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Mother’s Ultimate Sacrifice

A very touching story to remind us of the heroic choice this woman made…

by CBS Local 2:29 mins

A young California mother made the ultimate sacrifice for her newborn daughter when she refused lifesaving treatment for bone cancer.   Ashley Bridges was 10 weeks pregnant when she learned of her diagnosis.  Although doctors recommended she start chemotherapy immediately, it would have required her to terminate her pregnancy.

“There’s no way I could kill a healthy baby because I’m sick,” Bridges told CBS’s Kristine Lazar.  During her third trimester, at eight months, Bridges was told that delaying treatment had allowed the cancer to spread.

“That’s basically when they told me that it was terminal,” she said.  Bridges was told she needed to deliver Paisley immediately so she could start treatment.  Even with multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she was given less than a year to live.  “I felt like I tried so hard to keep Paisley safe and do the minimum [treatment] to keep her healthy.  The thought that I’m not going to see her grow up is really hard,” a tearful Bridges said.

The 24-year-old Bridges also has a 6-year-old son from a previous relationship.  “His exact words were, ‘If you pass away, I want to come with you,’ ” she recalled.  As Lazar reports, friends and family have been helping Bridges take care of Paisley during the day.  Her fiance, who is in the military, takes the night shift.  None of them has second-guessed her decision.  “She’s a real-life superhero, to be honest with you,” said Jessica, Bridges’ sister.  Bridges, too, has no regrets.  “Maybe I’m not supposed to be here and she is,” Bridges said of Paisley.

Click here for her video: Mother’s Ultimate Sacrifice for Newborn

As we discover the truth that there are, in fact, MANY options to heal.  Nothing should be considered terminal until one has tried everything from Juice Fasting, to Herbs, to the unique Sitz Bath Remedy.  The Master Herbalist offers hope to someone like her in this dark age.

Here are a few important quotes that need to be heard over and over:

“The mother has to be a real mother, dedicated to the health of her children and be fully educated with the abilities to be the family physician 24/7 raising and training her children to be the same and help her children for as long as she lives in the art of longevity and her children must learn from their parent’s mistakes and seek to do better.” – MH

He goes on to reprimand us that:

“Parents who do not know, do not care and turn their children over to strangers when not feeling well will have no real interest in the proper use of diet and learning prevention.” — MH

Click here to access his latest 27 page newsletter: Truth about herbs

good luck!


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The Barefoot Way

To all the Barefooters,

I created a forum for the more scholarly type.  If you are interested in a more personal and private community then feel free to check it out.  MH granted his approval and hopefully we can continue to help those that are sick and suffering.


I think a few good people on here know that we need to save the valuable information that MH has been posting here over the years.  Once it is lost then the next generations will definitely lose out.

For personal users, this forum will be organized into two sections: GROUPS and ACHIEVEMENT LADDER.  This should inspire people to participate more and keep things in a positive and motivated mindset.


Those that have completed an OJ-type Fast will be grouped together into clubs such as: a 7 Day Club, 14 Day Club, 21 Day Club or 40 Day Club respectively.  That may be of sincere interest to some people that want more privileges.  In order to be approved, you just have to show that you completed the respective number of days on the Orange Juice fast. 

Just post your gains/results in the Introductions or Testimonials section.  Provisionally, each club will have advanced permissions such as edit posts or upload files.  This is certainly NOT a justification to compete with others.

Fasting, without being educated properly, will just result in harming yourself.  These clubs are really just a way to have a sense of community here.  When we recognize and TRUST each other it will be a lot easier to feel safe in a supportive environment.


At first, when you post a topic, it will say Newbie beneath your name.  Then after 20 posts, it will automatically change to say Barefooter.  Once you become a Barefooter you will be able to add photos in your album.  That will be cool.  At this point, I will add you to our list-server so you can receive email notifications for each reply to that post. 

  1. After 108 posts your title will change to Barefooter BRONZE
  2. After 508 posts your title will say Barefooter SILVER
  3. After 1008 posts it will say Barefooter GOLD

I believe this is one of the neat features we can add to make this website more fun and interesting.

Finally, use this forum as an OPPORTUNITY to help your family, friends and children to get back to health without medical-induced fear.  Those of us that have used MH’s herbal formulas and completed an OJ fast know, without a doubt, that this method can be DUPLICATED by anyone if followed correctly.

Therefore, we all need to participate if we want to change the world and make it a BETTER place.  Maybe we can make a difference.  Hope to see you there.  Here is the website:


good luck!

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Conscious Parenting

It’s hard to imagine what highly evolved spiritual beings would want to incarnate into today’s world.  They would have to be very brave indeed to be born in these degenerate times.  Presently, we are fortunate to have the Barefoot Herbalist to rely on for proper health.  He has one main axiom which is: “One cure, cures all.”

