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The past four weeks I have been self-experimenting with protein shakes.  Normally, I wouldn’t do such a thing.  However, a friend of mine gave me a left-over container and I was curious to know its effects.  I have always been amazed at those people that claim it helps them reduce weight or repair their muscles faster in their workout routine.

As I went deeper into this mystery, I tried a particular GNC brand of whey protein, a form of soy protein, and the “Rolls Royce” of protein shakes from Isagenix.  I did a little research online and I found that: whey contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.   That sounded real good.  So I was motivated to jump in.

At first, I wondered if the protein would give me any insight into how people lose weight with it.  Then I wanted to see if there was any connection to how breatharians achieve their goals.  After trying it for a few days, I went to the store to find out the various other brands.  As I held up each container some felt strong and powerful while others felt weaker.  I found two that felt particularly suited to me, one whey and the other soy.  This crude form of muscle-testing seemed to indicate that it would be a good choice.  I took no other supplement to keep them from interfering with discerning the proper results of this experiment.

Sadly, each of the three products failed.

From the vegetarian guide:

“The largest land animals in the world, elephants, are exclusively vegetarian.  They grow up to 10,000 pounds, by eating nothing but plant matter.  They couldn’t grow so big if plants weren’t loaded with protein.” — Michael Bluejay

Upon taking each product, at first I felt real good.  You feel that strong and a powerful effect and you think to yourself this is what I have been missing.  I need this every day.  In short, you get hooked.

However, after a while the strength fades and turns into muscle weakness.  With the first product, on three different occasions I felt a serious weakness upon waking up each morning.  I continued taking the product and eventually upped the dose from 25 to 60 grams of protein each day.  As I continued taking it, I felt pain in my back, an acidic stomach and feeling cold.  This feeling of cold got worse which lead to going under the covers and being depressed for a while.  After I stopped the product, in as short as a day, I coughed up some sputum and immediately felt terrific as the toxins released out of my body that way.

The next day, I tried again with the same protein shake.  I wanted to see if it was just in my mind or would I get the same results.  Each time I would feel cold, depressed and back pain.  Then I moved onto the other two protein shakes.  All in all, I discovered it was a dead end.  What typically happens when taking a new supplement, vitamin, or even a B12 injection is that you first feel great.  You feel wonderful and terrific inside.  You feel strong.  You literally become high.

Sadly, the laws of life tend to seek balance.  If it is your wish to experience strength you will have to accept weakness too.  To experience just one side of the spectrum guarantees you will feel its opposite at some point.


  1. Primary feeling:  strength, increased energy, high
  2. Secondary feeling:  weakness, acidic stomach, back pain, coldness, depression

It’s never easy to see the long-term, detrimental effects of a supplement.  I don’t believe many people will ever put these things together because there are so many factors to weed through in our busy lives.  As these secondary feelings come about, it is quite difficult to figure out its cause and for some it is just below the threshold of our ordinary awareness.  For the most part, we are not taught to look for these types of side-effects.  Unfortunately, I believe many retail sellers are counting on that.

Holistic View:

Here is what the Master Herbalist has to say about vitamins:


Further, this is quite shocking to hear this Letter from Dr. Schulze:

“Many so called natural vitamins are made from horrible substances.  All the vitamin B-12, cyanocobalamin, on the market is made from either ground up toxic cow livers or activated sewage sludge.  These cow livers are overloaded with steroids and antibiotics, and the pesticides the cow assimilates while eating.  The sewage sludge is just that, fecal matter.  — Dr. Richard Schulze

Is this true? 

What a frightening thing to hear.  So, I went online to research this further and found no one else saying the same thing.  Then I went on to Wikipedia and searched Ascorbic Acid:

“Eighty percent of the world’s supply of ascorbic acid is produced in China.”

What is the industrial preparation for this vitamin?

“A more biotechnological process, first developed in China in the 1960s but further developed in the 1990s, bypasses the use of acetone protecting groups.  A second genetically-modified microbe species (such as mutant Erwinia, among others) oxidises sorbose…”

What is Erwinia?

