value of a liver flush

The liver is designed to draw out the toxic chemicals from the foods we eat and the drink.  It makes sense to cleanse the liver from time to time so that it can perform its job properly.  There are three solutions to cleansing your liver and gallbladder.  You can either have surgery, perform the liver flush, or take the P/W Elimination Formula.

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped hollow organ on the right side of the abdomen.  It lies just under the liver and its main job is to store bile.  The dark green or yellowish-brown fluid is produced in the liver cells.

For proper digestion, bile is essential since it helps eliminate our body’s waste products.  The bile aids in the digestion of fats when the food moves into the small intestines.  If there is a large amount of cholesterol in the bile, crystals can form.  Over time these crystal stick together to form stones in the gallbladder.

From the Gallbladder Attack website:

Over 1/2 million people in America have their gallbladders removed every year.  This is called cholecystectomy.  Is it necessary?  Will your digestion be perfect afterwards?

“That’s what everybody’s hoping for, to be pain free, gas free, bloat-free and to be able to eat whatever they like.  You have a 60% chance of that happening.”

They go on to explain the risks that 4 people will still have symptoms out of every 10 cholecystectomies.  MH, the Master Herbalist, would say to take preventative measures.  I have studied under him and his protocols do get results.

Preventative care:

If you can make it work, plan on doing three liver flushes as part of your health protocol.  That would be great idea as part of a detox program.  For best results, space each liver flush two weeks apart.  Your body needs some time in-between to recuperate.  A reasonable amount of time to have completed three flushes would take you about six weeks.

This is done in two or three week increments.  Dr. Hulda Clark’s liver flush has been workable and seen to get repeated results.  She has been known to sell her brand of dewormer but MH’s dewormer is cheaper and superior on so many levels.  The protocol is to take the Dewormer every day for seven days.  Then on the last day you are ready to perform the liver flush.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s liver flush recipe is freely posted here:  Liver Cleanse

One important tip while working with Dr. Clark’s Liver flush recipe is add lots and lots of extra honey to make the awful taste of epsom salts and grapefruit juice more palatable.

The first three times I did my liver flushes they were done wrong.  Dr. Clark told everyone that they should lay on their right side.  This wasn’t comfortable.  Laying on my right side would cause pain.  The stones could not roll out easily due to the pressure and contraction of the body’s weight against the liver.  Later, MH confirmed that everyone should lay on their left side.

The last three liver flushes were done correctly because I followed MH’s protocol and dewormed PRIOR to the liver flush for seven days straight.  I released quite a lot of gallstones following MH’s advice:

  • Deworm for seven days prior to the liver-flush to get stones out.
  • Rest after drinking the liver flush formula on your the left side.

This time I felt absolutely terrific.  The stones came rolling out effortlessly.  Amazingly, it felt as if there was a huge open channel between my liver and stomach.  These two organs were now working in a synchronous union that never occurred before.  With more space to digest, the flow of energy was really wonderful.

MH offers a Liver Flush Kit that was designed for those wishing to do this Liver Flush without having to take the trouble to make it on your own.

An alternative product:

Last month I had some pain in my liver area.  I must have eaten some food that didn’t agree with me.  What I did was decide to take the new product called the P/W Elimination Formula (part A).  For two days I got to see a nice green color within my stool.  Nothing on the third day and subsequent days.  The bonus part was that there was no need to drink any awful tasting Epsom salts.

This formula is an herb that has many different formulas in capsule form.  It boasts nine formulas in one.  What makes this unique is that it has the dewormer mixed within the Lower-Bowel Balance (LBB formula) together.  The LBB formula is a key element which pushes the toxins down and out so there are no unnecessary detoxification reactions.

I took the formula again after three weeks and this time I noticed there was no release of bile.  I would have to logically infer that that my liver is clean and clear.  The next time I might take it would be in three to six months time unless there was an emergency.  Just contact MH, the Master Herbalist for more information.

NOTE:  MH teaches us to take 1 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil or lecithin (depending on the severity of the problem) before bed time to relax the nerves, nourish the brain, and act as a maintenance program in order to avoid having to do constant liver flushes in the future.

Good Luck!


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