Quality of Air

Around 400 years ago there were plenty of virgin forests that covered much of the United States.  As the centuries rolled on, much of these precious forests have been cleared away.  Even though it is said that most of our oxygen comes from the oceans surrounding us, the lack of interaction between trees and humans affects our health in many ways.

Today, about 90% of the original forests in the United States are gone.  For this reason, some Taoist masters have pointed out that there is less chi or quality of energy in the air than there was in the past.  This can be quite a daunting discovery.  Yet, with the mindset of a true yogin we will not be totally affected by all the destruction that is going on in our modern-day world

It is often said that: the lotus grows out of the mud.  Since the lotus flower becomes even more beautiful, despite its immediate surroundings, we can use these troubling times to our advantage.  In the same way, as we progress in meditation and thoughts become less… grasping to an illusory self decreases… interests in politics and samsara become a faint memory; NOTHING can affect our innermost being as compassion blossoms.

Results of deforestation over the centuries: 

However, we are now reaching critical mass as population rates rise at an alarming rate, crime is out of control, and our resources are shrinking.  In addition, there are more people experiencing health problems far earlier in their years than ever before.  Despite all these experiences of sickness or suffering, it could really be a blessing in disguise if we learn from our mistakes.  A U.S. Forest Service study shows that:

Large trees located in urban areas are associated with lower crime rates.  Therefore, it would make sense to rehabilitate our society by planting more trees in our communities.

If we look on bright side, these problems that are happening now are helpful for us to determine correct from incorrect living much faster than any other time in history.  In terms of helping sentient beings who continue to suffer, there are some beneficial remedies that everyone can utilize to alleviate their pain.

The Problem:

From The science of Oxygen website:

The increase in such components as carbon dioxide could well be a major factor in degenerate health today.  With the studies done over the years, from the year 1000 AD to 1830 AD the carbon dioxide levels were 175 PPM (parts per million).

“If his ‘breathing in’ process includes roughly double the amount of carbon dioxide as our ancestors (or only 200 years ago) did, that could explain a great deal of the change in degenerative diseases that exist now, in great abundance compared to their almost complete non-existence 200 years ago.” — Karl Loren

For thousands of years, 170 PPM of carbon dioxide was sufficient and necessary to keep the cycle of life going on the planet.  There was enough carbon dioxide in the air to keep millions of square miles of green stuff growing.  It is alarming when we realize that the amount of carbon dioxide has now increased to more than 300 PPM!

The massive increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is what we call the greenhouse effect.  It may very well be the negative condition resulting in global warming that some scientists have warned us about.

UPDATE: As of May of 2013 CO2 levels have reached 400 PPM.

FACT: Ice core samples show that carbon dioxide levels have always been between 170-300 ppm for 650,000 years.

The Solution:

In addition to planting more trees and reducing carbon emissions for the outer environment, there are several solutions to help our inner environment.  The solution to harmful airborne allergens in our home is as follows:

  1. Kill the bacteria, mold, and dust mites in the air and on surfaces in a room.
  2. Filter the air and physically remove allergens such as dust, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.

If you have asthma, just make sure the air humidity does not exceed 45% because if it is higher than 50% then mold can grow on things and bacteria can also grow, even on the air purifier filter.

NOTE:  As long as the humidity is below 45% then no mold grows, etc, just healthy air.

The following quote by MH, the Master Herbalist, might help put things in perspective:


Have you ever wonder why it feels so pleasant near a huge waterfall? 

You can remember how invigorating and fresh the air was.  That is because that air was rich with negative ions.  The same experience happens when we smell the clean and crisp air right after a thunderstorm.  This is because the air is filled with millions of more negative ions.

According to air science:

  • indoor air has 100 to 200 ions per cubic cm.
  • outdoor fresh air has 200 to 500 ions per cubic cm.
  • a fresh clean forest will have 1,500 to 5,000 ions per cubic cm.
  • inside a cave has between 5,000 to 20,000 ions per cubic cm.
  • a waterfall has between 30,000 and 100,000 ions per cubic cm.

