Yuli the Holy Book

At that time, Buddha Sakyamuni asked Bodhisattva Manjushri, Mahasattva, “Do you know how many Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, heavenly beings, dragons, ghosts and gods from other lands and worlds are here in the Trayastrimsa Heaven for this instruction?” 
Manjushri answered, “World Honored One, even using my divine power for thousands of aeons, I still would not be able to calculate how many are here.”  Buddha Sakyamuni said to Manjushri, “Even if I use my Buddha eye, I too cannot calculate them.  These multitudes include all whom Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha has released, is releasing, and will release from suffering.  That is, these multitudes include all living beings who live in the past, present and future!”
Manjushri said to Buddha, “World Honored One, I have long cultivated good roots and have acquired extensive and profound wisdom.  So, as soon as I hear anything the Buddha says, I understand and believe it immediately. However, other living beings may doubt Buddha’s sincere words.  They might believe them temporarily but they cannot hold the words in their hearts, and will begin to doubt them and then criticize them, I hope the World Honored One can provide more detailed information about Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, Mahasattva, and tell us what this Bodhisattva did.”  ~ Ksitigarbha Great Vows sutra
From Yuli the Holy Book:

Feng Du Da Di said: `Lord Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva wants to deliver all the ghosts residing in the nether world. He does not want to see all human beings who have done bad deeds to descend to the nether world and suffer all kinds of punishment.  Therefore, he has given all of us the permission to condone and reduce the sentences as the case may be, for those who really repented on what they had done while they were alive.

All the implementation guidelines have been submitted by the nether gods to the Jade Emperor.  Jade Emperor has also given consent that they should be recorded in Yuli – The Holy Book and be circulated and implemented in the mortal world at once.

However, to-date, the book is still not released to the mortal world, as nobody of great virtue has been found.  Today, I have found the right person – Dan Chi, who is standing over there.  I am going to entrust him with the task.  Kindly compile all the quotations and copy them into Yuli – The Holy Book at once.′

It was rather difficult to find this text translated properly into English.  So I took it upon myself to correct the typos, edit the grammatical errors, and reformat the text for an easier read.  It is 18 pages as an Adobe .pdf file.   If you wish to read the whole book composed by Dan Chi, a poor but virtuous Chinese cultivator from the 11th century then click on the link:  Yuli – the Holy Book
UPDATE:  This version is ideal for reprinting purposes:  Yuli – print version

Here is a short video (3:46) I created to inspire everyone to increase their positive virtues and meritorious actions:



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3 responses to “Yuli the Holy Book

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  2. hui

    Yuli is like Jewel Calendar right? I think I have one version in my language


  3. BC emailed me and writes:

    Thank you very much for your efforts in spreading the Dharma and warning others of the harsh reality of karmic consequences.

    Also, I will like to introduce you to this new fully color illustrated version of the Yuli:


    This scroll was not the result of the illustrator’s own efforts alone, but his hand was guided by Lord Cheng Huang himself, so that miraculously, there was not even one error or mistroke during the illustration process.

    I humbly request that if you and your team are able, you can create an English version of this illustration (whose captions are in Chinese).



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