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Eating for rejuvenation

For most people, being on a spiritual path brings with it the principles of vegetarian living.  I too wanted to uphold the precepts of not eating meat to obtain all the benefits that spirituality had to offer.  While it is certainly much easier to enter meditative states by abstaining from eating meat, it is not so easy to obtain perfect physical health through this alone.

When you move from a poor diet to a healthy diet, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically experience the effects of complete rejuvenation.  Only when you know the exact laws of hygiene does this become possible.  Therefore, you need to gather the right information and then make the choices that work for you.

“The greatest of all diet reforms is the change from meat-eating to a meatless diet. This is also the first step on the spiritual path, the first gesture that rightness, justice, compassion, purity are being set up as necessary to human and humane living, in contrast to animal living.” — Paul Brunton

Figuring out a game-plan to get back to health involves a commitment that is based on the PRINCIPLES of revering and honoring life.  Even though we never know when we are going to pass away, at least we can enjoy a quality of life that most others would never know.

“So it is, Manjushri. There is not a single being, wandering in the chain of lives in endless and beginningless samsara, that has not been your mother or your sister. An individual, born as a dog, may afterward become your father.  Each and every being is like an actor playing on the stage of life. One’s flesh and the flesh of others is the same flesh. Therefore the Enlightened Ones eat no meat. Moreover, Mahjushri, the dharmadhatu  is the common nature of all beings, therefore Buddhas refrain from eating meat.”  — Angulimala Sutra

The ideal:

For healing, rejuvenation, and regeneration to occur physically being on a completely raw-food diet is essential for optimal health to take place.  It does take time to get to this level of purity.  It also takes a certain willingness to get educated properly in order to have confidence that this process works.  Nonetheless, whenever you create the right conditions in your body, healing will eventually come about.

Abiding with nature is the slow and steady way to become whole.

In order to create the right conditions for healing to occur it would be wise to complete a liver-cleanse and then an extended OJ fast.  Once you accomplish these pre-requisites, then you can choose to continue eating well, modify your diet, or go completely back to your old ways.  It is entirely up to you.

You never want to become obsessed or extreme about this.  You just want to give your body some time so that it has the chance to recuperate, balance and regenerate itself.

It may be that you are ready to take the next step and eat even healthier than before.  It is important to note that you don’t have to worry that you will be eating this way forever.  You could simply set a time limit for how long you want to cleanse and purify this way.

Here are two alternative diet-plans that create the precise conditions to maintain a healthy body:

Food combining:

While you are in the transition from an ovo-lacto vegetarian to a raw food diet it is best to learn the Food Combining Protocols outlined by Dr. Hay.  If you cannot become a complete Raw Foodist right away, that is OK.  No problem.  At the very minimum, you can have one cooked meal per day.  Over time you can become stricter.

The reason to follow these food-combining rules is because you want your body to run more efficiently and not accumulate acids in your body.  This path is one of making better choices with awareness of what is correct or incorrect for your body.

For example, right food combining means you would NOT mix proteins and carbohydrates.  Eating pizza would be a wrong food combination because the cheese is protein and the bread is a carb.  If you eat the wrong combination then acidosis sets in and invariably disease is not far behind.


The mono-diet is something you can adopt to refine your system more precisely than food-combining does.  The mono-diet says to eat only one food at a time.  This is a more perfected method to assure you are not making any mistakes and accumulating acids.  It is a simple process.  If you desire grapes then you keep eating all the grapes you want until you are full.

As a general rule, ten minutes later your stomach should be empty of fruit.  Then you could pick another food.  Maybe you wanted almonds next.  You would eat all the almonds your body desires until you weren’t hungry anymore.  It may take your system about 45 minutes or more to digest these nuts.

This is how you will come to know your body in exact detail.  Just be mindful and see how your body handles each particular food.  In all cases, try to get into the habit of chewing all your food into a liquid.  Your stomach is not a grinder.  It needs all the help it gets from the enzymes in your salivary glands.

WARNING: the following information is for informational purposes and no one can encourage you to move in this direction unless you are willing to self-experiment and have guidance/permission from your doctor, lama, healer or guru.

It has been said that grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet that obeys nature in the correct way.   But, how many really know that breads are poor choices for food?  The way breads are made today may actually cause more harm than good.  For example, the ingredient in white bread utilizes the same paste to put up your wallpaper in your home.  Not good at all.

“I have to agree with the old medical books, bread is the staff of death, but if a person could chew it to a liquid, it would do much less harm.” –MH

Furthermore, it may be surprising to hear what the Master Herbalist has to say about vegetables.  How many people know that most vegetables are not proper human foods?

