Past life story of the Brahmin maiden

It is stated in the sutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva that a Brahmin maiden by the name of Sacred Girl was deeply worried and troubled when her mother died because she created a lot of negative karma during her lifetime.  While alive, the mother also created the heavy offense of ridiculing and slandering the Triple Gem.  Here is part of the story with the current Buddha of that time:

“Another time, inconceivable asamkhyeya eons ago, there was a Buddha named Enlightenment-Flower Samadhi Self-Mastery King Thus Come One. That Buddha’s life span was four hundred billion asamkhyeya eons. During his Dharma-Image Age, there lived a Brahman woman endowed with ample blessings from previous lives who was respected by everyone. Whether she was walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, gods surrounded and protected her. Her mother, however, embraced a deviant faith and often slighted the Triple Jewel.

“The worthy daughter made use of many expedients in trying to convince her mother to hold right views, but her mother never totally believed. Before long, the mother’s life ended and her consciousness fell into the Relentless Hell.

“When her mother’s life ended, the Brahman woman, knowing that her mother had not believed in cause and effect while alive, feared that her karma would certainly pull her into the Evil Paths. For that reason, she sold the family house and acquired many kinds of incense, flowers, and other gifts. With those she performed a great offering in that Buddha’s stupas and monasteries.

She saw an especially fine image of the Thus Come One Enlightenment-Flower Samadhi Self-Mastery King in one of the monasteries. As the Brahman woman beheld the honored countenance, she became doubly respectful while thinking to herself, ‘Buddhas are called Greatly Enlightened Ones who have attained All-Wisdom. If this Buddha were in the world I could ask him where my mother went after she died. He would certainly know.’

While she was pleading for help at the temple, she heard that Buddha telling her to go home, sit down, and recite his name if she wanted to know where her mother was.  Soon after, her consciousness was transported to the Great Iron Ring Mountain where she witnessed all the various beings in hell undergoing much suffering.

After inquiring into her mother’s whereabouts, the guardian informed her that the fervent prayers and pious offerings allowed her mother to ascend to heaven already.  Sacred Girl was greatly relieved but the sight of those who suffered touched her heart and she vowed to liberate all sentient beings from these karmic offenses.


Here is a link to the entire 2 hour video of The Sutra of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. Watching it would be a very good blessing.  The animated video below is a short (nine minute scene) where Sacred Girl visits the hell realms:


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