Happy New Year

Now that the new year is in, we have a chance to make things right.  If we believe in karma and a higher power then all of our many goals and aspirations can be heard by these realized beings through our prayer.

Since we never know when we are going to pass away, it is important to create some sort of virtue and merit so that wisdom may dawn in our mind-stream before it is too late.

…here is an email I got today from the Jnanasukha sangha.  With such perfect words, from one of the most highly realized masters of the last century, it certainly strikes the essential point:


happy new year


Now that your spiritual connection has been forged,
Achieve your eternal goals.

Strive on the sole path of all the victorious ones’ heirs:
Generate compassion and the mind of awakening.

The view is the great emptiness of samsara and enlightenment.
Concluding that your own awareness is the unformulated dharmakaya is the sovereign view.

Meditation is to settle unconcerned
Within unfabricated present awareness,

Unfettered by grasping,
Take as the supreme kind of conduct
Not to fall under the negative influence of carelessness
But to have your acts accord with the Dharma.

Be diligent in undistracted practice.

Wisdom Nectar: Dudjom Rinpoche’s Heart Advice.
Snow Lion Publications 2005.

Light & Love


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