“Vegetables are not natural, they grow too quickly. BUGS love vegetables, because nature wants them destroyed. Humans need very small minerals that fruits from the tree possess. Minerals in the fast growing vegetables are too BIG and are known to get in the blood stream and can’t get out the kidneys, so they stick to the veins and clog our circulation over time.” –MH

It may sound strange and even shocking to hear that.  The good news is, when we are healthy and our VITALITY and LIFE-FORCE is STRONG we can pretty much eat anything and everything.  But, when we are sick and debilitated and have a so-called incurable disease we need to take every precaution to get back to health.

Three signs:

Some signs to look for while cleansing and eating healthy and taking herbal supplements:

  1. the skin becomes clearer
  2. the hair grows in thicker and darker
  3. the teeth become whiter

This is very important to understand.  While experiencing the qualities of rejuvenation, the nails will begin to feel stronger and take on a clear sheen to them and will not look cloudy.  The hair will become thicker and appear wet, as if filled with life-force, and not dry or falling out.  And lastly, the teeth will become much whiter and not look sickly yellow.


With the above information you have a tool to gauge where you are at.  Even so, one needs to study extensively these PROTOCOLS of abiding with nature.  MH acquired lead-poisoning from the factory he worked at, and only got his health back after following Nature’s laws.

Likewise, Dr. William Howard Hay had renal disease or kidney failure.  In the old days, it was called Bright’s disease and now the term is chronic nephritis.  Both these men achieved rejuvenation by following Nature and went on to document their results for the benefit of all.

Discovering the truth certainly comes from self-applied prevention.  I advise anyone to start reading MH’s 108 Pages booklet and the Dr. Hay book, Health via Food to get started.

Good Luck!



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How to fast

It is truly sad that there are so many misconceptions to regaining proper health in our society today.   Someone like Dr. Bass has contributed greatly towards these misconceptions by turning many people against natural fruits, distilled water, and the OJ fast.  He claims these natural sources cause acidosis in the body as a result of losing a tooth during his fast.  However, when done correctly, the orange juice fast is truly a beneficial remedy to countless diseases.

Not many people will complete a fast properly because they simply don’t understand its PRINCIPLES and then come to the wrong conclusions when problems arise.  In 1929, Dr. William Howard Hay wrote the book Health via Food.  With correct reasoning he explains what happens to the body during a fast.

“Fasting does not create acidosis, but it does make it evident, and if one will in the beginning of a fast test all secretions and excretions available with the blue litmus paper this will be evident, for they will perhaps show a mild acidity in the beginning that turns violently acid in reaction in a week or two of fasting, and continues to show this heightened evidence of acid till the very end of the fast.  This does not mean an increased acid state of the body, but that the body is now getting rid of acids faster than when feeding.” — Dr. Hay

Four Main Principles:

First main principle:  The toxins must go down and out!

When the toxins in the body aren’t flowing DOWN and OUT the body, then toxemia can set in and cause trouble.  A self-poisoning of the blood results because there is no timely flow of waste out the body.  To understand this health protocol is of utmost importance.

How do you get these toxins stored in the body going DOWN and OUT?

You can choose either the daily enema or the herbal formula known as the Lower Bowel Balance (LBB) to achieve the same result.  While the enema takes more time and preparation, the LBB Formula will assist the body to swiftly move the toxins DOWN and OUT the toilet or feet.  Through the effect of the Cascara Sagrada and other herbs, the waste is pushed down and out the body to achieve success.  When you master this part you can literally adjust your body’s detox rate at will.

When you have this under your control then the damaging effects that Dr. Bass and others had of losing their enamel or teeth will NEVER happen.  When the toxins go upwards then the hair, skin and teeth suffer.  When the toxins are trapped in the body then a host of problems arise because there is no flow.  A cavity is the result of toxins trying to push their way out of your overwhelmed body.  The body makes a hole in the tooth to protect itself and release the pressure.  Learn to reverse the direction – down and out the feet to avoid needless suffering.  As MH, the Master Herbalist, says:

“Always 8 LBB per day is enough insurance nothing can go wrong with the colon. More or less is optional, but 8 has always worked well.” — MH

When you get things flowing down and out, then the teeth will become whiter, the hair shinier, and the skin clearer.  I have noticed these results for myself and anyone can determine the truth of this principle just by these signs.

Second main principle:  A daily bowel movement is needed during the fast!

