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Rebuilding with Minerals

As we move on our spiritual journey during these degenerate times, it takes a keen eye to decipher the most suitable way to live our lives.  Ideally, it is something that leads to a peaceful mind, a proper self-esteem and a genuine happiness.  Yet, it seems the more information we gather about good health, the farther we move from it.  More often than not, the right knowledge is lacking which continues to make us codependent.


An interesting fact worth noting from the DrPasswater website:

“Let me give you a very interesting statistic. In 1985, The New England Journal of Medicine published an article titled “Paleolithic Nutrition”. The authors, who had credentials as anthropologists specializing in the Paleolithic era, determined that, on average, our caveman forebears got around 11,000 mg of potassium daily and about 700 mg of sodium.” — Dr. Richard Moore

As we understand how our diet falls very short of the above ideal, this can be very discouraging especially after we calculate the daily intake of our potassium and sodium.  We know that the modern diet is filled with terrible processed foods, but many of us don’t realize how detrimental sodium can be.  Since birth, we have developed this bad habit, through no fault of our own.  And once this habitual tendency progresses into our teenage years it is often very rare for any of us to grab any fruits or vegetables to get the proper nutrients in our system.  I’ve noticed the destructive nature of our plight works in two distinct ways:

First, the lack of natural minerals in our diet becomes problematic for our skeletal, endocrine and nervous systems. Second, the addition of synthetic additives (such as MSG aka Natural Flavors) and other toxins leads to gain weight and feeling sluggish or lethargic. It’s no wonder the average person would totally give up on the task of losing weight and experiencing their natural health with is everyone’s birth right.

We could complain all day and night but that will really not change our condition.  So, whether we think this is a terrible thing that society has done to us is not the point.  We must rise about that.  A better way to look at it is this: Now we have an opportunity to gain more knowledge (of a correct and incorrect diet) and do something about it.  We are put on this earth, just at this time so that we can learn and perfect ourselves.  And we have a choice.  We can either spiral out of control and just live our lives with these terrible addictions & cravings or learn from our parents mistakes and help our children who are the next generation to live better.

In relation to food, these addictions come in two categories.  These are: salt-cravings and chocolate-addiction.  When we are young, it doesn’t really matter much to us.  We enjoy life in the moment.  However, as we get older we begin to see the detrimental side-effects of these devious and mindless bad habits.  No matter how delicious these foods are and no matter how necessary our mind tells us these little pleasures give us; there is a consequence to disregarding the laws of nature.

With weight-gain and depression more pronounced these days, wouldn’t it be nice to know the root cause of our problems and have an easy solution?

We have to begin somewhere.  On the physical level alone, there is a path to follow and a way to attack the problem.  Rather than sleeping for hours during the day time and hiding under the covers try gaining this knowledge.  Rather than getting your stomach stapled try this protocol.  Rather than getting liposuction try getting to the root cause for achieving essential health.

Dharma knowledge:

When studying the dharma in a serious way, we may be blessed to find some old and rare scriptural text.  These holy texts, translated into new and pristine books may come into our hand by the blessings of those  accomplished masters that have compassion for all sentient beings in this world that are lost and suffering.  We are then afforded an opportunity to be graced with certain knowledge that past masters whose spiritual discipline sheds light on our difficult situation.  The one simple and powerful truth, when really seen, is quite wonderful to behold.  Usually it’s something so simple that many will pass it up without discerning what benefits are within the tiny seed hidden within one line of text.

It has been passed down through the ages that there are special foods that a yogin eats while practicing austerities on the spiritual path.  To those that wish to benefit everyone equally, our bodies need nourishment to sustain ourselves till the end of the quest.  So, it would make sense to explain a little about which foods have the best nutrients.  I suspect, the key to health has already been categorized by the Indian or Tibetan sages as three sweets.  And MH has discussed this (on his Forum) to some extent and from his own perspective outside the traditional path laid down by the great Mahasiddhas.

