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Hippocrates, the renowned Greek physician recognized therapeutic-fasting as of primary importance in healing disease.  This may be a strange thing to hear.  Somewhere along the line we, as a modern society, have lost our way.  

“When an illness has reached its acme the lightest diet must be prescribed.” — Hippocrates

If you follow MH’s forum you may enjoy some of his rants.  Sometimes he goes overboard but you still can learn much from him. 

He expresses the growing concern we all have.  The pain and suffering that people are going through in the modern world is unfathomable.  Unfortunately, we don’t spend enough time contemplating this until we see our loved one in the hospital or a nursing home.  The irony is…this is where we are all going to end up if we don’t take prevention.

Most people are misinformed about true health and what it takes to remain physically fit and free from all disease.   The current state of affairs is not good.  It is unacceptable.  It is not proper either – to look the other way, if we truly care about people.  We must become more self-aware and responsible if we are going to survive this next century. 

Words of Honor:

The Hypocratic oath was a good and noble principle for many centuries.  Today it has been modified.  Just to compare the old and modern version it can be viewed here: Hippocratic Oath  In order to be trusted we need more people to take responsibility and have compassion for others.  They should be truthful in what they speak or write about and live their life by relying on principles rather than greedy policies.

Notably, you can always find useful gems from the Master Herbalist.  He once said that fasting is truly the best and fastest way to understand human health.  Along the same lines, I believe every ancient-doctor had to perform an extended fast before he began his medical career.  To reverse this collective ignorance regarding health we need a new way of thinking about timeless protocols.  He says:


No truer words have been said than these.  It is one of the greatest pieces of advice for the modern world.  It is the only way to truly Know Thyself.  Once you know yourself and how your body works ONLY then can you begin to help others.

“Everyone has a doctor in him; we just have to help him in his work.  The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. …to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.” — Hippocrates, father of Western medicine

We can’t learn the truth about health by looking at things only from the outside.  There has to be a revolution in science.  Every scientist is looking for that winning lottery-ticket for finding the cure for cancer.  They are doing this for all other disease too.  You can’t blame them for trying.  But it has taken way too long a time.  This is sad and it is shameful.   The sick are literally dying – waiting for this cure.

New Efforts:

In one sense, it is good and proper to make efforts – trying to cure disease.  In the mean time, people are suffering.  Right now, people are sick and dying.  As soon as we enter any hospital, we can see it is overfilled.  People wait and wait in line for their turn to see the doctor.  There are not many alternative places for someone to go. 

Is it too much to split this work-load in half or even by a third? 

Dr. Hay’s Sun and Diet Sanatorium could take on that burden but it is no more…

Wrong view:

Just as it is not proper to heal disease solely from the outside, it is not right to analyze eastern yoga with western eyes.  As I came upon this gentleman’s blog I was quite disturbed by what I found.  Fortunately, we can use this as an example to bring awareness created by the problem of looking at things only from the outside rather than looking within.

Dr. Eden Goldman is a wellness-based Chiropractor, certified Yoga therapist and physical rehabilitation specialist.  He writes:

 “Why is it that in all other standing poses teachers stress stacking a joint on top of another joint (one of the fundamental biomechanical principles of stability), but in a chair pose all that gets thrown out the window?”

My response:

That’s because the upper body is leaning forward and hence there is no actual danger to the knees.  When I do the Chair Pose there is no stress on my knees.  Since there is no pressure on my knees whatsoever, there is no pain.  The weight is all in the feet when this asana is done properly.

It would seem that it contradicts the principles of biomechanics but it does not.  This is a western way of thinking and seeing things.  It does not hurt the knees because of the relation of the upper body and the lower body.

As the SCIENTIST looks at things from the outside and would be alarmed at the “apparent structural misalignment”, the MYSTIC actually does the pose and sees there is no problem.  In reality, there is NO pain from the inside.  Anyone can check this out for themselves with simple bio-feedback.

NOTE:  Just by looking outwardly, it is useless to speculate as to why someone may have hurt their knees.  There are just too many variables to consider.  By speculating, one cannot learn the root cause of a person’s knee injury.  Science is exact.  A scientist must be precise when analyzing eastern yoga — whether it is meditation, breathwork or asana.


Do the Chair Pose and move your knees past your feet.  Keep the upper body erect and vertical.  Leave your hands down by your sides.  You can feel that it hurts the knees.  Now shift your upper body forward.  See how that feels.  Then move your arms to a more upright position.  It feels even better and lighter on your knees.

So, which way really feels painful? 

Alternate between the two extremes and find out.  You will notice when your upper body moves forward and the arms are upright THEN the center of gravity shifts.

Do the pose again and notice this shift.  Alternate your hands being by your sides and your hands above your head.  Slowly, you will begin to see that gravity shifts from knees to the feet and hence there is no pain whatsoever.  There is perfect balance.

One would be hard-pressed to argue against B.K.S. Iyenger and over a thousand year tradition of eastern yoga.  Look at how far his knees are in front of the feet:

I believe the basic principles of hatha-yoga still hold firm after all these years.  Don’t look at it just from the outside.  A modern well-trained scientific mind must look at things from the inside as well.

Participating in yoga disciple will bring you health benefits on a relative level.  As a scientist you must learn the truth by right action.

Once you experience the proper effects of yoga within the body, then you will discover its TRUTH through biofeedback.  Only then can you begin to educate others with certainty and without mistaken perceptions.

Hope that helps!


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