Ionizers also produce a very small amount of ozone which can contribute to a fresh spring like smell.  It has been said that air near waterfalls, mountains, beaches and forests are among those places where ionization levels are in complete and natural balance.

This might be the reason why actor, Michael J. Fox, felt great while retreating in the mountains despite his having Parkinson’s disease.  In 2009, while shooting a new documentary about optimism in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.  Fox was stunned to discover his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms were eased in the high altitude state – which sits at 11,000 feet above sea level.

Methods to Purify:

There are five ways to purify yourself and your home:

  1. Indoor Wall Fountains
  2. Negative Ion Generators (ionizers)
  3. Ozone Generators
  4. Breathwork
  5. MH’s Air Freshen Machine

1. Indoor Wall Fountains:

Because negative ions are produced in large quantities by flowing water and sunlight, air in rural areas has many hundreds of times more negative ions than air in a large metropolitan zone.  Negative ions account for the healthy, vigorous feelings many experience when breathing “fresh country air.”

The air around Niagara Falls for example, may contain between 30,000 and 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter.  On the other hand, the air inside an office or a sealed automobile may contain anywhere from zero to a few hundred negative ions per cubic centimeter.

These indoor wall fountains are one way to help improve the negative ion content in such enclosed spaces: Discount Fountains

2. Negative Ion Generators (ionizers):

The high density of negative ions released into the air has the ability of circulating throughout the room through the use of a fan. This enables the air ionizer to remove particles & pollutants from the air by attaching the dust particles through the static electrical charge that was created and falling to the floor.  The electrically charged air produced from an ionizer can smell very fresh.

When there is a high enough concentration of negative ions in the air, they will attract to floating particles in large numbers. This causes the particle to become too heavy to remain airborne.  As a result, the particle will drop out of the air, keeping them out of the breathing zone and out of the respiratory system where it can trigger breathing and health problems.

1.  For your bedroom

The Heaven Fresh model HF 200 is comparable to the Surround Air XJ-2000.

It is a simple yet effective air purifier which fills an entire room with health beneficial negative ions.  I have tried this one and it worked well for many years.  Only once in a while did I have to shut it off as the energy got too overwhelming.  I liked it despite it breaking down after 3 or 4 years.

Negative ion output:  60,000,000/cm³

It is perfect for a small room about 300 square feet.

2.  Hand-held ionizer

The Mini-Mate Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air Purifier

This type of air-purifier is something you can carry with you anywhere you go.  You can hold it in your hand or wear it around your neck.  It is nice and compact for traveling.  You can use it for 30 seconds to get a few short bursts of negative ions to calm and refresh you and then shut it off.  You can use it longer if you have the need.

3.  Car ionizer

The Auto-Mate car ionizer

Negative ion output: 800,000 ions/cm³

It works terrific when you have a smoker in the car with you.  The nice thing with self-experimenting with these gadgets is that you can feel for yourself the effects that they give.  You will see that the smoke no longer sticks to your skin and clothing while you have it operating.

3. Ozone Generators:

flash03Today our modern homes are made air tight and have became a serious condition for all sorts of illnesses.  If we have heating and air-conditioning then these two factors alone can contribute to poor health problems despite the comforts we receive from them.  The Master Herbalist explains how carpets, wallpaper, mattresses and pets all affect your health negatively.  The bedroom determines the quality of health for humans.

He says that he uses ozone to clean vegetables/fruits etc. in the sink.  But he will only use it in the house when no one is home.  He believes it doesn’t work well in the hot tub either.

“Ozone is not an answer other than to sterilize and to sterilize is a medical method.”  — MH

Being cautious as MH suggests is always a good thing.  Some have kept the ozone generator on only at very lowest levels and continuously monitored it.  Others use it only when no one is in the room.  You know there is too much ozone in the air when the ozone level reaches too high a level it begins to irritate sinus passages, give you a sore throat, and possibly even a headache.  If this happens simply turn the ozone level down or off.

