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Juice fasting

It has been about seven years since MH, the Master Herbalist, first began discussing his principles of health on the CureZone forum.  Many times, he has mentioned he would possibly phase out his Ask Barefoot Herbalist Forum.  Therefore, I thought it would be essential to gather information here so that others could gain access to his archived posts.  There is a lot of valuable health remedies there and he still responds to questions every day in the public forum.

He even creates his own herbs the Dr. Christopher way – the proper way it was originally intended without fillers and cheating the public.  He also has invented many of his own herbal formulas that obey nature and seek to stimulate healing.

While juice fasting, your nervous system and digestion can take a break and have a chance to heal properly. When I did my 21 day juice-fast I slept only about 4 to 5 hours a night, lost a pound a day, and when I was working in the classroom there was no entropy coming from my students.  That means none of their emotional reactions could affect me. Their energy of neediness and anger and so forth would literally go right through me.

When the body’s karma is taken care of through this Juice Fast it clears the way for deep introspective work such as meditation.

Even Dr. Paul C. Bragg, in one of his books, reported actually seeing evidence of himself expelling quicksilver (mercury) in his stool while fasting.  That in itself is quite amazing.  But, to become an experienced faster, the first thing you need to do is gather the right information.  They say that “knowledge is power” and you have to work hard at unlearning all the false information that has been imposed on you from society.  As the Master Herbalist succinctly puts it:

“Humans die from having 900x too much calcium rock in their body that makes them shrink and turn HARD.  IF we die when we reach 900x too much calcium, then fasting properly extends your life, that SIMPLE.” — MH

This juice fast is taken from a very important pioneer in the medical field named Dr. William Howard Hay.  In the early 1920s, the doctor himself became severely ill with a condition known as dropsy.  He had no way to heal himself as it was considered an incurable condition.  The only recourse he had, was by taking immediate action by fasting to cure himself completely on his own.  After he regained his health, he quit his medical job and set up a seminary where he could really benefit others.  This was a place where others could experience the same results by eating raw foods and juice-fasting.

The reason the Juice Fast is recommended over a water-fast is that your muscles won’t fatigue or atrophy like Gandhi’s body did; because you are eating 20 almonds a day for protein.

I recommend that you download Dr. Hay’s book here called: Health via Food.  It will be a real eye-opener once you read it.  He had a cure rate of a 100 percent as long as they followed his nutrition protocol.  He assisted 60,000 people with various sicknesses ranging from mental illness and emotional problems as well as the deep physical cancers and tumors.  Once I heard about this, I literally spent four months on the Barefoot Herbalist’s Forum reading about six or seven hours a night!  I needed to find out the truth of these health principles in order to prepare myself properly for an extended fast.

The steps:

The School of Self-Applied Prevention is the Master Herbalist’s new website.  This is a great place to read, research and watch videos.  If you are serious about health, then these steps are required for regaining optimal health:

  1. Read and research what MH suggests for getting back to health.
  2. Invest in buying yourself a good water distiller.
  3. Begin taking the LBB (lower bowel balance) herbs to exercise the colon and move impurities down and out.
  4. Prepare yourself for doing 3 good liver flushes following the Dr. Hulda Clark’s recipe.
  5. Deworm and remove candida/parasites for 30 days straight with MH’s dewormer.

After that, you are ready to do a juice-fast which can be for 3 or 7 days for the beginner.  Most have gone on to do a 14 day juice-fast with no problems at all.  The intermediate and advanced practitioners have accomplished 21 or 40 days worth of juice-fasting respectively.  Natural orange juice itself will supply you with plenty of minerals when it is freshly squeezed.  MH says these are some of the benefits of juice fasting:


Distilled water:

Some observations I made when drinking distilled water is that, surprisingly, you can drink more of it than you ever thought possible.  You just can’t do that when drinking regular spring water.  You’ll soon notice that your body was dehydrated for so long and wonder why you drank anything else.  Some people are told that you should avoid distilled water because it leaches the beneficial minerals from your body but this is a big misconception.  The truth is that it naturally chelates (removes) only the non-organic minerals stored in your cells.

To determine the benefits of distilled water can be known either through self-experimentation or scientifically.  Either way, the cause of much confusion here is the result of using the wrong litmus test.  The paper PH strips should NOT be used to determine the acid/alkaline state of the water.  This way to determine the purity of water is always going to be inaccurate.  The correct way to determine the PH of distilled water is by using the liquid PH test kit.  If you use the paper litmus strips you will get the wrong reading every time.


The first herbal product that is absolute necessary is the Lower Bowel Balance (LBB) to repair your colon and MOVE the toxins down and out.  The other is optional because it has garlic and is not for everybody.  It is called the 2010 Longevity Spices.  The great thing with the Longevity Spices is you will begin to notice an effortless willpower developing for curbing your ravenous appetite for wrong foods.  You’ll get out of the bad habit of indulging in the bad foods you always wanted to give up but just couldn’t on your own.

The protocol:

The main herb that will assist your body in creating HEAT and CIRCULATION is called the Lower Bowel Balance (LBB).  This formula is key for regaining health for a number of reasons.  When you improve the digestive flow downward and out the toxins such as heavy metals and lactic acid (acidic buildup) can move out the elimination organs easily and successfully.  Furthermore, the overflow of candida and parasites can flush out easily with the assistance of this unique herbal formula.

Without the LBB the dreaded Herxheimer reaction happens to most of us.  This means the rapid die-off of the candida causes excessive irritability and then unusual hunger pangs.  This would lead to binging on the foods that contributed to the over-growth of the fungus or yeast in the first place.