The three sweets are classified as: honey, molasses and sugar.  These three forms of food, when researched properly, in a scientific or esoteric way… show that the properties inherent inside are quite abundant with a complete range of minerals that the body does extremely well with in rebuilding the body to function effectively.  Here is a clear indication, from our Master Herbalist, the types of minerals he believes are the best nature has to offer us:

“Maple Syrup is the best, Sorghum is next, unless you could find cane sugar turned to black strap with out making it taste nasty. Fruits are sweet sugars and maple syrup is sweet tree and sorghum is sweet molasses.” — MH


For those that follow MH over the years knows that he favors Sorghum over Black-Strap Molasses.  Yet, I have concluded that Black-Strap Molasses has a distinct advantage over Sorghum; namely having more potassium and magnesium.

Black-Strap Molasses and Maple Syrup could quite well be are missing key to our basic health and survival.

For me, Black-Strap Molasses feels like it has more potency than sorghum. When we look at the science, the nutritional charts prove Black-Strap Molasses has a greater quantity of potassium and magnesium.  Whatever the differences, these two minerals are the basic building blocks necessary for balancing the immense salt problem we have today while diminishing these unstoppable cravings.  On a physical level, it gives us the most nutrients needed for rebuilding and repairing our worn out hair, skin, nails and bones.  On an emotional level, it can help greatly with depression and the cold-disease (of a weak nervous system) that plagues a lot of us in this modern society.

The Experiment:

Recently, I took up to self-experimenting once again.  I still have no interest in fasting or altering my diet in any way.  So, I kept it quite simple.  I started adding a few tablespoons of Maple Syrup each day.  After only two days with this regimen, there were some remarkable results that I only found while fasting and holding to a vegan diet.


While taking two or more tablespoons of Maple Syrup daily, I noticed that the craving for salt was lessened to a considerable extent.  I no longer craved salt as ravenously as I would over the past several years.  Having the knowledge that consuming too much salt causes weight-gain is quite a daunting thing to hear.  And as my research deepened, realizing that excess salt can increase the risk of developing cancer later in life is a shocking thing to discover.  Having this knowledge is good, but not having the will-power to do anything about it is disturbing.  MH, the Master Herbalist, tells us:


So, for me… after building a foundation on taking in natural-minerals solely with Maple Syrup has yielded some amazing benefits.  Whenever a slight craving for some salty-food would kick in, instead of eating a whole bag of chips, I just ate a smaller portion.  Having this basic support of natural-minerals made all the difference.


Having this abundantly within my body, it was easier to move away from addiction.  It was a natural will-power and not something forced.  I was pleased to feel more in control and not having to deny myself any sort of fun – (eating some salty snacks without total abstinence) allowed me to feel content while not having to be stoic and rigid day-by-day.  MH goes on to tell us:



Later, as I added Black-Strap Molasses to my diet it would help decrease the cravings for chocolate.  Now, this protocol is unique because there is no sense of loss or deprivation.  Certainly, you can eat chips or chocolate at any time because the key is getting the proper ratios to salt and potassium under your control.  Over time, you will be pleased as you observe the natural will-power that develops with just a few tablespoons of Molasses and Maple Syrup on a daily basis.

From Health Impact News website:

“The ‘master mineral’ magnesium, which is involved with over 300 cellular metabolic processes, some vital for heart health. It also assists absorption of calcium into bone matter, which molasses also abundantly contains.” – Paul Fassa

Since our bodies need large quantities of magnesium to help absorb and utilize calcium,  this greatly assists in the development of bone structure & strength.  Comparing the nutritional charts to Maple Syrup, Black-Strap Molasses has a much higher quantity of magnesium.  MH goes on to explain:

“I HAVE SEEN AMISH THAT MAKE MOLASSES PROVE THIS AS FACT. They have NEVER EVER brushed their teeth for 3 generations and their teeth are perfectly white, fully developed jaws that keep their molars for life.” — MH


Our Master Herbalist tells us that his greatest dental book ever written was in a Molasses book. The book claimed that if you raise your child on Molasses every day of their life, they would not have tooth decay.  MH says, “The book claims 1 tablespoon per day per child for LIFE!”  Furthermore, looking at the root cause of things, the most important point is the relation to the mother and child.

What if the mother took molasses every day while she was pregnant?