WARNING: If the ozone level is not turned down when the bleachy smell is detected people may notice throat and nose irritations as well as headaches.  As the odor is removed from the area the ozone level should be turned off.

NOTE:  The WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, say that the maximum acceptable level of ozone is 0.1 ppm (parts per million).  FDA and OSHA standards require ozone level of no more than 0.05 ppm.

4. Breathwork:

There have been people who never changed their diet and when left for near dead they restored their health by means of simple breathing exercises.  The oldest author MH ever came across was 110 years old when he decided he should write his method down for future generations and his method was quite simple.

“Not only did his health restore, he stated that he grew a new set of teeth around age 100 and new head of hair and didn’t need to wear eye glasses until he was 110, which prompted him to write his book while still in excellent health.” — MH

Click to read one of the most compelling articles (ten page file) the Master Herbalist wrote on longevity breathwork and clean air:  Air Freshen Article

5.  MH’s Air Freshen Machine:

His machine holds 1 gallon of distilled water and sucks the air out of the house and filters it through the water.  It then sends the clean air back into your room mixed with the herbs that you then breathe in while sleeping.

“The only draw back is, that when your pulling/pushing air, it creates quite a bit of noise….but the advantages outweigh the noise, because if you sleep 30 nights in cleaner air and inhaling the herbs as you sleep, I personally believe every cell of your entire body is effected and you breathe better and are hooked for life.” — MH

It may be that if you use essential oils and distilled water along with the humidifier then there would be far less chance of mold growing.  In fact, the herbs are there to manage the molds and reduce the infection from air-borne fungus or germs.

MH says that, “I believe our kids are getting more A+ papers from school than ever before since we started this and I have not even developed the formula that I want to make kids become smarter yet…YES I BELIEVE POSSIBLE TO:



He guides us to use Herbal Spray I on the entire face at bedtime along with Air Freshen Machine II with 1 dropper of Air Freshen Herbal Concentrate nightly will make an improvement in anyone’s health. It would be a God-Send for all parents seeking to raise babies.

Click here to view the: Air Freshen Machines.  They are good for 300 or 800 square foot rooms and shows which essential oils are needed.

Question and Answers:

Question to MH:

1. What do you think about cool mist humidifiers?


2. What is the white dust that comes out of the humidifiers?



We definitely need something to help kill bacteria, viruses, and other germs in our hospitals more efficiently.  While it has been reported that hospitals are now using this technology in the ER (Emergency Room), it is not enough.  Most people will admit that the recovery wards, especially in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), are some of the dirtiest places in the world due to the fact that everyone is exhaling harmful airborne toxins.

“Will there ever be a safe hospital?  or are they check out centers?  If ever there was a time in this world that humans needed to learn how to care for their own family, we are living in it.” — MH

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – 80,000 people die of infections each year in the hospital.

The good news is the ozone companies claim their machines will kill the following: E. Coli, Staphylococcus Areus, Fecal Streptococci, Salmonella Choleraesuis, Staphylococcus Aureua, Bacillus Subtillis, Aspergillus Niger, and Bacillus Antracis.  I wish that all hospitals would use the technology of ozone and ionizers not just in the ER but also in ICU to keep their patients healthy, comfortable and alive.


These types of machines such as a negative ionizer or an ozone generator could be great individually or for the family.  If we care about our world then someone would be wise to take the initiative to place them in hospitals, subway systems, freeways and other places where pollution is rampant.  They can also be placed in bars or pubs where smoke is out of control.  And lastly, they can be placed in schools where studies have shown to increase concentration, calm the children, and reduce fatigue in teachers.

Surely a smart and influential politician, doctor, or scientist could show very easily the positive results gained on a grand scale and be the hero.

Good Luck!



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