You need to decide on the daily enema or the Lower Bowel Balance (LBB) formula during any fast.  If you opt for the enema it is free…but make sure the temperature is slightly cool at 85 degrees.  The water should be cool to the touch and not cold.  Be careful not to use warm water as that will cause your intestines to atrophy and get out of shape over time.  The alternative to the enema is the LBB Formula which will assist your body to swiftly move the toxins DOWN and OUT the toilet.

The Dr. Hay Rule while fasting is having one bowel movement per day which is absolutely necessary or else toxemia will set in.

Third main principle:  Distilled water removes inorganic minerals from the body!

The common misunderstanding is that distilled water leaches beneficial minerals from your body.  There is nothing further from the truth than this.  In reality, it leaches only the inorganic minerals, which is what you want for your body to return to a balanced state of health.  It is discouraging to hear others being lead away from real health when they give the wrong information.

The cause of much confusion here is the result of using the paper PH strips to determine the acid/alkaline state of the water.  This way to determine the purity of water is always going to be inaccurate.  The correct way to determine the PH of distilled water is by using a liquid PH test kit.  If you use the paper litmus strips you will get the wrong reading every time.

Fourth main principle:  Orange juice adds minerals to your body!

All fresh fruit and nuts will add the proper minerals you need for the body.  Freshly squeezed orange juice is one of the best choices to add beneficial minerals back into your system.  It also helps regulate the potassium/sodium ratio in the body in order to raise the beneficial potassium levels due to the over-consumption of unnecessary salt in our diet.

Another popular misconception is believing that since this fruit is acidic then it must turn your whole body acidic.  In reality, the orange is acidic in its natural state but turns alkaline after being metabolized.

Furthermore, it is rarely understood how pasteurized orange juice is considered harmful.  When juice has been heated up during the manufacturing process it is NOT recommended for the diabetic because it will cause a serious shock to their system.  This shock occurs because this form of juice enters the blood stream too quickly.  Fortunately, freshly squeezed orange juice won’t cause this problem.  It just takes time to get used to this idea and unlearn the wrong information you’ve acquired over the years.

The theory:

Fasting is a common practice in all religions of the world and written about by ancient monks thousands of years ago.  This method of OJ fasting is not as difficult as a complete water-fast.  It is based on the theory that minimal digestion will allow your body to heal, balance, and regenerate itself.   In modern times, it stems from the success Dr. William Howard Hay had in curing 60,000 patients.  His success rate is inspiring and the remarkable results were achieved provided that each step was followed correctly.

“Humans die from having 900x too much calcium rock in their body that makes them shrink and turn HARD.  IF we die when we reach 900x too much calcium, then fasting properly extends your life, that SIMPLE.” — MH

MH has coined the phrase “One cure, cures all” because all disease can be alleviated through the umbrella of this one method.  Of course, the OJ fast is NOT for everybody.  It should be avoided by those that won’t take the time to read, research, and follow the correct protocols.  However, for those that will do it properly it is a relatively safe method.

The results:

The OJ fast tends to be much safer in the long run for the majority of people who had trouble with water-fasts in the past.  Any results from the OJ fast will be achieved half as quickly as the full water-fast.  MH says that zero food other than strained juice for a full twenty-one days, breaks habits and addictions.  He goes on to tell us that there is a timeline which you can expect to see specific results with the OJ fast as follows:

  • NEW BLOOD @ 14 day
  • NEW HEART @ 21 days
  • NEW SKIN @ 35 days
  • NEW LIVER by the time you’re done your 40 days.

The method:

You will need to plan ahead and purchase exactly eight oranges a day for each day of your fast.  So if you plan on doing a 14 day fast, then it is 14×8 which is 112 oranges total.  Squeezing one medium sized orange will give you about 2 ounces of juice.  Mix the other half of your glass with distilled-water to equal 4 ounces total.  Do the same for the rest of the oranges.  For the day you would consume 32 ounces of this mixture which is half orange-juice and half distilled-water.  You can adjust the quantity of water more or less to your needs.

I recommend that you squeeze all eight oranges in the morning and then immediately fill the rest of the container with distilled-water until it measures 32 ounces.  If you store it properly it won’t go bad and it will free up your time if you must continue a working job.  Then you decide on a suitable feeding schedule.  You could keep it simple and drink four times throughout the day and consume 8 ounce portions easily.  Of course, you can drink all the extra distilled-water you need if you find yourself feeling thirsty.

