The Parasite Cleanse

As I read the Curezone forums, the biggest tragedy I see in cleansing are the same mistakes being made over and over.  I have gone down the wrong path before and literally lost thousands of dollars being FOOLED and LIED to by trash products and improper protocols for health.  The key to any parasite cleanse is watching how your body reacts to the powerful medication or herbal supplement you are taking.  Whenever you are doing a detox program watch for the dreaded Herxheimer Reaction.

The Herxheimer Reaction is a reaction to endotoxins released by the death of harmful organisms within the body.  It usually manifests within a few hours of taking a powerful herb or antibiotic as fever, chills, hypotension, headache, hyperventilation, muscle pain, skin breakouts and anxiety.

If you use one prescription medication or one herbal supplement without having a way to PUSH the toxins DOWN and OUT you will be in a big mess.  In the past, I noticed this Herxheimer Reaction in the form of anger and irritability followed by hunger pangs when trying to rid myself mainly of parasites.  The same thing occurred, but to a lesser extent, when focusing solely on candida.

Here is something I posted before so you can get an idea what happens when we cleanse the wrong way and then the right way.  When we have success it should be duplicatable for everyone.  Just know that the PROTOCOL for combating either candida or parasites is the same.  Here is my experience when the focus was basically removing excess candida.  They don’t teach you this upfront.

My experience:

In spring of 2005 I finished my own 21 day OJ Fast.  Before the fast, I started out at weighing 198 lbs and lethargic and withdrawing from life.  Before I came to the Ask Barefoot Herbalist Forum, I didn’t understand the correct guiding PRINCIPLES to health.

At first, I had the mindset of combating candida directly with powerful herbs.  It was a good fight for the first seven days or so but after that it was a losing battle.  I was happy that I had lost ten-pounds trying to destroy candida and I had assumed I was doing the right thing.  However, I could NEVER really lose any more weight than that, in all my attempts.

Now I was at 188-pounds but wanted to perfect my health even further.  After a certain point, because this detoxification process would occur too quickly, there was a Herxheimer Reaction.

This means the rapid die-off of the candida would lead to binging on the foods that contributed to the over-growth of the fungus or yeast in the first place.  After experiencing much irritability and then feeling hunger pangs, I would eat the wrong foods such as breads and chocolate and gain weight.  This would repeat itself over and over.  I would drop ten-pounds then gain four-pounds back.  It was as if there was this BIG wall that I couldn’t pass through.  The wall for me was 188 pounds.

The problem:

The consumer market has taken advantage of the population not knowing any better.  You take a product to fight candida…you see yourself losing weight or your skin clearing up… and you feel better temporarily.  You are happy at first but about seven to ten days later the body reacts wildly because the bacteria and parasites don’t want to die.  This is their defense mechanism.  You stop the product and feel better.  The next time you get sick you take the medicine again in an attempt to kill your candida.

It works for a few days and then the die-off rate is too fast.  Your body and mind react harshly and you reach for that candy-bar.  This “swing pattern” happens when you go to the extreme.  You cleanse to an extreme point and then binge.

Just before you indulge on something you feel extremely irritable.  Once you can’t take it anymore, you impulsively reach for all the wrong foods in order to feel better.  What can you do to stop this habitual process?  You have to be skillful.  First, you have to learn the reason why this happen then apply the right antidote to correct this pattern.

The solution:

After learning how to do the Liver Flush the right way and Deworming for 30 days in a row I was feeling healthier and down to 183 pounds.  I did about six liver flushes.  The first three times were done wrong.  Dr. Clark told everyone that they should lay on their right side.  This was also wrong.  Laying on my right side would cause pain.  The stones could not roll out easily due to the pressure and contraction of the body’s weight against the liver.

The last three liver-flushes were done correctly because I followed the Barefoot Herbalist’s protocol and Dewormed prior to the liver-flush for seven days straight.  I released quite a lot of gall-stones following MH’s advice:

– Without Deworming for seven days prior to the liver-flush you will NOT get any stones out.
– The proper way to rest after drinking the liver-flush formula is lying on the left side.

This time I felt absolutely terrific.  The stones came rolling out effortlessly.  Now, it felt as if there was a huge open channel between my liver and stomach.  These two organs were now working in a synchronous union that never occurred before.  With more space to digest, the flow of energy was really wonderful.