“The author of a molasses book states that if the mother consumes molasses, her child will be fully developed, it states if the child consumes molasses daily, it will never have a tooth decay.”– MH

We can infer, and I totally believe it to be correct, that the baby would naturally benefit in such a deep way.


I know of a community of Amish that make and raise their children/family on daily SORGHUM and I have seen their teeth and they are all SNOW WHITE. They tell me they have not used tooth brushes for 3 generations, they don’t need to!” — MH

MH further elaborates, “These poor Amish are barefoot, walk in goose /chicken poop everyday, they do not bathe….they do not wash diapers, they shake them out, hang them up and reuse them…in simple words, they are the dirtiest Amish you can find…..YET, their teeth are PERFECT!”

Signs of Health:

So when working on yourself, you just need to pay attention to the proper signs inside and outside of your body.  If you were to embark on a similar journey then by all means take the necessary precautions and responsibility while gathering all the knowledge you can.  We know that MH doesn’t value vitamins as they are a synthetic product.  And if we were to already be doing other herbs, you would have no scientific-control or criteria to determine what is creating the effects in your body.

Therefore, STOP taking all extraneous herbal products and vitamins.  Just try one or two tablespoons of Maple Syrup each morning and night.  See what happens and how you feel.  Try that for a week.  See how that affects your skin, your hair, and teeth.


Then try taking one or two tablespoons of Molasses daily.  Go slow…perhaps your body might only be able to take a teaspoon or half a teaspoon.  Only you know best.  After doing this, you may experience some or all of the following results:

  1. Hair becoming less dry and more rich, losing grey hairs, hair growth
  2. Nails becoming more clear and rosy
  3. teeth stronger, whiter, gums healing
  4. skin clearing up, wrinkles shrinking and scars begin to dissolve
  5. Not feeling so cold, body temperature normalizing
  6. Feeling like one can stand strong as an adult, spinal health, structure stronger
  7. Addiction to salt becoming less and less
  8. Cravings for chocolate diminishing

And if you are new to all this natural-healing lifestyle, it is quite possible to see absolutely no results at all.  Therefore, if that is where you are at, and you are interested in having better health, then you would follow the other protocols such as: a liver flush, a parasite cleanse, and later complete a 7, 14, or 21-day OJ fast.  This blog has tons of articles to explain MH’s theories much easier to understand.  Just type in a search word in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

And remember, the protocols for doing these cleanses will help you successfully navigate life’s hardships and one day experience your perfected natural-state of being.

Let me know how it works for you.  Post a comment.

Light & love,


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One cure, cures all

MH, the master herbalist, at the Ask Barefoot Herbalist forum, often repeats the phrase that “one cure, cures all” regarding illness.  This means the root cause of disease can be eliminated by abiding by the Laws of Nature rather than going against it.

And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” — Genesis 1:29

If you seek to “obey nature” you can rest assure that nature will always guide you towards the truth.  If you obey man, more often than not, you will discover their agenda doesn’t always have your best interest at heart as they profit at your expense.

The problem we have in discovering the truth to health is: western medicine will help you manage the just the symptoms and achieve only a temporary result.  On the other extreme, with naturopathic care you end up moving from one fad to the next because it is popular or seems appealing.  The problem with following the hype is, you end up wasting thousands of dollars on each and every method without seeing any long-term benefit.

As you come to follow the middle path, between western medicine and naturopathic remedies, you can begin to achieve results once you KNOW the protocols for health.  When you experience real health for the first time it becomes your solid foundation for life and you can NEVER be fooled again by any scam artist.  No doubt the majority of people will be critical towards you.  Nonetheless, no one can change your mind once you have known the truth.  Let them have their opinion.  These simple truths are self-evident.