MH says, “My guess is 95% of the people that try fasting will fail.  Because they ignore the daily Bowel Movement and then those who think they can water fast, etc.  Fasting is very easy once it is understood, until then, it is near impossible to do it succesfully.  “IF” you don’t understand it, it is called starvation.  The uneducated mind will think it is starving, while the educated mind will know it is actually living for the first time.”

Adding 20 almonds per day is the method for removing tumors from the body.  The almonds will also assist you so that your muscles don’t atrophy and you can continue to work a daily job during the fast.  It has allowed others to exercise or lift weights during the fast as well.  One eats ten almonds at 10 A.M. and the other ten almonds at 12 P.M.  You chew them slowly and carefully into a liquid before swallowing it down.

Three antidotes:

While on the fast these little tips will be a big help.

  1. I find if your muscles become fatigued a tablespoon of honey will give you the strength you need.
  2. If you are craving pizza then take a tablespoon of olive oil and that will do the trick.
  3. If you begin craving chocolate then some spirulina or wheat grass will give you the b-vitamins to satisfy you until you come back into balance.

Remember, you can drink all the distilled water that your body may need during this type of fast.  You can even add other liquids such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses to gain the necessary minerals your body needs to sustain and repair your body throughout the fast.

Ending a fast:

Ending a fast is so critical so you don’t revert back to negative tendencies or hurt your delicate digestive tract.  MH says that there are 2 theories about breaking the fast:

“The one I believe most fitting is to eat 2 pounds of dates and this will expand and scrape out the sludge.  Others say go slow and eat just a little each day until up to normal over eating.”

I used to break a fast with warm soup or broth as was normally suggested.  However, eating dates has been found to be a superior because it is more of a semi-solid food.  It turns the waste into a smooth bolus and thus activates your dormant intestines in a gentle and efficient manner.  It perfectly expands and sweeps out the intestines without causing any harm.

Just chew on the date slowly until it becomes a liquid.  Do not eat one bite more than is required.  Repeat this process every two hours.  The time aloud is required so the stomach can absorb the nutrients and then move into the intestines without shocking the system.

Good luck!

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Healing burns

I remember when I was an adolescent reading a fictional book about a Formula One race car driver who crashed his car and experienced severe third-degree burns all over his face.  A Native American Indian offered him a salve that completely healed his face so he didn’t have permanent scarring.  After some time went by, the driver became so overjoyed that it worked without leaving a mark.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to track down the Medicine Man to learn his secrets.  At that moment, I wished we had this healing ointment for everyone.

Fast forward 20+ years later.  I got to know MH, the Master Herbalist.  On the Ask Barefoot Herbalist forum I learned about his old-fashioned wisdom, applied it, and discovered that there actually is a solution.

There is a product called ‘B&W OINTMENT’ that can be applied on any burns, scars, or injuries for healing to take place.  In my own experience I have had some promising results.  Even though it is a slow process, one scar I have within my left eye-brow has almost completely faded away after a year’s time.  In addition to that, one small burn I have on my ankle is now beginning to fade after six months.

I know it is hard for most of us to stop wishing for instant results.  In both cases I was not consistent in applying the ointment on a daily basis.  But sure enough, a slow process was the sure and steady way to heal without negative side-effects.

MH says: “When cut, I use powdered cayenne, this prevents the scar.  Once scarred, I use BF&C as explained on the my teacher web page.  It can be applied as B&W ointment and taken as capsule or tea.  To get rid of a old scar may take a year or so.  A scar comes from incomplete healing.  “IF” we have enough nutrients and good enough circulation, there will be no scar.”

It is an exciting thing to marvel at the power of nature’s way to heal and regenerate our bodies no matter how long it took to achieve this level of result.  If you get in good with MH you’ll discover lots of natural wisdom.  MH relates a story how an Amish Healer has literally helped thousands of burn victims over the past 35 years:

“He has been going across country teaching groups of people how to treat burns at home and to recognize when the burn is too severe and must be moved to the hospitals.  He has been working with doctors and trying to change the way American Hospitals treat burn victims.  Being only one man and extremely limited funds, he has done what he has been able.  BOOK V is a record of his works and much will be added when time allows.”

Since MH is basically a pioneer in the alternative health field, it makes me worried that without him, generations to come will lose out on his valuable work.  If nothing is done, the powers that be will overrule and more suffering will ensue for us, our children, and future generations.

My wish is that other good Samaritans or Bodhisattvas (compassionate individuals) can understand what he is doing, discover the correct principles of health, and establish healing centers all over the world for the benefit of everyone.

