The candida complex

There are so many misunderstandings when combating candida.  Hundreds of products are available that work to some extent but no one ever really tells you what gives you lasting results.  Here is some information I put together to set the record straight and make it easier for you to get back to health.  From the Ask Barefoot Herbalist Forum archived posts:


MH, what do you suggest for candida? just wondering b/c many people suggest to avoid all sugars (fruit included), thanks.


The cleanses and total dental correction are the first choices.  Candida problems is nothing more than too much waste food for bacteria to live upon.  Diet controls it and the friendly bacteria keeps everything in check, so all the metals need off and out of the body.  Every product you apply to your body that is not natural most likely is a toxin and adds to the problems that ends in Candida excess.

There no such thing as a product you swallow and cure Candida, it is all about diet and pH.  Candida is there to dissolve your cells when you die, your messing with Nature when you think you can remove Candida from a human body.  Another word used is suicide cells, every cell has within it a suicide type method that removes the cell from the earth when you die and these things are only managed by friendly bacteria that we get from eating fresh picked foods.

“Candida is a name for all diseases, WHY?????????????????  Because Candida lives on accumulated acid food waste, the root cause of every disease known.  Candida is not an evil thing you catch, it is something friendly that wrong diet turns into a monster.” — MH

Some ways to help:

  1. The first requirement is a metal free dental and metal off of the body.
  2. Manage the large parasites by doing a 30 day parasite cleanse using the Dewormer product sold by MH.  This will do a suitable job detoxing them from your liver, intestines or muscles.
  3. The Russian Photon Capsule (a tiny zapper you swallow) is one way to remove parasites lodged in the brain and pancreas.
  4. The Pancreas Formula is the other way to naturally remove the toughest of parasites.

MH also says, “I personally believe the BOSS WORMS live in the Pancreas, herbs don’t seem to get into them, because they live in the pancreas stones where BLOOD does not circulate around them and thus the body can’t get to them easily.  The Russian Zapper and the Pancreas Formula to dissolve those stones are the only 2 methods I know of to correct this problem.”

My experience:

In spring of 2005 I finished my own 21 day OJ fast.  Before the fast, I started out at weighing 198 lbs and lethargic and withdrawing from life.  Before I came to the Ask Barefoot Herbalist Forum, I didn’t understand the correct guiding principles to health.

At first, I had the mindset of combating candida directly with powerful herbs.  It was a good fight for the first seven days or so but after that it was a losing battle.  I was happy that I had lost ten pounds trying to destroy candida and I had assumed I was doing the right thing.  However, I could NEVER really lose any more weight than that, in all my attempts.

Now I was at 188 pounds but wanted to perfect my health even further.  After a certain point, because this detoxification process would occur too quickly, there was a Herxheimer reaction.

This means the rapid die-off of the candida would lead to binging on the foods that contributed to the over-growth of the fungus or yeast in the first place.  After experiencing much irritability and then feeling hunger pangs, I would eat the wrong foods such as breads and chocolate and gain weight.  This would repeat itself over and over.  I would drop ten pounds then gain four pounds back.  It was as if there was this BIG wall that I couldn’t pass through. The wall for me was 188 pounds.

The problem:

The consumer market has taken advantage of the population not knowing any better.  You take a product to fight candida…you see yourself losing weight or your skin clearing up… and you feel better temporarily.  You are happy at first but about seven to ten days later the body reacts wildly because the bacteria and parasites don’t want to die.  This is their defense mechanism.  You stop the product and feel better.  The next time you get sick you take the medicine again in an attempt to kill your candida.

It works for a few days and then the die-off rate is too fast.  Your body and mind react harshly and you reach for that candy-bar.  This “swing pattern” happens when you go to the extreme.  You cleanse to an extreme point and then binge.

Just before you indulge on something you feel extremely irritable.  Once you can’t take it anymore, you impulsively reach for all the wrong foods in order to feel better.  What can you do to stop this habitual process?  You have to be skillful.  First, you have to learn the reason why this happen then apply the right antidote to correct this pattern.

The solution:

After learning how to do the liver flush the right way and deworming for 30 days in a row I was feeling healthier and down to 183 pounds.  I did about six liver flushes.  The first three times were done wrong.  Dr. Clark told everyone that they should lay on their right side.  This was also wrong.  Laying on my right side would cause pain.  The stones could not roll out easily due to the pressure and contraction of the body’s weight against the liver.