It is important to know that without the LBB you will have to take a daily enema each day you fast.  Most would rather take the herb.  Either way one must know the following protocol to ensure safety and results:

The Dr. Hay Rule while fasting is knowing that one bowel movement per day is absolutely NECESSARY or else it is dangerous as toxemia will set in.

So, get educated first before attempting a serious fast and try to avoid all water fasts – as they can be the most dangerous without real guidance, self-confidence and spiritual integrity.  Always research it well, ask questions, and consult your physician if you are concerned about your current health.

UPDATE:  The Master Herbalist has a new forum to play on and answer questions: The Barefoot Way Forum

Good luck!


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Tibetan Medicine and Spice 4 Life

In these degenerate times, it is easy to see that our diet is getting worse and worse every year.  In America, it is clearly evident we are getting heavier; while mental and emotional disease is on the rise.  To stay ahead of the game, one must look to the causes and conditions of these problems and know exactly what method is a suitable antidote.  Whether you practice hatha yoga, vipashana meditation, or pranayama it is wise to know the root cause of physical disease and the proper method to get back to basic health and well-being.

There is a unique Master Herbalist who calls himself MH.  He has created one serious formula called the Spice 4 Life with the more advanced formula called the 2010 Longevity Spices that I have been self-experimenting with.  When you take a tablespoon of this by mouth you can sense immediately that:

  • it cleanses the lymph nodes
  • and infuses the whole body with the nutrients

Within as little as three to five days you can directly see the results that the hair and nails are revitalizing and getting stronger.  MH states that:

“Cancers and all diseases most likely ALL START when the stomach fails, I have read many times the kidneys fail first, but ODDS are the kidneys failed first because the STOMACH was adding acids to the body that over whelmed the kidney function.

This is why some of the best Professors of health from Germany many, many years ago stated to HEAL THY STOMACH and you have healed thy body.

The Japanese method of an herb drank after each meal with allot of water to expand the stomach in an attempt to revitalize it propably was not a popular idea, but according to the author, a MD, he claimed he could cure all the cancers, etc.

I also found this author mentioned in the Dr. John R. Christopher informational CD of papers never put in book form by Dr. Christopher and the ONLY proof I have ever had that it works is the Theory behind the Amish Healers Formula I call Spice 4 Life or what I have ended up with that I call Longevity Spices. The Amish Healer having the patient drink a large amount of water after each meal with a spice formula that it’s base is the herb that was used by the old Japanese MD.

“IS” it “WISE” to try to restore your health this method? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a method for those who “REFUSE” to eat correctly and would otherwise eat them selves to an early grave; it is a desperate option and this is exactly the history behind the Amish Healers theory of using such a thing. The Japanese MD never wrote anything about correct eating, etc.; he was a true believer in the herb GARLIC and even built a machine that sprayed garlic juice all over your body as a cure for all diseases, etc.”

One has to admit that this is a very interesting theory.  After self-experimenting with his formula, I did some research on what the dharma had to say about health.  In one of my favorite books, “Sky Dancer: The Secret Life and Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel” I came across a relevant passage.  It says:

“The nutrition extracted from food in the stomach passes through the “vein which seizes the distilled essence” to the liver, where it is assimilated by bile, phlegm and air (the three humours). Refined nutrition forms blood, and refined blood forms flesh while the unrefined blood forms bile.” ~ p. 248

There may be a connection between what Tibetan Medicine has discovered a long time ago and what MH is presenting today.  From a physical point of view, the stomach must heal first before one can experience proper regeneration happening before their very eyes.

There are two ways to get back to health – one homeopathic and the other abiding by nature.  Homeopathy goes against nature.  However, without first “obeying nature” it is rather difficult to know what your natural health-state really feels like.

Since the physical body is just a vessel for our spiritual development it makes sense to master it in order to have a body that functions efficiently.  With the right attitude we won’t get carried away into a sort of spiritual materialism.  Therefore, we don’t want to overdo these herbs and cleanses by grasping at the needs of the body in exclusion to enlightenment.  Nonetheless, it is still beneficial to learn to handle the body in such a way that it doesn’t become an obstacle to our practice.

The order of importance:

  1. Energy-work (ie. reiki and chi-kung) yields much quicker results than physical work alone.
  2. Mind training (shamatha) is more important than the body and energy-work alone.
  3. Advanced contemplation (vipashana) is what leads to a lasting and permanent happiness – enlightenment.

In the end, it is best to lead a simple life free from self-grasping to this physical body.  Therefore, in order to go beyond the dependency for herbs one must know what the Buddhist dharma equivalent is in relation to regenerating the body.  Under the guidance of a qualified teacher one can learn the breathwork and the proper method for this advanced type of training.  You are simply moving from outer yoga (fasting and herbs) to inner yoga (tummo-fire) practice.

If you are fortunate enough to undertake initiation and learn the yoga of inner heat (Tibetan Tummo) you have the opportunity to take care of the body with skillful means.  It will definitely strengthen the whole nervous system with single pointed concentration.  This way you are “killing two birds with one stone” by keeping the body fit as well as having a practice that progresses towards enlightenment.  I hope this inspires some people to look into this and achieve complete success on their spiritual journey.

With that said, I would encourage you to start learning what MH is doing and discover the two most important holistic doctors of the previous century: Dr. Hay and Dr. Christopher.  Even though MH gets criticized by many proud, educated people he has many PEARLS OF WISDOM to share that you will find useful.  Since he always talks about how the number 108 magically appears in his life, he seems to be inspired and guided by the Medicine Buddha himself.  He has a forum at the CureZone called: ‘Ask Barefoot Herbalist’ linked below:


Good Luck!

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