Erwinia is a genus of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria containing mostly plant pathogenic species which was named for the first phytobacteriologist, Erwin Frink Smith.  It is a gram negative bacterium related to Escherichia coli, Shigella, Salmonella and Yersinia.

Whether you believe Dr. Schultz or not becomes moot at this point.  Now we can understand more clearly that the source of ascorbic acid is indeed of pathogenic origin.  In short, it literally is a poison.

Then, how do we get the essential vitamins we need?


It is quite simple if you read, research and understand correctly.  You will find good tips to follow when you abide by Nature.


The key to mastering the body and acquiring proper physical health is not something the average person will ever discover. 

Why is this? 

Because the real and long-lasting solution is in the absence of something.  Since this is an abstract concept it is quite invisible to the ordinary person.  A solution that has long-term benefits and lasting results is almost never found in the presence of a synthetic pill or drug.  That is why so many miss out on discovering the truth and all the cognitions that come about from natural health and perfect balance.

To obtain good health, it is like peeling away the layers of an onion.

The principle of absence is seen in distilled water and fasting.  Fasting is a universal method that spiritual men and women have used in basically all religions.  Whether we think of Christ, Ghandi or Yeshe Tsogyal…these spiritual leaders fasted for a reason.  Once the body was purified of its unnatural impulses; it returned to a more normal functioning.  Only then was it much easier to focus on purifying the mind.

Two perfect ways to remove impurities from the body that Obeys Nature:

  1. Water:  distilled water removes all inorganic minerals
  2. Fasting:  naturally removes the most difficult poisons


This principle of absence is not only found in the body.  To obtain an enlightened mind there must be a sense of purification where something is discarded and certainly NOT added to.  As it states in the Shurangama sutra:

“Ananda, what is meant by the upside-down state of living beings?  Ananda, the reason that the nature of the mind is bright is that the nature itself is the perfection of brightness.  By adding brightness, another nature arises, and from that false nature, views are produced, so that from absolute nothingness comes ultimate existence.” — Shakyamuni Buddha


So if you are seeking a real and authentic health, rather than adding a synthetic pill or vitamin chemical to your body, you must first obtain a foundation of health.  To create this basis for health you need to be more scientific in your process.  In science they have what is called a control group.  The control is the standard against which the researcher compares the results from each treatment group in the experiment.

Since, it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to do proper research for the benefit of society on a mass scale you have to be an independent researcher.  And that means pitch all your vitamins and pills and get back to basics.  When you do this, it becomes the control where you can discern more accurately a healthy body.  If you do the safer OJ Fast for 3, 7 or 14 days you have a chance to discover the truth for your own body and what its actual needs are.

Just as dirty water in a glass will settle down and become clear on its own.  In the same way, if you interfere less, this will give you a foundation for health you have been seeking all along.

“I think that as you evolve spiritually, automatically your body tells you what is acceptable for your body and what is not.” — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

After an extended fast, then you can add good or bad foods and supplements to your diet and get a correct feeling of what is good and healthy for your body and what is not.

Last point:

Balance is the law of life.  After taking the supplement, right away I was feeling strong.  After some time, I felt weak and unable to sit up properly to type on the computer or sit in meditation practice.  Even so, I understand that most people may not be sensitive enough to agree.  And that is fine.  MH relates the irony of all this in one perfect anecdote:

“Tell a child that a person is very sick because they are toxic, then tell this child that this person must go to the hospital, not to receive fresh fruits, but toxic drug therapy………the child will be puzzled, because it makes no sense to believe that a person is sick because of poison and that giving more poison would be the cure.”  — MH

At the very least, just keep this information in the back of your mind the next time you take supplements.  Notice the primary and secondary feelings while you are on it.  The primary feelings are usually wonderful.  And that is what makes a product become a hot item.  It sells.  Then notice what happens after a week or a month’s time.

Hope that helps!


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