TIPS for quicker results:

  1. apply a thick layer of the B+W ointment under a gauze pad twice a day,
  2. take several BF+C capsules orally to help regenerate the flesh
  3. taking the LBB (lower bowel balance) formula moves toxins out the elimination organs which includes the skin
  4. Herbal spray I, II, or III brings heat to the area which moves your blood to the surface of the skin quickly for healing to take place


MH says, “The Amish Clinic makes the best burn salve in the USA.  You take a leaf and apply the salve to the leaf and then apply to the burn and that burn can be to the bone, it can not be too bad.  The leaves used are Burdock, if that is not available, they use lettuce or cabbage.”

Does covering the ointment completely with scalded burdock leaves reduce the amount of healing time for burns?  I haven’t any experience with it.  Maybe someone who has good results can post a comment.  I would love to know.

Good luck in healing!

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Principles of health

MH, at the Ask Barefoot Herbalist forum, always says that few people are willing to self-experiment with herbs and juice fasting.  I would say it is even harder to discern properly what true health really is.  In 2005, following the Dr. Hay protocol, I completed the 21 day Orange Juice fast and lost a pound a day in the process.  It is no easy task to accomplish.  However, to complete such a fast is the only way to obtain a proper BASIS for what is healthy for the body and what is not.

Many years later I fell off the path and started eating meat again.  I got bored and didn’t even feel like drinking distilled water anymore so I decided to do the Wiley Brooks challenge.  The diet would consist of eating one McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese and a large diet coke on a daily basis for seven days.  This was quite crazy to consider and I do NOT advise anyone to just do it.  But for me, it was a lesson in discernment through Crazy Wisdom.

The Buddha taught the middle path and it makes sense since being a raw foodist was one extreme and the other was eating meat every day.

Like many philosophers say, you have to follow the PRINCIPLES of life to obtain excellence.  Even Josh Waitzkin, the famous Chessmaster, is one of the rare few who can easily explain how to play chess properly by following the exact principles to it.  Likewise, when following the Buddha dharma one must know, understand, and observe the ethical principles (precepts) to achieve the proper results.

So when I did the Wiley Brooks diet, over time, I would come to discern the differences and similarities between these two health protocols.  Unfortunately, the hair growth and strong feeling while on his diet was not enough to produce any incredible long-term results.  Not to mention the harmful side effects such as the tightening up of the channels and drying up of the lymph nodes would eventually lead to kidney pain.  A short time later a full detox would get me back to normal.  The Wiley protocol was a dead-end.

But the real measure of health came later when taking MH’s 2010 Longevity Spices for Life.

The three signs that the body is rejuvenating properly are the skin becomes clearer, the hair grows in thicker and darker and the teeth become whiter.  This is very important to understand.

On the right path toward rejuvenating the body, the nails will begin to feel stronger and take on a clear sheen to them and will not look cloudy.  The hair will become thicker and filled with life-force and appear wet and not dry.  And lastly, the teeth will become pearly white and not look sickly yellow.

With this known, you have a tool to gauge where you are at.  You just need to study the PRINCIPLES of health in detail.  I advise anyone to start reading MH’s 108 Pages booklet and the Dr. Hay book, Health via Food to get started.

Understanding the way food combining works, advocated by Dr. Hay, is the correct PRINCIPLE for obtaining healthy blood and therefore a healthy body which is more alkaline in nature.  For some, food combining is one of the hardest things to maintain but the rewards are great.  Others have had problems keeping track of the rules so they are encouraged to follow a mono diet.

The mono diet is the surest way to get back to health without making any mistakes!  What is a mono diet?  You eat only one type of food per meal and eat as much of that as you want till you are full.

Your first meal may be a fruit such as strawberries and you eat all the strawberries your heart desires.  The next meal may be almonds and you can eat all the almonds you want till you get full.  The reason for getting back to basics this way is your body won’t turn acidic on a mono diet.  The stomach now has a chance to be restored to its original healthy state.  The fault of incorrect food combination is: when you combine protein and carbs your stomach turns acidic.  This in turn, causes the lymph nodes to activate and the toxins go up and out the head rather than down and out the body in the correct way.  Since the stomach is overwhelmed and can’t handle the excess acids to digest foods properly… weight-gain and disease settles in.

So, the first step is researching the PRINCIPLES to good health.  Next, learn the proper rules to food combining.  Then, get educated on why juice fasting is important to rid yourself of environmental toxins from the air we breathe and the harmful chemicals and metals we have ingested over the years.