Achieving results on the OJ fast are as follows:

  • 14 days gives you 5X more new red blood cells
  • 21 days will repair and regenerate all new organs
  • 40 days allows the skin to expel their hidden acids

FOUR STEPS: to authentic health

If you are going to be on a health program you should know the proper steps involved.  The first step is doing three liver flushes before you attempt the OJ fast.  This is done in two or three week increments.  Dr. Hulda Clark’s liver flush has been workable and seen to get repeated results.  She has been known to sell her brand of dewormer but MH’s dewormer is cheaper and superior on so many levels.  The protocol is to take the Dewormer every day for seven days.  Then on the last day you are ready to perform the liver flush.  Remember to lie on your left side and not your right as it is much gentler on your body and the flow of gallstones will improve.  If you fail to deworm for the full seven days prior to the liver flush you will NOT get results of removing any gallstones.  The recipe can be found here:  Liver Cleanse

One important tip while working with Dr. Clark’s Liver flush recipe is add lots and lots of extra honey to make the awful taste of epsom salts and grapefruit juice more palatable.

The second step one must do is purchase a good water-distiller.  Most are fairly cheap and run in the $100 – $150 dollar range.  This is so important for chelation purposes and shouldn’t be avoided because good water is needed on daily basis.  Having fresh water without it being tainted by chemicals or metals is of primary importance.  The negative criticism about drinking distilled water can be summed up that it leaches out minerals from the body and therefore we should avoid using it.  This is a myth and simply not true.  Only non-organic minerals are removed from your system which is what you want for good health to be restored.

The third step is to become thoroughly educated and research more and more until you actually gain some confidence to achieve health, wholeness and well-being.  The best place to start is reading MH’s 108 page book and Dr. William Howard Hay’s book Health via Food.  Back in the 1930s, Dr. Hay was a western doctor who became sick with dropsy.  It was an incurable condition at the time and he had no way out other than to do as he often advised his patients to ‘write out his will’.  Nonetheless, he was intelligent and resourceful enough to discover what the ancient monks would always resort to when ill – and that was fasting.  He tested everything out scientifically and afterwards developed the 14 day OJ fast protocol.  Later, he quit his ordinary job and set up a seminary where he was able to cure 60,000 cases over the course of his life.

The last step is, once you are fully confident, decide on doing either a 7, 14, or 21 day OJ fast.  Get ready to squeeze 8 oranges a day for the duration.  You are advised to eat 20 almonds a day so that your muscles don’t atrophy like Ghandi.  With the almonds in your system, you are given enough protein to repair your muscles.  At the very least, one is not bed-ridden and most everyone can continue with ordinary tasks and keep up their current work schedule.  Some went as far as including a weight lifting program or exercise routine.

MH would go on to tell us that there is a timeline when you can expect to see specific results:

  • 14 days will create NEW BLOOD
  • 21 days will give you a brand NEW HEART
  • 35 days will regenerate NEW SKIN
  • 40 days will rebuild you a NEW LIVER

On this type of fast you can drink all the distilled water that your body may need.  You can even add other liquids such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses to gain the necessary minerals your body needs to sustain and repair your body throughout the fast.

I find if your muscles become fatigued a tablespoon of honey will give you the strength you need.  If you are craving pizza then take a tablespoon of olive oil and that will do the trick.  If you begin craving chocolate then some spirulina or wheat grass will give you the b-vitamins to satisfy you until you come back into balance.

The Dr. Hay Rule while fasting is to have one bowel movement per day which is absolutely necessary or else toxemia will set in.

IMPORTANT: You need to decide on the daily enema or the herbal formula known as the LBB (lower bowel balance) to successfully complete any type of fast.  Either one will assist your body to move the toxins DOWN and OUT the toilet.

After the completion of an extended OJ fast you will be able to discern the BASIS of health that is right for you.  Now, whenever you are sick you can rely on a 3-day OJ fast and allow your body to remove the toxins the proper way – down and out your body.

Good luck!


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Conscious Parenting

It’s hard to imagine what highly evolved spiritual beings would want to incarnate into today’s world.  They would have to be very brave indeed to be born in these degenerate times.  Presently, we are fortunate to have the Barefoot Herbalist to rely on for proper health.  He has one main axiom which is: “One cure, cures all.”

He states that stagnation or constipation is the root cause of physical disease.  Once this is thoroughly understood and accepted then one can begin applying the proper antidotes for better health.

The image of the caduceus medical symbol to the right is a clue for health.  It represents the central channel in the middle and the left and right channels to the sides.  This is the structure of the autonomic nervous system seen from a spiritual point of view.

