proper prenatal care

There are some important issues you need to know if you plan on raising a family.  More women need to raise their awareness that having a baby is an offering to that conscious being.  They are our precious future.  First and foremost, they come into the world in order to grow and develop their personality in all sorts of ways.  Second, you can provide them the chance to accumulate more virtue and insight spiritually.

The proper attitude to have, is knowing that this baby is a sovereign individual with the right to proper health.  These days it is rare that a baby will be born safely – free from toxic metals, chemicals or birth trauma.  For me, the saddest thing to see is the alarming rise in the number of autistic children being born.

A new study suggests about 1 in 38 children have traits of autism, higher than a previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 100.

In the past, holding the Hippocratic Oath once had honor and integrity for doctors who would “First, do no harm”.  Only now are things changing and some doctors are admitting that vaccines do damage.  Pediatricians call it vaccine injury.  Of course, not all doctors are bad people.  They want to help, but without proper foresight it is hard to tell what is best until it is too late.  Unfortunately, change happens slowly.

One group of women that I really think are doing some great benefit for society is the Thinking Moms Revolution.  They are turning heads by looking out for the welfare of other new moms.  I like this one quote by Lujene G. Clark that sums up their intention strongly:

“If I didn’t warn you of the dangers of vaccines, I couldn’t live with the guilt if your child becomes vaccine injured.  Can you live with the guilt if it happens and you didn’t listen?”

First Decision:

If you are planning on having a child it would be wise to compare and view these two births.  The first video is a normal Medical birth that on the surface seems fine.  However, to a highly trained eye is too invasive for the delicate baby’s body and nervous system to handle.

The second video is a Natural Water birth which is only a five minutes long.  It will evoke your emotions and sure to make you teary-eyed since we never realized that birthing could be so beautiful.

Televised births, portrayed by the entertainment media, have really conditioned our minds to fear this as something that is extremely painful.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Proper nutrition:

MH, the Master Herbalist, talks about the importance of the Mrs. Barefoot Formula.  It is well known that an expectant mom should be taking pre-natal pills during her pregnancy.  But, this all-natural formula is a little known secret for pregnant moms who wish to absorb plenty of minerals to increase the chances of giving birth to the healthiest of babies.  He says:


It is understood, as part of his healing protocol, normal vitamins don’t absorb well in the body.  Herbs and plant minerals are the way to go.  In addition to the Mrs. Barefoot Formula, a few good natural sources of minerals come from tree iodine, molasses and maple syrup.

Importance of Cord-blood:

Who wouldn’t want their baby to increase their immune system and get the healthiest cells in their body to have a solid foundation in life?

I was reading an interesting article by this midwife in Australia last week.  She goes on to say that, cord blood contains “magical” stem cells, and if your baby becomes ill in the future you may be able to use these cells as treatment.  She says that cord blood banking is inadequate and gives misleading information to parents.  This is new information to me so you will have to do get educated and do the proper research.  She goes on to say:

“This misinformation raises both ethical and legal issues.  The procedure involved in collecting cord blood is sold as ‘simple, safe and effective’.  When it comes to decision making about cord blood only three options are presented: keep it (pay for storage), donate it (to a public initiative) or throw it away.  What about letting it finish its journey up the umbilical cord and into the baby?”

It would make sense to allow the beneficial stem cells from the cord blood to enter the baby in a natural way without the doctor clamping off the supply of nutritious blood too early.

Vaccine exemption forms:

Most parents are afraid that schools won’t let your child enter without having all the vaccinations.  This is simply not true.  Almost every state should have exemption forms that you can fill out.  These forms are necessary to obtain which will allow your son or daughter be vaccine-free due to religious belief.

In the old days there were only three to five common vaccines given.  As of 2010, it is mandatory that children receive 36 – 38 vaccines before the age of six.  Surely, any reasonable person can see that this is overwhelming for any child to have so much toxic side-effects.

Dr. Mom is a master herbalist and trained just like MH is.  Both are Dr. Christopher trained in preventative health-care.  She tells us that:

“In the event, that for whatever reason, [mandatory immunizations] could not be avoided – I have seen people put lobelia tincture under their tongue during the actual immunization to help neutralize the toxins – then as soon as the needle is withdrawn, they put black ointment on the site to draw out as much of the toxins as possible.”

I know everyone wants to rush into having children without taking the proper time to consider the risks and consequences.  Ideally, everyone should do the proper research before planning on having a baby so that you can guide this child in to the world as safely as possible.  If it is already too late for you or your child, then just click on my home page and learn some of the common and uncommon antidotes to get back to health.

Good luck!


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