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Virtual Stupa Walk

The summer of 2015, in upstate New York, the Migyur Dorje Stupa was finally completed at our retreat center.

I uploaded a new video to YouTube and now you can listen and meditate while visualizing yourself doing Korwa (circumambulations) around the stupa to generate a limitless supply of merit.


Guru Rinpoche states:

If there is a man who offered melody music to the great stupa, shall be able to propagate the sound of dharma throughout the ten directions.  If there is a man who offered drum and melody sounds, shall obtain vast wisdom and prosperity.  If there is a man who offer the sound of bell, shall obtain a soft and harmonious voice, which is the voice of brahma.” — The Legend of Maha Buddha Stupa

From the book “Crystal Mirror 12” by author Elizabeth Cook states:

  1. Whoever offers prayers finds immediate fulfillment of his wishes for both himself and others.
  2. Whoever offers flowers to the Great Stupa obtains ease and contentment, prosperity and health.
  3. Whoever offers incense achieves pure action.
  4. Whoever offers lamps has the darkness of unknowing illuminated.
  5. Whoever offers perfume is freed from anxiety and suffering.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama states:

“It has long been the tradition that wherever the teachings of the Buddhas have been revered and practiced, communities of followers have built reliquary monuments known in Sanskrit as stupas and as chörtens in Tibetan.

And wherever they have been built, they have been regarded as sacred, for like religious images and scriptures, they represent aspects of enlightenment.”

The Sutra On The Merit of Bathing The Buddha states:

At that time, the World Honored One uttered these verses:

After my death
You will be able to honor my relics
Some will build stupas
Or images of the Tathágata.
At the place of the image or stupa,
One who anoints that spot of ground
With various incenses and flowers Scattering them over its surface
Uses pure, beautifully scented water
To pour onto the body of this image,
Offers it various flavorful drinks and foods,
Fully maintaining it with oblations,
Eulogizes the virtue of the Tathágata,
Which is endlessly difficult to conceive;
Through the wisdom of skillful means and the supernatural power of the Buddha
Such a one will quickly reach the other shore of Nirvana.
He will obtain the diamond body
Complete with the thirty-two marks of a great person
And the eighty minor signs of excellence.


Artist: Caitlin – Laxmi’s Dream
Song: Om Mani Padme Hum (track 5)

Video Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 13:


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Lhabab Duchen

I received this in an email.  And it is a good reminder for everyone as it is a special Dharma Festival day.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Descent from Tushita Heavens by Shakyamuni Buddha which lands on November 13th, 2014.


Migyur Dorje Stupa

“Thursday the 13th of November (22nd day of the ninth month according to the lunar calendar) marks the anniversary of the day that Shakyamuni Buddha descended from the Heaven of the 33 back to earth to teach.

When the Buddha became enlightened, he was able to see his mother, Queen Mayadevi, had gone to this desire god realm when she had died six days after his birth.  To repay his mother’s kindness, the Buddha vowed to liberate her and gods inhabiting this realm.

After he stayed three months in this heavenly realm, Buddha’s students on earth begged him to return through the offering of lights.  To make this return possible, the gods Indra and Brahma constructed a ladder of gold, silver, and precious gems.  The Buddha descended from heaven and arrived in the town of Kashi (modern-day Varanasi).  This is considered to be one of the eight great deeds of the Buddha, marked by one of the eight kinds of stupas entitled “Stupa of Descent from the God Realm.”


Completed Migyur Dorje stupa

This is a day that the merit of our actions is multiplied one-hundred-million-fold.  One way to generate merit particularly on this day is to offer lamps.  These outer lights symbolize the inner light of our own practice, cultivated through our meditation.

Light symbolizes the expelling of ignorance, strengthening the clarity of mind, and the generating wisdom and compassion.  And by offering lights, we are praying that the inner light of all beings is joined with infinite light.  We are in this email offering two lights for you, dear friends!”


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