How to fast

It is truly sad that there are so many misconceptions to regaining proper health in our society today.   Someone like Dr. Bass has contributed greatly towards these misconceptions by turning many people against natural fruits, distilled water, and the OJ fast.  He claims these natural sources cause acidosis in the body as a result of losing a tooth during his fast.  However, when done correctly, the orange juice fast is truly a beneficial remedy to countless diseases.

Not many people will complete a fast properly because they simply don’t understand its PRINCIPLES and then come to the wrong conclusions when problems arise.  In 1929, Dr. William Howard Hay wrote the book Health via Food.  With correct reasoning he explains what happens to the body during a fast.

“Fasting does not create acidosis, but it does make it evident, and if one will in the beginning of a fast test all secretions and excretions available with the blue litmus paper this will be evident, for they will perhaps show a mild acidity in the beginning that turns violently acid in reaction in a week or two of fasting, and continues to show this heightened evidence of acid till the very end of the fast.  This does not mean an increased acid state of the body, but that the body is now getting rid of acids faster than when feeding.” — Dr. Hay

Four Main Principles:

First main principle:  The toxins must go down and out!

When the toxins in the body aren’t flowing DOWN and OUT the body, then toxemia can set in and cause trouble.  A self-poisoning of the blood results because there is no timely flow of waste out the body.  To understand this health protocol is of utmost importance.

How do you get these toxins stored in the body going DOWN and OUT?

You can choose either the daily enema or the herbal formula known as the Lower Bowel Balance (LBB) to achieve the same result.  While the enema takes more time and preparation, the LBB Formula will assist the body to swiftly move the toxins DOWN and OUT the toilet or feet.  Through the effect of the Cascara Sagrada and other herbs, the waste is pushed down and out the body to achieve success.  When you master this part you can literally adjust your body’s detox rate at will.

When you have this under your control then the damaging effects that Dr. Bass and others had of losing their enamel or teeth will NEVER happen.  When the toxins go upwards then the hair, skin and teeth suffer.  When the toxins are trapped in the body then a host of problems arise because there is no flow.  A cavity is the result of toxins trying to push their way out of your overwhelmed body.  The body makes a hole in the tooth to protect itself and release the pressure.  Learn to reverse the direction – down and out the feet to avoid needless suffering.  As MH, the Master Herbalist, says:

“Always 8 LBB per day is enough insurance nothing can go wrong with the colon. More or less is optional, but 8 has always worked well.” — MH

When you get things flowing down and out, then the teeth will become whiter, the hair shinier, and the skin clearer.  I have noticed these results for myself and anyone can determine the truth of this principle just by these signs.

Second main principle:  A daily bowel movement is needed during the fast!

You need to decide on the daily enema or the Lower Bowel Balance (LBB) formula during any fast.  If you opt for the enema it is free…but make sure the temperature is slightly cool at 85 degrees.  The water should be cool to the touch and not cold.  Be careful not to use warm water as that will cause your intestines to atrophy and get out of shape over time.  The alternative to the enema is the LBB Formula which will assist your body to swiftly move the toxins DOWN and OUT the toilet.

The Dr. Hay Rule while fasting is having one bowel movement per day which is absolutely necessary or else toxemia will set in.

Third main principle:  Distilled water removes inorganic minerals from the body!

The common misunderstanding is that distilled water leaches beneficial minerals from your body.  There is nothing further from the truth than this.  In reality, it leaches only the inorganic minerals, which is what you want for your body to return to a balanced state of health.  It is discouraging to hear others being lead away from real health when they give the wrong information.

The cause of much confusion here is the result of using the paper PH strips to determine the acid/alkaline state of the water.  This way to determine the purity of water is always going to be inaccurate.  The correct way to determine the PH of distilled water is by using a liquid PH test kit.  If you use the paper litmus strips you will get the wrong reading every time.

Fourth main principle:  Orange juice adds minerals to your body!

All fresh fruit and nuts will add the proper minerals you need for the body.  Freshly squeezed orange juice is one of the best choices to add beneficial minerals back into your system.  It also helps regulate the potassium/sodium ratio in the body in order to raise the beneficial potassium levels due to the over-consumption of unnecessary salt in our diet.

Another popular misconception is believing that since this fruit is acidic then it must turn your whole body acidic.  In reality, the orange is acidic in its natural state but turns alkaline after being metabolized.

Furthermore, it is rarely understood how pasteurized orange juice is considered harmful.  When juice has been heated up during the manufacturing process it is NOT recommended for the diabetic because it will cause a serious shock to their system.  This shock occurs because this form of juice enters the blood stream too quickly.  Fortunately, freshly squeezed orange juice won’t cause this problem.  It just takes time to get used to this idea and unlearn the wrong information you’ve acquired over the years.