The last three liver flushes were done correctly because I followed MH’s protocol and dewormed prior to the liver flush for seven days straight.  I released quite a lot of gallstones following MH’s advice:

  • Without deworming for seven days prior to the liver-flush you will NOT get any stones out.
  • The proper way to rest after drinking the liver-flush formula is lying on the left side.

This time I felt absolutely terrific.  The stones came rolling out effortlessly.  Now, it felt as if there was a huge open channel between my liver and stomach. These two organs were now working in a synchronous union that never occurred before.  With more space to digest, the flow of energy was really wonderful.

The combination of performing the liver flush correctly, deworming for 30 days, and the LBB (Lower Bowel Balance) would PUSH the toxins down and out.  I was becoming more confident as I got beneficial results.

His method could be trusted.  So I attempted the 21 day fast.  Each day I lost weight as the mud and toxins went DOWN and OUT the body.  I lost one pound per day for a total of 21 pounds.  I was down to 162 pounds at the end of that fast.  For nine months I kept up the proper food-combining protocols and the LBB capsules to heal and assist the digestive process.


Of course, after the fast I gained about five pounds.  I continued drinking freshly squeezed oranges and started to experiment with right food combining.  MH also told us that it takes nine months to fully repair the overworked intestines.  The ingredients within the LBB will cause the intestinal walls to literally contract and get stronger over time.  And he was right, it does its job.  My weight would fluctuate between 168 and 174 depending on if I ate the right foods or not.  I experimented and tried different things.  I noticed when I ate just pizza alone I would wake up the next morning 2-3 pounds heavier.  BUT, when I ate pizza and combined it with a salad I would wake up the next morning without gaining any weight at all.

Then it hit me and I decided to eat a few whole oranges a day.  The benefit of eating the whole orange as opposed to juicing this fruit alone allowed me to get down to a nice 164!   MH teaches us that the whole orange has healthy fiber (the white part) which assists the intestines to contract on its own.  The lowest I had been was 152 pounds and remained there for some time.

At five foot ten, I noticed that for my height, around 164 pounds was ideal for the proper functioning of my spine and digestive process.  Once I went over, there was pain in my spine because the stomach would push the center of gravity too far forward.

Good Luck!



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5 responses to “The candida complex

  1. Hi Neo,

    We are of the same height.. my ideal weight is 163 pounds, I am currently at 167 during the fast (but am sure I will regain some after this)– depending on how I break the fast and how disciplined I am in eating right..

    by the way, did you try that Russian zapper that MH was talking about? sounds scary though.. I would probably be on herbs first on the first year or so, before trying something like that..

    how about the pancreas herbs have you tried it too?



    • I DID try the Russian Zapper. That was quite the experience. It was posted on MH’s curezone page years ago. You could find it fairly easy in my archived posts. It’s too much to post here.

      With the Russian Zapper you can witness orange pancreatic stones coming out. The pancreas herbs were too powerful for me and I had too much of a reaction to it so I stopped taking it after a few days.

      The Russian Zapper can be fun for a 24 hour “trip” as it moves through your digestive system. You just have to be brave enough to take it. 🙂

      good luck!


  2. saw your CZ entry about the russian bullet (you are very courageous)…

    also just saw some of your replies on my CZ entries (It seems I missed them before)..

    about my blog and my mother, yeah, we have gone through a lot and still going through it.. but am more calm and collected now as I was 3 years ago (i was quite manic then.. making people think I am crazy.. I used to frequent the forums at but the moderators kicked me out due to “alternative” staunch and I have been asking the girls there to stop going for mammograms and xrays.. the owner of the site apparently is a Radiologist (mammogram is her major bread and butter aside from the sponsorship she gets from BIG PHARMA for keeping her site)..

    about the Family Herbalist Course

    There is an online Family Herbalist Course being advertised on the School of Natural Healing (David Christopher’s site)..

    I might sign up in time for my lenten 40 day fast (to keep myself preoccupied).. by then I will already have an Ipad (part of the reason am doing this short term fast is to save for my ipad hehehe..).. so I can do the online course an hour during lunch time (I spend my lunch hour and afternoon break time at the park near our office).



  3. I am glad you found my testimonial on the Russian Zapper. Thanks for the information on the herbal course you are taking. I was curious what you were studying.

    I heard you had received a burn about a week ago. If you would like this link I tried to condense some info on the method to heal burns naturally. Of course, reading the ‘MH Way’ folders would be essential.

    Nonetheless, here is something that every parent should know about burns:



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