The combination of performing the liver-flush correctly, Deworming for 30 days, and the LBB (Lower Bowel Balance) would PUSH the toxins down and out.  I was becoming more confident as I got beneficial results.

The Barefoot Herbalist’s method could be trusted.  So I attempted the 21 day fast.  Each day I lost weight as the mud and toxins went DOWN and OUT the body.  I lost one pound per day for a total of 21 pounds.  I was down to 162-pounds at the end of that fast.  For nine months I kept up the proper food-combining protocols and the LBB capsules to heal and assist the digestive process.


One of the biggest mistakes is trying psyllium based products to increase colon health.  We all read the product description of how important fiber is.  We get excited and try a regimen and never understand that the information we receive is only a partial truth.  In the end, we realize how we have been duped and basically lied to just for a sale.  We never put two and two together before it is too late.

Usually we throw the product away rather than returning an open bottle and demanding our money back.  That is what the seller counts on for most of his sales.  And if you object he is ready to sell you something else.  Just remember that if you put Psyllium in water, you will notice after a few minutes it will turn into a gel.  If it is sticky like that imagine what it does to your insides!

“Dr. John R. Christopher teaches (his school) that Psyllium Fiber will “destroy” your colon health.  PITCH EVERY PRODUCT with Psyllium Fiber.  Dr. Christopher also stated that the Psyllium Fiber actually scratches the colon and can make it bleed and cause infections/parasites.” — MH

Colon health:

It is said that, “Death begins in the colon.”  Therefore, creating CIRCULATION is one of the key principles to understand and eventually master.  One of the greatest herbal supplements in these modern times has to be the Lower Bowel Balance.  Yet it is often overlooked by most people.  The LBB Formula was originated in Germany and utilized by Dr. Christopher and today modified and improved upon by MH, the Barefoot Herbalist.

The LBB Formula is designed to assist our body in removing toxins out each of the five elimination channels.  The five primary channels of elimination are the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.  Cascara was added for the colon health, lobelia for the lungs, and goldenseal root for the liver etc.

It takes time to get used to this LBB herbal formula.  With patience and moving towards a vegetarian lifestyle works wonders for cleansing and allowing your body to adjust to this herb.  Just go slow.  It will immediately produce heat inside of you that you may not notice at first.  This heat creates circulation to expel impurities down and out.

Your body will not do so well if you are still eating meat while on this product.  Since meat is already a warming food, just be careful taking this supplement with it.  I find it is best to take NO more than three capsules per day (one per meal) while still eating meat.  You don’t want to get overheated.  On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian you will take delight in the heating effect that is generated.  As most vegetarians get cold extremities, especially in the winter months, this supplement is important to have.  With this herbal formula, you learn to adjust and increase your dosage so that you will have a bowel movement BEFORE your next meal.

“The standard rule is to take enough to have 1 bowel movement per meal eaten and normally have a bowel movement 15-20 minutes after each meal.” — MH

If your stools are too loose, then you just cut back on the dosage.  It is that simple.  When your circulation is improving, constipation becomes a thing of the past.  However, when your hair gets dry that just means that toxins are going up and out the head.  To reverse this, take more LBB pills to get the toxins moving in the proper direction.

Note:  It is highly recommended to take the LBB with a meal and NOT on an empty stomach until you detoxify and heal the ulcers and your stomach settles down.

The pre-cleanse process:

  1. Move towards a vegetarian lifestyle.
  2. Take one Epsom Salts bath to replenish all the minerals you need.
  3. Begin taking the LBB (Lower Bowel Balance) herbs to exercise the colon and move impurities down and out.
  4. Prepare yourself for doing 3 good liver flushes following the Dr. Hulda Clark’s recipe.
  5. Deworm and remove candida/parasites for 30 days straight with MH’s dewormer.

If you feel better and successful after this, we have a responsibility to teach others the safe way to get back to health.  Then you can read and research how to undertake the OJ Fast.  If you feel guided then you can commit to a 3, 7, 14, or 21 day OJ Fast to increase your health even further.  Once we can duplicate proper results then it is important to share the correct methods for the benefit of others.

hope that helps!


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