-chakra opened up and I felt like a Man.  This is very encouraging as this is one sure way to restore our maleness and have a semblance of feeling whole again.  Lastly, with the Tibetan Trulkor exercises, the majority of my “psychological armor” was removed for good.



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