Healing burns

I remember when I was an adolescent reading a fictional book about a Formula One race car driver who crashed his car and experienced severe third-degree burns all over his face.  A Native American Indian offered him a salve that completely healed his face so he didn’t have permanent scarring.  After some time went by, the driver became so overjoyed that it worked without leaving a mark.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to track down the Medicine Man to learn his secrets.  At that moment, I wished we had this healing ointment for everyone.

Fast forward 20+ years later.  I got to know MH, the Master Herbalist.  On the Ask Barefoot Herbalist forum I learned about his old-fashioned wisdom, applied it, and discovered that there actually is a solution.

There is a product called ‘B&W OINTMENT’ that can be applied on any burns, scars, or injuries for healing to take place.  In my own experience I have had some promising results.  Even though it is a slow process, one scar I have within my left eye-brow has almost completely faded away after a year’s time.  In addition to that, one small burn I have on my ankle is now beginning to fade after six months.

I know it is hard for most of us to stop wishing for instant results.  In both cases I was not consistent in applying the ointment on a daily basis.  But sure enough, a slow process was the sure and steady way to heal without negative side-effects.

MH says: “When cut, I use powdered cayenne, this prevents the scar.  Once scarred, I use BF&C as explained on the my teacher web page.  It can be applied as B&W ointment and taken as capsule or tea.  To get rid of a old scar may take a year or so.  A scar comes from incomplete healing.  “IF” we have enough nutrients and good enough circulation, there will be no scar.”

It is an exciting thing to marvel at the power of nature’s way to heal and regenerate our bodies no matter how long it took to achieve this level of result.  If you get in good with MH you’ll discover lots of natural wisdom.  MH relates a story how an Amish Healer has literally helped thousands of burn victims over the past 35 years:

“He has been going across country teaching groups of people how to treat burns at home and to recognize when the burn is too severe and must be moved to the hospitals.  He has been working with doctors and trying to change the way American Hospitals treat burn victims.  Being only one man and extremely limited funds, he has done what he has been able.  BOOK V is a record of his works and much will be added when time allows.”

Since MH is basically a pioneer in the alternative health field, it makes me worried that without him, generations to come will lose out on his valuable work.  If nothing is done, the powers that be will overrule and more suffering will ensue for us, our children, and future generations.

My wish is that other good Samaritans or Bodhisattvas (compassionate individuals) can understand what he is doing, discover the correct principles of health, and establish healing centers all over the world for the benefit of everyone.

TIPS for quicker results:

  1. apply a thick layer of the B+W ointment under a gauze pad twice a day,
  2. take several BF+C capsules orally to help regenerate the flesh
  3. taking the LBB (lower bowel balance) formula moves toxins out the elimination organs which includes the skin
  4. Herbal spray I, II, or III brings heat to the area which moves your blood to the surface of the skin quickly for healing to take place


MH says, “The Amish Clinic makes the best burn salve in the USA.  You take a leaf and apply the salve to the leaf and then apply to the burn and that burn can be to the bone, it can not be too bad.  The leaves used are Burdock, if that is not available, they use lettuce or cabbage.”

Does covering the ointment completely with scalded burdock leaves reduce the amount of healing time for burns?  I haven’t any experience with it.  Maybe someone who has good results can post a comment.  I would love to know.

Good luck in healing!


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