Eating for rejuvenation

For most people, being on a spiritual path brings with it the principles of vegetarian living.  I too wanted to uphold the precepts of not eating meat to obtain all the benefits that spirituality had to offer.  While it is certainly much easier to enter meditative states by abstaining from eating meat, it is not so easy to obtain perfect physical health through this alone.

When you move from a poor diet to a healthy diet, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically experience the effects of complete rejuvenation.  Only when you know the exact laws of hygiene does this become possible.  Therefore, you need to gather the right information and then make the choices that work for you.

“The greatest of all diet reforms is the change from meat-eating to a meatless diet. This is also the first step on the spiritual path, the first gesture that rightness, justice, compassion, purity are being set up as necessary to human and humane living, in contrast to animal living.” — Paul Brunton

Figuring out a game-plan to get back to health involves a commitment that is based on the PRINCIPLES of revering and honoring life.  Even though we never know when we are going to pass away, at least we can enjoy a quality of life that most others would never know.

“So it is, Manjushri. There is not a single being, wandering in the chain of lives in endless and beginningless samsara, that has not been your mother or your sister. An individual, born as a dog, may afterward become your father.  Each and every being is like an actor playing on the stage of life. One’s flesh and the flesh of others is the same flesh. Therefore the Enlightened Ones eat no meat. Moreover, Mahjushri, the dharmadhatu  is the common nature of all beings, therefore Buddhas refrain from eating meat.”  — Angulimala Sutra

The ideal:

For healing, rejuvenation, and regeneration to occur physically being on a completely raw-food diet is essential for optimal health to take place.  It does take time to get to this level of purity.  It also takes a certain willingness to get educated properly in order to have confidence that this process works.  Nonetheless, whenever you create the right conditions in your body, healing will eventually come about.

Abiding with nature is the slow and steady way to become whole.

In order to create the right conditions for healing to occur it would be wise to complete a liver-cleanse and then an extended OJ fast.  Once you accomplish these pre-requisites, then you can choose to continue eating well, modify your diet, or go completely back to your old ways.  It is entirely up to you.

You never want to become obsessed or extreme about this.  You just want to give your body some time so that it has the chance to recuperate, balance and regenerate itself.

It may be that you are ready to take the next step and eat even healthier than before.  It is important to note that you don’t have to worry that you will be eating this way forever.  You could simply set a time limit for how long you want to cleanse and purify this way.

Here are two alternative diet-plans that create the precise conditions to maintain a healthy body:

Food combining:

While you are in the transition from an ovo-lacto vegetarian to a raw food diet it is best to learn the Food Combining Protocols outlined by Dr. Hay.  If you cannot become a complete Raw Foodist right away, that is OK.  No problem.  At the very minimum, you can have one cooked meal per day.  Over time you can become stricter.

The reason to follow these food-combining rules is because you want your body to run more efficiently and not accumulate acids in your body.  This path is one of making better choices with awareness of what is correct or incorrect for your body.

For example, right food combining means you would NOT mix proteins and carbohydrates.  Eating pizza would be a wrong food combination because the cheese is protein and the bread is a carb.  If you eat the wrong combination then acidosis sets in and invariably disease is not far behind.


The mono-diet is something you can adopt to refine your system more precisely than food-combining does.  The mono-diet says to eat only one food at a time.  This is a more perfected method to assure you are not making any mistakes and accumulating acids.  It is a simple process.  If you desire grapes then you keep eating all the grapes you want until you are full.

As a general rule, ten minutes later your stomach should be empty of fruit.  Then you could pick another food.  Maybe you wanted almonds next.  You would eat all the almonds your body desires until you weren’t hungry anymore.  It may take your system about 45 minutes or more to digest these nuts.

This is how you will come to know your body in exact detail.  Just be mindful and see how your body handles each particular food.  In all cases, try to get into the habit of chewing all your food into a liquid.  Your stomach is not a grinder.  It needs all the help it gets from the enzymes in your salivary glands.

WARNING: the following information is for informational purposes and no one can encourage you to move in this direction unless you are willing to self-experiment and have guidance/permission from your doctor, lama, healer or guru.

It has been said that grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet that obeys nature in the correct way.   But, how many really know that breads are poor choices for food?  The way breads are made today may actually cause more harm than good.  For example, the ingredient in white bread utilizes the same paste to put up your wallpaper in your home.  Not good at all.

“I have to agree with the old medical books, bread is the staff of death, but if a person could chew it to a liquid, it would do much less harm.” –MH

Furthermore, it may be surprising to hear what the Master Herbalist has to say about vegetables.  How many people know that most vegetables are not proper human foods?

“Vegetables are not natural, they grow too quickly. BUGS love vegetables, because nature wants them destroyed. Humans need very small minerals that fruits from the tree possess. Minerals in the fast growing vegetables are too BIG and are known to get in the blood stream and can’t get out the kidneys, so they stick to the veins and clog our circulation over time.” –MH

It may sound strange and even shocking to hear that.  The good news is, when we are healthy and our VITALITY and LIFE-FORCE is STRONG we can pretty much eat anything and everything.  But, when we are sick and debilitated and have a so-called incurable disease we need to take every precaution to get back to health.

Three signs:

Some signs to look for while cleansing and eating healthy and taking herbal supplements:

  1. the skin becomes clearer
  2. the hair grows in thicker and darker
  3. the teeth become whiter

This is very important to understand.  While experiencing the qualities of rejuvenation, the nails will begin to feel stronger and take on a clear sheen to them and will not look cloudy.  The hair will become thicker and appear wet, as if filled with life-force, and not dry or falling out.  And lastly, the teeth will become much whiter and not look sickly yellow.


With the above information you have a tool to gauge where you are at.  Even so, one needs to study extensively these PROTOCOLS of abiding with nature.  MH acquired lead-poisoning from the factory he worked at, and only got his health back after following Nature’s laws.

Likewise, Dr. William Howard Hay had renal disease or kidney failure.  In the old days, it was called Bright’s disease and now the term is chronic nephritis.  Both these men achieved rejuvenation by following Nature and went on to document their results for the benefit of all.

Discovering the truth certainly comes from self-applied prevention.  I advise anyone to start reading MH’s 108 Pages booklet and the Dr. Hay book, Health via Food to get started.

Good Luck!



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