Benefits of stupas

From the Legend of Maha Buddha stupa:

“When Mahakashyapa Buddha was preaching, the Benefactress Jadzima, who begat four sons, built the Jarungkhasor Stupa [below] in the district of Maguta, in the Kingdom of Nepal.  Great Guru!  If you could speak to us of the fruit of the aspiration generated by the constructors of that first Great Stupa, then we, having built this Great Monastery of Samye, knowing how to pray, may become full of confidence and faith in the future.  So that we may be devoted, we entreat you to describe in detail the result of building that first Great Stupa of Jarungkhasor.”

The Great Guru replied, “Listen and give me your full attention O Great King! After the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the past, present and future were absorbed in their reality into the receptacle of Pure Mind forever, this Great Stupa could grant any supplication and fulfill every aspiration immediately and effortlessly for it became as the Wish Fulfilling Gem, the Yeshey Norbu.

The benefits and favours received by any living creature who with a pure heart prostrates himself before the Great Stupa, circumambulates it and adores it are inconceivable and incalculable beyond the expression of the Buddhas of the past, present and future, for these stones were laid in order to bring inconceivable joy to humanity.

As this Great Stupa is the receptacle of the Mind of the Buddhas of the past, present and future, so it is the plane of adoration of both mundane and supramundane beings; to both men and gods, whatever supplication is made and whatever prayer is offered, all wishes will be granted and even supreme realization and spiritual power may be obtained.”

Stupa: these are the merits gained by walking around the stupa


“When you circumambulate a stupa you will be honored by gods, nagas, yaksas, gandharvas, and asuras, by garudas, kinnaras, and mahoragas.

“Circumambulating a stupa will have this result:  mindfulness and clear perception; a radiant appearance and intelligence; and you will be honored everywhere.

“Circumambulating a stupa will have this result:  a very long life – a lifetime more like that of a god – in which you will obtain great renown.

“Circumambulating a stupa will have this result:  Flesh-eaters and other demonic beings will not harm you, and you will live a life of flawless enjoyment.

“Circumambulating a stupa will have this result:  You will gain the power of Brahma himself in the world of Brahma, and you will be worshiped by many tens of millions of gods.

“Circumambulating a stupa will have this result:  For one thousand times ten million kalpas – and one hundred times one hundred billion more – you will be endowed with wisdom and always honored.

DEFINITION:  Circumambulate – to walk or go about or around, especially ceremoniously.

The Resultant Fruit: of circulating around the stupa

Master Padmasambhava said to king Trisong Deutsen:

“There is no difference between the merit of those who make offerings while I am here and those who make offerings after my nirvana, if their virtuous intentions are the same.

If there is a man who made a wish to the great stupa, no matter if it is to request for oneself or to request for other – all can be instantly fulfilled.  If there is a man who made offering to the abbot of the great stupa, in the future rebirth shall have no hunger, no thirst, no diseases and no illnesses.  If there is a man who made offering to the great stupa with fragrance flowers, he will have auspiciousness and peace, and shall become wealthy, successful, with good health and longevity.

If there is a man who made offering of incense to the great stupa, he shall receive immaculate activities (business and career).  If there is a man who offer lamps, it shall shine brightly all darkness of ignorance.  If there is a man who offered libation, shall be separated from affliction and painful suffering.  If there is a man who offered food, shall accomplished samadhi and be separated from hunger.

“If there is a man who offered melody music to the great stupa, shall be able to propagate the sound of dharma throughout the ten directions.  If there is a man who offered drum and melody sounds, shall obtain vast wisdom and prosperity.  If there is a man who offer the sound of bell, shall obtain a soft and harmonious voice, which is the voice of brahma.”

Click here for the full (five chapters) of The Legend of Maha Buddha Stupa


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