The feminine principle

Such books as Masters of Mahamudra by Keith Dowman explain how most male yogins were initiated into the wrathful world of the dakini.  After their encounter with the wisdom dakini their lives were forever changed.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Mahamudra represents a perfected level of meditative realization.  It is the inseparable union of wisdom and compassion or emptiness and skillful means.

In the book above, these eight-four masters, accomplished their practice in India where they lived between the eighth and twelfth centuries.  Leading unconventional lives, the siddhas include some of the greatest Buddhist teachers as Tilopa, Naropa and Saraha.

One of my favorite mahasiddhas was Saraha.  His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche (1904-1987) was believed to be an emanation of Saraha.

Saraha was a great sage and learned Brahmin who knew and understood all the holy scriptures.

One day he went to the market and met there a simple woman who had no education.  She was an arrowsmith woman.  The arrowsmith woman looked him directly in the eye, pointed an arrow at him and said:

“Your knowledge means nothing.  To find the truth, you have to leave all your books behind, and follow me.”

Saraha left everything behind and followed the arrowsmith woman.  She taught him the ways of wisdom outside Varanasi, the city in India where bodies get cremated.  Saraha and the arrowsmith woman set up a tent there and became the greatest Tantric masters of India.


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