He states that stagnation or constipation is the root cause of physical disease.  Once this is thoroughly understood and accepted then one can begin applying the proper antidotes for better health.

The image of the caduceus medical symbol to the right is a clue for health.  It represents the central channel in the middle and the left and right channels to the sides.  This is the structure of the autonomic nervous system seen from a spiritual point of view.

Once the central-nerve is open and the energy or blood circulates freely through that meridian, then one can truly say the nervous-system is healed and strong.  As the Barefoot Herbalist tells us – circulation is key.

On a physical level, some of the proper ways to increase circulation are Herbs, the Liver Flush, the Sitz bath, and Rebounding.  On an energetic level, some of the recommendations to increase circulation are Reiki, Chi-kung, and Pranayama.

Family planning:

If you are planning on having a child it would be wise to compare and view these two births.  The first video is a normal Medical birth that on the surface seems fine.  But, to a highly trained eye is much too invasive for the baby’s delicate body and nervous-system to handle.  The second video is a Natural Water birth which is only a five minute video that will evoke your emotions.

If we have suffered greatly in our own life we would naturally come to the conclusion that we don’t want our own children to suffer.

The video will make you teary-eyed since we never realized that birthing could be so beautiful.  It is sad and disappointing that televised births have really conditioned our minds to fear this as something that is extremely painful.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Preventative care:

How do we get past our deep fears since doctors tell us one thing and alternative medicine doesn’t have a clear road-map for good and proper health? 

Finding the truth about health is nearly impossible since everyone has a vested interest in getting rich.  Of course, not everyone is bad person but most have an incomplete understanding.  It’s a tough world we live in when people don’t live with a proper code of honor and don’t take the time to investigate the root causes of disease.  However, we are fortunate right now that two Master Herbalists on the CureZone website.  They have voiced their views and methods to natural living and get results with preventative care.

The first is MH – the Barefoot Herbalist and the other is Dr. Mom.  They are both Dr. Christopher trained who is considered to be the father of modern herbal medicine.  If you want a female perspective, from a mother of fifteen and grandmother of thirty-seven, then Dr. Mom is a good choice.  If you want a male perspective, who is bold and isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, then MH is the one to look at.  Both are controversial figures to those whose opinions are set in stone.  However, if you are rational person and willing to follow the correct PRINCIPLES to health, you will discover a way of life that will benefit you and your family.

About Immunizations:

Are vaccines causing drastic health problems?

It’s up to you to do the research and make an educated decision.  Most of us healers don’t object to homeopathic methods in healing.  What we object to are the heavy base metals and animal bi-products that can cause damage to the nervous-system and deterioration of the mind found in modern vaccines.

A new study suggests about 1 in 38 children have traits of autism, higher than a previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 100.

In my experience, in the classroom for over fourteen years, and seeing thousands and thousands of different children; I have never met one that was innately joyful and whole.  Only a few years ago do I remember meeting one boy on retreat who was about eight at the time.  It was amazing to see someone so naturally happy at his age.  Later on, I asked the mom if he was vaccinated.  She went on to explain that he wasn’t vaccinated at birth but at age four he was.  I thought that was quite remarkable.  It would seem that once the body is much older, a child’s nervous-system is strong enough to handle any of life’s difficulties with ease.

Compassionate Mothers:

Lastly, in honor and dedication to my own parents I wanted to share what the Buddha had to say about how much love mothers really do have for bearing and raising children:

“For ten months while the mother is with child, she feels discomfort each time she rises, as if she were lifting a heavy burden. Like a chronic invalid, she is unable to keep her food and drink down. When the ten months have passed and the time comes for the birth, she undergoes all kinds of pain and suffering so that the child can be born. She is afraid of her own mortality, like a pig or lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Then the blood flows all over the ground. These are the sufferings she undergo.”

“Once the child is born, she saves what is sweet for him and swallows what is bitter herself. She carries the child and nourishes it, washing away its filth. There is no toil or difficulty that she does not willingly undertake for the sake of her child. She endures both cold and heat and never even mentions what she has gone through. She gives the dry place to her child and sleeps in the damp herself. For three years she nourishes the baby with milk, which is transformed from the blood of her own body.”

You can read the whole sutra here: The Filial Piety Sutra

If you are already an expecting mom you can click here: proper prenatal care to find more information to help you on your way.  If it is already too late, then just click on my home page and learn some of the basic antidotes to get your child back to normal, functional health.


