meaning of life

Dalai Lama skiing
The Dalai Lama on a chairlift in the mountains of New Mexico, April 1991.

As we finished, a young waitress with tangled, dirty-blond hair and a beaded headband began clearing our table.  She stopped to listen to the conversation and finally sat down, abandoning her work.  After a while, when there was a pause, she spoke to the Dalai Lama.  “You didn’t like your cookie?”

“Not hungry, thank you.”

“Can I, um, ask a question?”


She spoke with complete seriousness.  “What is the meaning of life?”

In my entire week with the Dalai Lama, every conceivable question had been asked—except this one.  People had been afraid to ask the one—the really big—question.  There was a brief, stunned silence at the table.

The Dalai Lama answered immediately.  “The meaning of life is happiness.”  He raised his finger, leaning forward, focusing on her as if she were the only person in the world.  “Hard question is not, ‘What is meaning of life?’  That is easy question to answer!  No, hard question is what make happiness.  Money?  Big house?  Accomplishment?  Friends?  Or …”

He paused.  “Compassion and good heart?”

This is question all human beings must try to answer:  “What make true happiness?”  He gave this last question a peculiar emphasis and then fell silent, gazing at her with a smile.

For the whole article click here:  The Dalai Lama’s Ski Trip


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