Once the central-nerve is open and the energy or blood circulates freely through that meridian, then one can truly say the nervous-system is healed and strong.  As the Barefoot Herbalist tells us – circulation is key.

On a physical level, some of the proper ways to increase circulation are Herbs, the Liver Flush, the Sitz bath, and Rebounding.  On an energetic level, some of the recommendations to increase circulation are Reiki, Chi-kung, and Pranayama.

Family planning:

If you are planning on having a child it would be wise to compare and view these two births.  The first video is a normal Medical birth that on the surface seems fine.  But, to a highly trained eye is much too invasive for the baby’s delicate body and nervous-system to handle.  The second video is a Natural Water birth which is only a five minute video that will evoke your emotions.

If we have suffered greatly in our own life we would naturally come to the conclusion that we don’t want our own children to suffer.

The video will make you teary-eyed since we never realized that birthing could be so beautiful.  It is sad and disappointing that televised births have really conditioned our minds to fear this as something that is extremely painful.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Preventative care:

How do we get past our deep fears since doctors tell us one thing and alternative medicine doesn’t have a clear road-map for good and proper health? 

Finding the truth about health is nearly impossible since everyone has a vested interest in getting rich.  Of course, not everyone is bad person but most have an incomplete understanding.  It’s a tough world we live in when people don’t live with a proper code of honor and don’t take the time to investigate the root causes of disease.  However, we are fortunate right now that two Master Herbalists on the CureZone website.  They have voiced their views and methods to natural living and get results with preventative care.

The first is MH – the Barefoot Herbalist and the other is Dr. Mom.  They are both Dr. Christopher trained who is considered to be the father of modern herbal medicine.  If you want a female perspective, from a mother of fifteen and grandmother of thirty-seven, then Dr. Mom is a good choice.  If you want a male perspective, who is bold and isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, then MH is the one to look at.  Both are controversial figures to those whose opinions are set in stone.  However, if you are rational person and willing to follow the correct PRINCIPLES to health, you will discover a way of life that will benefit you and your family.

About Immunizations:

Are vaccines causing drastic health problems?

It’s up to you to do the research and make an educated decision.  Most of us healers don’t object to homeopathic methods in healing.  What we object to are the heavy base metals and animal bi-products that can cause damage to the nervous-system and deterioration of the mind found in modern vaccines.

A new study suggests about 1 in 38 children have traits of autism, higher than a previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 100.

In my experience, in the classroom for over fourteen years, and seeing thousands and thousands of different children; I have never met one that was innately joyful and whole.  Only a few years ago do I remember meeting one boy on retreat who was about eight at the time.  It was amazing to see someone so naturally happy at his age.  Later on, I asked the mom if he was vaccinated.  She went on to explain that he wasn’t vaccinated at birth but at age four he was.  I thought that was quite remarkable.  It would seem that once the body is much older, a child’s nervous-system is strong enough to handle any of life’s difficulties with ease.

Compassionate Mothers:

Lastly, in honor and dedication to my own parents I wanted to share what the Buddha had to say about how much love mothers really do have for bearing and raising children:

“For ten months while the mother is with child, she feels discomfort each time she rises, as if she were lifting a heavy burden. Like a chronic invalid, she is unable to keep her food and drink down. When the ten months have passed and the time comes for the birth, she undergoes all kinds of pain and suffering so that the child can be born. She is afraid of her own mortality, like a pig or lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Then the blood flows all over the ground. These are the sufferings she undergo.”

“Once the child is born, she saves what is sweet for him and swallows what is bitter herself. She carries the child and nourishes it, washing away its filth. There is no toil or difficulty that she does not willingly undertake for the sake of her child. She endures both cold and heat and never even mentions what she has gone through. She gives the dry place to her child and sleeps in the damp herself. For three years she nourishes the baby with milk, which is transformed from the blood of her own body.”

You can read the whole sutra here: The Filial Piety Sutra

If you are already an expecting mom you can click here: proper prenatal care to find more information to help you on your way.  If it is already too late, then just click on my home page and learn some of the basic antidotes to get your child back to normal, functional health.


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