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The meaning of 108

I always smile when MH, the Barefoot Herbalist, keeps asking others, “What is the meaning of the number 108?”  Mysteriously it keeps being revealed to him in various ways in his daily life.  He believes no one will ever know the answer.  However, with a little help the meaning can be known.

In the mystical world, especially to Buddhists, the number 108 is a metaphor for the number of steps required in order to completely “graduate” from this earth plane.  The mind’s labyrinth is deep and complex.  To accomplish this path, first one must discern the 8 consciousnesses and the 10 bhumis.  Putting them together equals 108.

The aspirant is required to develop the mind by sharpening the practice of concentration (shamatha) and insight (vipashana) meditation.

Along with learning, reflecting and meditating one is able to progress through all of these stages of practice.  This is the real meaning of Ascension.

According to the Hinayana path, the Arhat (hearer) and Pratyekabuddha (solitary realizer) have four stages of enlightenment:

  1. stream-enterer
  2. once-returner
  3. non-returner
  4. fruition (arhant)

However, according to the Mahayana path, the Bodhisattva (enlightening being or hero) ascends through the grounds (bhumis) to achieve the goal of complete enlightenment with the compassionate intention to reduce the suffering of all sentient beings.

The structure of the stupa represents the enlightened mind of the Buddha.  The one above is exactly 108 feet tall.  It is an architectural representation of the entire Buddhist path.  Click the image to learn more about the symbolism of the stupa.  The body, speech, and mind of enlightenment is contained therein.

The Avatamsaka Sutra explains the first part of the number 108 in relation to each of the ten bhūmis:


  1. The first bhumi – the Very Joyous. In which one rejoices at realizing a partial aspect of the truth
  2. The second bhumi – the Stainless. In which one is free from all defilement
  3. The third bhumi – the Luminous. In which one radiates the light of wisdom
  4. The fourth bhumi – the Radiant. In which the radiant flame of wisdom burns away earthly desires
  5. The fifth bhumi – the Difficult to Cultivate. In which one surmounts the illusions of darkness, or ignorance as the Middle Way
  6. The sixth bhumi – the Manifest. In which supreme wisdom begins to manifest
  7. The seventh bhumi – the Gone Afar. In which one rises above the states of the Two vehicles
  8. The eighth bhumi – the Immovable. In which one dwells firmly in the truth of the Middle Way and cannot be perturbed by anything
  9. The ninth bhumi – the Good Intelligence. In which one preaches the Law freely and without restriction
  10. The tenth bhumi – the Cloud of Doctrine. In which one benefits all sentient beings with the Law (Dharma), just as a cloud sends down rain impartially on all things

The second part of the mystical number 108 explains the following eight consciousnesses  in depth:


  1. First consciousness: “Eye-consciousness”; seeing apprehended by the visual sense organs
  2. Second consciousness: “Ear-consciousness”; hearing apprehended by the auditory sense organs
  3. Third consciousness: “Nose-consciousness”; smelling apprehended through the olfactory organs
  4. Fourth consciousness: “Tongue-consciousness”; tasting perceived through the gustatory organs
  5. Fifth consciousness: “Body-consciousness”; tactile feeling apprehended through skin contact, touch
  6. Sixth consciousness: “Ideation-consciousness”; mano vijnana, the aspect of mind known in Sanskrit as the “mind monkey”; the consciousness of ideation
  7. Seventh consciousness: “Obscuration-consciousness”; manas vijnana, “obscuration”, “poison”, “enemy”, “ideation”, “moving mind”, “monkey mind” (volition); a consciousness which through apprehension, gathers the hindrances, the poisons, the karmic formations
  8. Eighth consciousness: “store-house consciousness”; alaya vijnana, also seed consciousness (bija vijnana); “the consciousness which is the basis of the other seven”. The seven prior consciousnesses are based and founded upon the eighth. It is the aggregate which administers and yields rebirth; this idea may in some respects be compared to the usage of the word “citta” in the agamas. In the early texts the sankhara-khandha plays some of the roles ascribed to the store-house consciousness by later Yogacara thinkers.

While practicing serious meditation and then going through all the dhyanas, samapattis, and samadhis one slowly purifies all their negative karmas, afflictive emotions, and cognitive obscurations which enable one to rises through the 10 levels.  At the 11th Bhumi one becomes a super-man, a fully realized being called a Buddha – the fully Awakened One.

Good Luck!


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Tibetan Medicine and Spice 4 Life

In these degenerate times, it is easy to see that our diet is getting worse and worse every year.  In America, it is clearly evident we are getting heavier; while mental and emotional disease is on the rise.  To stay ahead of the game, one must look to the causes and conditions of these problems and know exactly what method is a suitable antidote.  Whether you practice hatha yoga, vipashana meditation, or pranayama it is wise to know the root cause of physical disease and the proper method to get back to basic health and well-being.

