The Maratika cave

Maratika Cave and Maratika Monastery are located in Khotang District of Nepal near Mt. Everest.  Known as Haleshi in the local language it is approximately 185 km south-west of Mount Everest.  It is a special place associated with Guru Padmasambhava and long life.

History of Maratika cave:

Guru Padmasambhava, while in the Kingdom of Zahor, met his consort Princess Mandarava who possessed all the marks of a dakini.  The Guru gave teachings and initiations to Mandarava.  Dakinis appeared in the sky and took Guru Padma-sambhava to Maratika.  Mandarava unable to tolerate palace life without the Guru ran away.  Hopelessly lost she prayed to Guru Padmasambhava who manifested and took Mandarava to Maratika.

“Due to the accumulation of white virtue, just through seeing, hearing, remembering and touching this place, the two obscurations of beings will be quickly purified, one will be looked after by the all knowing one, the Great Master Padmasambhava from Urgyen, and easily attain the state of omniscience.” — His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Bodhisattva Avaloketesvara and the Dakini Sangwa Yeshe gave long life teachings to the Guru and Mandarava.  After practicing for ninety days the Buddha Amitayus appeared in the sky and gave initiation to the Guru and Mandarava.  They had attained the Vidyadhara of longevity.

This is the cave where Guru Rinpoche attained the level of a “Vidyadhara with power over life” through his practice with the consort Mandarava.



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