The theory:

Fasting is a common practice in all religions of the world and written about by ancient monks thousands of years ago.  This method of OJ fasting is not as difficult as a complete water-fast.  It is based on the theory that minimal digestion will allow your body to heal, balance, and regenerate itself.   In modern times, it stems from the success Dr. William Howard Hay had in curing 60,000 patients.  His success rate is inspiring and the remarkable results were achieved provided that each step was followed correctly.

“Humans die from having 900x too much calcium rock in their body that makes them shrink and turn HARD.  IF we die when we reach 900x too much calcium, then fasting properly extends your life, that SIMPLE.” — MH

MH has coined the phrase “One cure, cures all” because all disease can be alleviated through the umbrella of this one method.  Of course, the OJ fast is NOT for everybody.  It should be avoided by those that won’t take the time to read, research, and follow the correct protocols.  However, for those that will do it properly it is a relatively safe method.

The results:

The OJ fast tends to be much safer in the long run for the majority of people who had trouble with water-fasts in the past.  Any results from the OJ fast will be achieved half as quickly as the full water-fast.  MH says that zero food other than strained juice for a full twenty-one days, breaks habits and addictions.  He goes on to tell us that there is a timeline which you can expect to see specific results with the OJ fast as follows:

  • NEW BLOOD @ 14 day
  • NEW HEART @ 21 days
  • NEW SKIN @ 35 days
  • NEW LIVER by the time you’re done your 40 days.

The method:

You will need to plan ahead and purchase exactly eight oranges a day for each day of your fast.  So if you plan on doing a 14 day fast, then it is 14×8 which is 112 oranges total.  Squeezing one medium sized orange will give you about 2 ounces of juice.  Mix the other half of your glass with distilled-water to equal 4 ounces total.  Do the same for the rest of the oranges.  For the day you would consume 32 ounces of this mixture which is half orange-juice and half distilled-water.  You can adjust the quantity of water more or less to your needs.

I recommend that you squeeze all eight oranges in the morning and then immediately fill the rest of the container with distilled-water until it measures 32 ounces.  If you store it properly it won’t go bad and it will free up your time if you must continue a working job.  Then you decide on a suitable feeding schedule.  You could keep it simple and drink four times throughout the day and consume 8 ounce portions easily.  Of course, you can drink all the extra distilled-water you need if you find yourself feeling thirsty.

MH says, “My guess is 95% of the people that try fasting will fail.  Because they ignore the daily Bowel Movement and then those who think they can water fast, etc.  Fasting is very easy once it is understood, until then, it is near impossible to do it succesfully.  “IF” you don’t understand it, it is called starvation.  The uneducated mind will think it is starving, while the educated mind will know it is actually living for the first time.”

Adding 20 almonds per day is the method for removing tumors from the body.  The almonds will also assist you so that your muscles don’t atrophy and you can continue to work a daily job during the fast.  It has allowed others to exercise or lift weights during the fast as well.  One eats ten almonds at 10 A.M. and the other ten almonds at 12 P.M.  You chew them slowly and carefully into a liquid before swallowing it down.

Three antidotes:

While on the fast these little tips will be a big help.

  1. I find if your muscles become fatigued a tablespoon of honey will give you the strength you need.
  2. If you are craving pizza then take a tablespoon of olive oil and that will do the trick.
  3. If you begin craving chocolate then some spirulina or wheat grass will give you the b-vitamins to satisfy you until you come back into balance.

Remember, you can drink all the distilled water that your body may need during this type of fast.  You can even add other liquids such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses to gain the necessary minerals your body needs to sustain and repair your body throughout the fast.

Ending a fast:

Ending a fast is so critical so you don’t revert back to negative tendencies or hurt your delicate digestive tract.  MH says that there are 2 theories about breaking the fast:

“The one I believe most fitting is to eat 2 pounds of dates and this will expand and scrape out the sludge.  Others say go slow and eat just a little each day until up to normal over eating.”

I used to break a fast with warm soup or broth as was normally suggested.  However, eating dates has been found to be a superior because it is more of a semi-solid food.  It turns the waste into a smooth bolus and thus activates your dormant intestines in a gentle and efficient manner.  It perfectly expands and sweeps out the intestines without causing any harm.

Just chew on the date slowly until it becomes a liquid.  Do not eat one bite more than is required.  Repeat this process every two hours.  The time aloud is required so the stomach can absorb the nutrients and then move into the intestines without shocking the system.

Good luck!


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