There is a unique Master Herbalist who calls himself MH.  He has created one serious formula called the Spice 4 Life with the more advanced formula called the 2010 Longevity Spices that I have been self-experimenting with.  When you take a tablespoon of this by mouth you can sense immediately that:

  • it cleanses the lymph nodes
  • and infuses the whole body with the nutrients

Within as little as three to five days you can directly see the results that the hair and nails are revitalizing and getting stronger.  MH states that:

“Cancers and all diseases most likely ALL START when the stomach fails, I have read many times the kidneys fail first, but ODDS are the kidneys failed first because the STOMACH was adding acids to the body that over whelmed the kidney function.

This is why some of the best Professors of health from Germany many, many years ago stated to HEAL THY STOMACH and you have healed thy body.

The Japanese method of an herb drank after each meal with allot of water to expand the stomach in an attempt to revitalize it propably was not a popular idea, but according to the author, a MD, he claimed he could cure all the cancers, etc.

I also found this author mentioned in the Dr. John R. Christopher informational CD of papers never put in book form by Dr. Christopher and the ONLY proof I have ever had that it works is the Theory behind the Amish Healers Formula I call Spice 4 Life or what I have ended up with that I call Longevity Spices. The Amish Healer having the patient drink a large amount of water after each meal with a spice formula that it’s base is the herb that was used by the old Japanese MD.

“IS” it “WISE” to try to restore your health this method? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a method for those who “REFUSE” to eat correctly and would otherwise eat them selves to an early grave; it is a desperate option and this is exactly the history behind the Amish Healers theory of using such a thing. The Japanese MD never wrote anything about correct eating, etc.; he was a true believer in the herb GARLIC and even built a machine that sprayed garlic juice all over your body as a cure for all diseases, etc.”

One has to admit that this is a very interesting theory.  After self-experimenting with his formula, I did some research on what the dharma had to say about health.  In one of my favorite books, “Sky Dancer: The Secret Life and Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel” I came across a relevant passage.  It says:

“The nutrition extracted from food in the stomach passes through the “vein which seizes the distilled essence” to the liver, where it is assimilated by bile, phlegm and air (the three humours). Refined nutrition forms blood, and refined blood forms flesh while the unrefined blood forms bile.” ~ p. 248

There may be a connection between what Tibetan Medicine has discovered a long time ago and what MH is presenting today.  From a physical point of view, the stomach must heal first before one can experience proper regeneration happening before their very eyes.

There are two ways to get back to health – one homeopathic and the other abiding by nature.  Homeopathy goes against nature.  However, without first “obeying nature” it is rather difficult to know what your natural health-state really feels like.

Since the physical body is just a vessel for our spiritual development it makes sense to master it in order to have a body that functions efficiently.  With the right attitude we won’t get carried away into a sort of spiritual materialism.  Therefore, we don’t want to overdo these herbs and cleanses by grasping at the needs of the body in exclusion to enlightenment.  Nonetheless, it is still beneficial to learn to handle the body in such a way that it doesn’t become an obstacle to our practice.

The order of importance:

  1. Energy-work (ie. reiki and chi-kung) yields much quicker results than physical work alone.
  2. Mind training (shamatha) is more important than the body and energy-work alone.
  3. Advanced contemplation (vipashana) is what leads to a lasting and permanent happiness – enlightenment.

In the end, it is best to lead a simple life free from self-grasping to this physical body.  Therefore, in order to go beyond the dependency for herbs one must know what the Buddhist dharma equivalent is in relation to regenerating the body.  Under the guidance of a qualified teacher one can learn the breathwork and the proper method for this advanced type of training.  You are simply moving from outer yoga (fasting and herbs) to inner yoga (tummo-fire) practice.

If you are fortunate enough to undertake initiation and learn the yoga of inner heat (Tibetan Tummo) you have the opportunity to take care of the body with skillful means.  It will definitely strengthen the whole nervous system with single pointed concentration.  This way you are “killing two birds with one stone” by keeping the body fit as well as having a practice that progresses towards enlightenment.  I hope this inspires some people to look into this and achieve complete success on their spiritual journey.

With that said, I would encourage you to start learning what MH is doing and discover the two most important holistic doctors of the previous century: Dr. Hay and Dr. Christopher.  Even though MH gets criticized by many proud, educated people he has many PEARLS OF WISDOM to share that you will find useful.  Since he always talks about how the number 108 magically appears in his life, he seems to be inspired and guided by the Medicine Buddha himself.  He has a forum at the CureZone called: ‘Ask Barefoot Herbalist’ linked below:


Good Luck!

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