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While watching TV the other night there was a special on medical marijuana to treat children with epilepsy.  Epilepsy is not a new disease.  The oldest known detailed record was discovered over 3000 years ago.  It’s a fact that the disorder itself was found in Babylonian cuneiform medical text from 1067–1046 BCE.   So, I wondered if this news program was a way to engender sympathy to get the laws changed in more states much sooner.

We normally think of Charlotte’s Web as a classic piece of children’s fiction, but it is also the name of one of the most coveted medical marijuana strains that is being used to treat children with epilepsy.

Charlotte’s Web is now a strain of medical marijuana processed into a marijuana extract that is high in cannabidiol (CBD) content.  It is sometimes referred to as Realm Oil or Alepsia.  The good part about it is that it does not induce the “psychoactive high” typically associated with recreational marijuana use.

Medical solution:

As Charlotte was young and developing with her twin sister; everything seemed normal.  She was talking and walking the same day as her twin.  Charlotte was 3 months old when she first began having seizures.  As time went on, her condition grew worse.  According to the CNN article:

“The medications were also taking a toll.  She was on seven drugs — some of them heavy-duty, addictive ones such as barbiturates and benzodiazepines.”

As we know, it is common when following medical that there are often serious side-effects with their drugs.  Figis tells us that, “They’d work for a while, but the seizures always came back with a vengeance.”

Alternative medical:

Charlotte got off the medical prescription in favor of an alternative treatment.  She received medical marijuana and these were the results:

According to Paige Figi, her daughter Charlotte seizures fell from 300 a week to around 3 over an 8 month period.

Charlotte is now six years old and living better.  Her seizures only happen two to three times per month, almost solely in her sleep.  Not only is she walking, she is riding her bicycle.  She feeds herself and is talking more each day.  From a certain point of view, this seems wonderful and a successful case.

But, is that good enough?

Knowing that she has two or three seizures a month tells me that it was only a partial solution.  Of course, it yields much better results than taking barbiturates.  Parents need to know the root cause of disease and then treat their child holistically.  It must occur on many levels, which means, diet change as well as regenerating the nerves of the physical body and brain.  Regenerating the nerves is the sole province of yoga, tai-chi, Feldenkrais Therapy and other healing modalities.

Holistic treatment:

I quickly googled Dr. Christopher to see what he would have done back in the day.  Dr. Chistopher talks about his experience in discovering the anti-spasmadic formula to help his epileptic patients:

One night I sat alone in my office, after all my patients had left for the day, wondering why I was not getting the results with this boy as I had with others with the same condition.  I realized that I needed “help” and so I prayed earnestly that something could be done for this child and after some time of praying and meditating an “idea” for a “formula” of herbs for nerves came to my mind.

“I quickly wrote down: blue cohosh, black cohosh, blue vervain, scullcap, and lobelia in a 90 proof tincture.  I immediately went to the lab we had out in back of the office, and made up the tincture.  When this formula was given to the epileptic boy patient, there was an immediate reaction, and before long, he showed great improvement.” — Dr. Christopher

MH information:

Then I did some research on what MH had posted many years ago on his forum.

“Epilepsy in my experience is caused by drugs such as are found in mountain dew, Dialantin, etc. and of course damage to the head.” — MH

MH believes that Lobelia would not be an aid, but that lobelia always works best when used in a herbal formula.  With the symptom of seizures we need to find the root cause and then a solution may be found.  He suggests that epilepsy is a drug induced disease and not a natural thing.

“The stupid MD then puts the child on dilantin to stop future seizures which also ensures the child is addicted for life and can’t easily ever get off the drug, because the drug will cause anyone to have seizures if they take it and then try to get off it.  At least that was the way it was 20 years ago when I knew of a person in the same situation and the side effects are terrible, etc.” — MH

He advices that Lecithin would be great idea in healing the brain.  Of course olive oil or coconut oil work on the same principle.   He suggests that B&B herbal formula, NO DENTAL METALS of any kind, no vitamins or other metalic sources.  And of course we should all make pure water that is home made distilled.

“Often a child will roll out of bed and hit their head and have a seizure or actually had a seizure in bed and ended up on the floor hitting their head, etc….” — MH

MH strictly advices that, “The drugs have to go!  Nothing much will change as long as the person is doped.  Up until the drugs go, naturally all the correct foods/no toxins would allow the body to heal as much as possible.  The main problem is always the person is scared to death to ever get drug free and work to correct the problem.  If they drink pop, drink sugar free, etc. there is probably no helping them.”


Dr. Christopher received an Herbal Pharmacist degree under the renowned Dr. Edward Shook.  Dr. Shook related a case wherein a young girl was brought to him with a longstanding case of epilepsy.  She had suffered various injuries during her attacks.  Shook made a strong decoction of Black Cohosh, blue gentian and valerian root, expecting immediate results, but the seizures continued.

“Shook then consulted an old herbalist, who informed him that only alcohol could extract the antispasmodic values from Black Cohosh.  The parents tried the tincture, given here, and the seizures gradually decreased from up to thirty in one day to nearly none after six months.”

I believe that alcohol was the factor that helped move the herbs quickly into the lymphatic system in order to cross the blood-brain barrier to reach proper areas of the brain.  The old formula was called B&B Tincture back in the day.   So now you can choose what to do based on the above facts rather than being in the dark about what consists of real and authentic health for our precious children.

hope that helps!


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