Refining the nervous system

MH, the master herbalist, told us many years ago that his youngest son would frequently walk on his tiptoes.  Shortly after, Trevor would get the nick-name tippy toes.  I never understood exactly why this would happen until recently.  His father says, “Trevor desires to be Bare-feet and walk on his tippy toes! Even today, he still must jump often through out the day in steady pace or seek the trampoline.”

The bible gives us a hint and inspires us to achieve that child-like quality that we have lost as we enter adulthood.  We know from the bible it says:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” — Luke 18:17

A very true statement indeed.  We can learn so much by becoming innocent, carefree, and experiencing joy – playing freely in the moment.  After working with various movement therapies over the years, the rational part of it is slowly coming together.  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a Feldenkrais Therapist for about four months.  I visited her once a week and she worked with me in her home; guiding my body with her hands to move in new, unfamiliar ways.  It wasn’t always easy (as painful or angry emotions do surface) but the results paid off over the years.

After many months of working with her, she helped me achieve something I never had before.  I had “unlocked” my frozen hips to a certain degree that it felt like I was in a cradle rocking freely in a swing.  That lightness of movement was amazing.

Years later, I continued to work towards wholeness.  I found a Chi-Kung master who taught me a practice called Chi-Lel Chi-Kung (LCUPCD) which allowed me to be self-sufficient in regards to adjusting my spine.  I no longer needed to visit the chiropractor again.

Recently, I took up the practice of the Chinese Health balls that would take my body to a whole new level.  There were a few experiences that happened that will prove useful for therapists, lightworkers and those seeking better health.  Know that this is a culmination of many different movement exercises and one therapy alone cannot be the sole cause of this success.  Nonetheless, I believe that in order to have a more perfected nervous system you need to be aware of three things.

The first thing I noticed was having a spring in my step.  As I continued rotating the health balls in my hand I could discern the tailbone would begin to resonate with vibrant energy for up to twenty minutes after the practice was finished.  This was very hard to notice at first but it was happening.  There were tiny contractions moving the tailbone back and forth.  After that, the energy would slowly move down the root chakra between the legs.

When your tailbone begins to move as a dolphin’s flukes in the water your nervous system is almost perfected.

Second, I began walking on my toes just like Trever did; except not as pronounced as his heels were.  In a way, I felt like I was walking like a ninja — walking toe to heel.  To me, this indicated that my tailbone and all the nerves along the spine were at its peak strength.

If you can reach to this stage, it is as if your vitality is at the level of an eighteen year old with the joy of a seven-year old.

Thirdly, as I kept practicing with these exercises the breath unfolded in a more spontaneous way.  It was amazing to experience the breath just spring back into action after each exhalation.  When the nervous system is weak, breathing incorrectly happens as a matter of course.  When this is the case, it is like the breath would “hang-up” and there is no automatic return-breath.  When your breath “hangs” like this, it’s as if you exhale and the breath doesn’t want to return on its own — except in a labored way.

Furthermore, if someone were to criticize or speak harshly to you, you wouldn’t have the energy or courage to bear it.  Your chest would be caved-in and you could not display a sense of self-respect or speak strongly in return.  Upon refining the nervous system to this level, there was a complete sense of freedom and feeling of joy.  After exhaling, the breath was effortless and would return on its own without any heaviness.


Now you can go on enjoying life and walk in infinite possible ways.  Even getting up from a seated position is joyful.  Falling down is also easy and without fear.  You begin to play in your movements as a child would.  A joyful feeling becomes your nature and a simple smile runs across your face.

Good luck!


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