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The following is an alternative method that shows promise in healing Acquired Brain Injury or ABI for short.  We all have heard of famous boxers or rugby players who have serious medical problems because of repeated concussions.  Severe concussions can happen after a bad blow to the head leads to lasting pain that inhibits normal functioning.

If the brain is seriously injured, someone could experience major problems with movement, learning, or speaking.  Since a concussion or brain injury can happen anywhere, from the football field to a car accident, the information here needs to be spread far and wide.  According to the kidshealth website:

“Every year, more than 400,000 kids are sent to the emergency department for serious brain injuries.  Injuries from car crashes, playgrounds, or sports are the most common ways that kids get concussions.”

Most of the time, after a mild head injury, people return to normal.  However, getting a concussion repeatedly can lead to more serious problems.  While we are waiting for medical to find a cure and smoking marijuana goes against our ethics, there are a few healing modalities like cranial-sacral therapy or this water pillow therapy that show promising results.  Here is one article that one of the poster’s from the CureZone wrote in relation to his brain trauma.  I modified it slightly to make it easier to read:

Alternative Method:

I incurred what doctors called a ‘mild’ injury to the brain after hitting my head, twice, during a fall.  The ‘mild’ injury completely ruined my life.  I had constant headache, a ‘foggy’ head, difficulties in speaking, ordering my thoughts, adding simple numerics, managing my affairs.  I couldn’t make a cup of tea.


I find many people, who have an Acquired Brain Injury, have no interest in trying to improve the symptoms with self-treatment.  They usually tell me they’ll only take things recommended by their doctor or other medical professionals.  They also tell me, usually, that their doctor told them there is no treatment for an ABI.

Upon learning I had an injury to the brain, and pondering upon the best course of action, I asked myself:

If the brain can grow new cells, new brain tissue – and thus, potentially, recover partially or fully – what do I need to do, eat, take, in order to create the right conditions for this new cell growth to happen?


I often wonder if any funding is given to the research of treatments for brain injury, other than for treatment during the first hours and weeks after the injury is incurred.  Western medicine is saving many lives, but it seems it is only now beginning to discover a very important thing: the brain can grow new cells at any age, at any time, given the right conditions.  I already knew that, and I hadn’t realized it was a radical idea.  I thought everybody knew that the brain grows and changes.

When I learned I had a brain injury, I began treating the injury with anything I could think of, to reduce the trauma to the brain and to encourage growth and repair of brain tissue.  My symptoms began to improve immediately, and they continue to improve.  Some things work for me, some things don’t.  My goal is 100% recovery.


The first treatment I tried was what I now call Water Pillow Therapy.  The results were astounding and instantaneous.  I was exhilarated and very relieved to have found a simple way to reduce the trauma and the shock that my brain was carrying since the accident.

I found I needed to repeat the therapy as often as possible, and that improvement was gradual.  After about six months of lying with my head on a water pillow, for at least half an hour each session, on as many days as I could, my aphasia (speech problems and word problems) was almost completely gone, and all my other symptoms also improved dramatically.  I no longer staggered when I walked.

I then slept with a ‘water pillow’ on top of my usual pillow, (and with a blanket or cloth on top of the water pillow, as the water pillow was too cold to be directly under my head) every night for more than five years.

Water Pillow Therapy is perhaps the easiest and most fundamental treatment for a Traumatic Brain Injury.  For me, six months of doing this treatment every day for at least 30 minutes cured the staggering, slurred speech, aphasia, inability to count numbers, double vision, unreasonable anger, moodiness, frustration, depression and dyslexia caused by my brain injury

The gradual dissipation of these dreadful symptoms was like being let out of prison.  A relief beyond description.

Water Pillow Therapy was suggested to me by a friend who had played rugby while at school and who said that this treatment was used for any player who incurred a concussion during a match.  Quite simply, the coach would lead the player to the side of the pitch and make him lie down with his head resting on a half-empty pillow/bag filled with fluid, for at least 20 minutes.  This would ensure that the concussion was healed, or almost healed, and that there would be no permanent injury.

The “trauma vibrations” would pass from the concussed player’s head to the pool of fluid upon which the head lay.  A physics graduate told me that this is a principle of physics.  Vibrations will pass from one pool of liquid to another pool of liquid placed next to it.

The brain floats in fluid, so it stands to reason that putting another pool of fluid next to the brain might enable the brain to pass accumulated trauma vibrations to the other pool of fluid/liquid.

I did not believe my friend’s story about water pillows fixing head injuries.  After several months of repeatedly suggesting this remedy to me, he said to me, “Why don’t you just try it?  What have you got to lose?  It will cost you less than $10.”

The method:

So, I tried the Water Pillow Therapy: I bought a box of wine, removed the inner “bladder” from the box, emptied about half of the wine and lay in a quiet room with my head on the half-empty “bladder”.  (I put the “bladder” on top of my usual pillow, then a folded towel on top of the “bladder” which felt very cold, too cold for me to place my head on it directly.)

I tried to relax and to just let my brain do whatever it wanted to do.  I could feel my brain “swinging” from side to side, in a most unstable way.  It felt like a lump of hard jelly swishing back and forth in a washtub.  I just let my eyes go where they wanted.  They swung from side to side, with the brain.  I just allowed this to happen.

After about 10 minutes, my brain became still.  It was like a pendulum that had swung from side to side, gradually getting slower, and gradually swinging a smaller distance to each side, until it came to a standstill in the center of its field of movement.

When my brain came to a gentle stop, in the “center”, my head cleared instantly, and my brain began to “load in” information and to “wake up”.  I just let it do what it wanted.  I just observed.  My eyes went from left to right, then down, and from left to right again, as if they were quickly reading loads of written information on a page.  Line after line, down the page.  I just let this happen.

The result:

Eventually, my eyes began to focus on distant points on the ceiling, then on points near and far.  It was as if they were remembering all the things they could do, and running through a test program, doing those things.

My head felt remarkably clear.  I was a bit stunned.  I could not believe this was happening.  It was exciting and overwhelming.  I felt I had gotten my brain back.  I just lay there and let it happen.  I didn’t want to interrupt the “re-boot” my brain was doing.

Lots more happened.  All of it beneficial.

When I finally stood up, after about 30 minutes, my whole body sort of screamed in protest.  My brain only felt good when lying perfectly still, cushioned by the water pillow.  From that day onward, I began to use the water pillow.  Every single symptom of my brain injury began to improve.



UPDATE: For ease of use and no fear of spilling wine on your rug or bedspread they sell the MediFlow Elite Water Pillow on Amazon.  If you want a really good night’s sleep I highly recommend it.  The water in the pillow causes the head to experience wonderful micro-movements that gently oscillate the nerves up and down your spine so your muscles don’t tense up. It sort of feels like a mini cranial-sacral healing session.

Hope that helps!


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