Once you accomplish a juice fast – whether it is for 7 days or 14 days this alone will help you discern the BASIS of what is normal health for you and nobody else.

Others have gone on to accomplish 21, 40 and even 108 days with ease because it is not a strict water fast that leaves your muscles atrophied.  The almonds eaten on the fast supply the body with enough protein so the muscles get what they need.  Lastly, find a middle path that works for you.  Even if that means on occasion you eat meat or junk food, now you have a suitable method to get back on track.  If you get sick…a three day OJ fast is part of your tool-bag to achieve health quickly.

The body is specially designed.  When you live by the laws of nature you experience health much faster than if you go against nature.  As you live in harmony with Nature you will begin to see how strong, resilient and efficient the body works.  These are the inner workings of true health that people have forgotten to pass down from one generation to the next.

Others suggest that this information has been suppressed time and time again.  Of course, one shouldn’t place too much importance on the body in exclusion to mind and energy work.  But when you master the body, it is much easier to forget about it and focus on the more important task at hand – enlightenment itself.

UPDATE:  The Master Herbalist has a new forum to play on and answer questions: The Barefoot Way Forum

Good luck!

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The benefits of Reiki Tummo

As I look back at the things that worked for me, I discovered that nervous system damage was the root cause of most illness; likewise the repaired nervous system was the basis for obtaining long-term health.

You can obtain this sort of physical, mental and emotional healing through many modalities such as Reiki, Chi-Kung, Feldenkrais Movement Therapy and even Juice Fasting.

Getting attuned to Reiki is my first choice for getting back to health.  Why?  Because, it safely opens up and repairs the central channel which is closely aligned to what western science calls the autonomic nervous system.

When the nervous system has been damaged from physical trauma the energy doesn’t flow properly and one becomes more susceptible to outside influences and what Tibetan Medicine calls a “cold-disease”.  Once the coldness sets in your channels you tend to feel tired most of the day and depressed.

Once you learn to decondition your mind, you will feel confident that anything can be healed.  The truth is this: nothing is permanent in this life.  Eventually, as time goes on – everything changes.  When things go wrong and life feels unbearable this is just your chance to ‘Know Thyself’.  When you become aware of these problems within yourself and use bio-feedback skills to discern what antidotes are needed; you will achieve wholeness much quicker.

With the modern computer, one doesn’t even need to leave the home to begin your healing.  You can receive this reiki attunement with the master granting the empowerment long distance.  Reiki Tummo is authentic and reputable and their fee is reasonable.  Click here to read more on their website: Reiki Tummo.

MH, the master herbalist, always inspires us to abide by the PRINCIPLES of nature.  He’s on the Curezone, at the Ask Barefoot Herbalist forum.  He explains when you align yourself with nature, the body has a better chance to heal and repair itself.  His two main herbal supplements, the Lower Bowel Balance and the 2010 Longevity Spices both increase HEAT and CIRCULATION in the body to bring it back into a healing state.

In the same way, internal practices such as Reiki will increase the HEAT and CIRCULATION within your body for stable health.  When you are attuned to Reiki Tummo, smiling at your heart is the method to activate these healing energies.  With just this simple intention it is the quickest and easiest way to heal yourself.  Once you experience it, you will truly come to love it.

With Reiki Tummo you just have to smile at the heart to activate the healing energies to descend from the True Source.

To those of you that are interested, you can find Grandmaster Irmansyah Effendi’s book by clicking on the link below:

Reiki Tummo: An Effective Technique for Health and Happiness

Three benefits:

As soon as you become attuned to level one Reiki you will feel improvement in your life right away.

  1. Your nervous system will be repaired within ALL seven chakras and not just to the level of your heart like most other forms of reiki do.
  2. Your digestion will improve right away because there is a subtle but constant flow of energy that is always there.
  3. If there is a specific pain or problem you can now direct energy to that spot with the simple touch of your own hands-of-light.

For those people with energetic problems in the body that resulted in a mental illness will greatly benefit from Reiki Tummo.  Due to the lack of specific guidance, wrong instruction, dangerous breath-work and faulty meditative practices has lead to more and more people to experience the speeding up of thoughts, paranoia, depersonalization, disassociation and grandiose behavior.

In Eastern understanding this is referred to as the Kundalini Syndrome.  If you would like to see illustrations of how this happens on an inner level then click here:  safe awakening.  These pictures show the before and after effects of how this particular form of Reiki therapy will help you.  As soon as you receive the level-one attunement it will immediately stabilize your internal energy.

Be well!


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