Repairing the auric field

There are some people that are so intuitive to their surroundings that it is a constant struggle to survive in the world.  They can go into a room where a couple had a fight and can just feel terrible negative energies there.  Some sensitive people can examine an object such as jewelry (worn by others for years) and know their life was filled with stress or sadness.

Other people can pick up the negative vibrations from the food they eat and note that the chief was angry while preparing that meal.  And still other people will feel that negative entities are “attacking” them or draining away their energy.

Why does this happen? 

While part of this ability is a result of meditative practice, the other part is having a very weak constitution.

When your internal subtle-body is not strong or toned, you are more vulnerable to negative energies and outside influences.  A good healer can “see” with their high sensory perception, that the client has one large hole in their aura or many tiny ones all over.  In scientific terms, this would mean that your nervous system is damaged.  In spiritual terms, the channels or chakras are broken and in need of repair.

Some ways that will cause you to have major damage (holes) in your aura are:

  • physical and sexual abuse
  • substance and drug abuse
  • vaccines and medical prescriptions

Many new age books have talked about building a protective shield of light around the body.  This might work for some but it is only a temporary benefit.  The constant attention on that takes away from the necessary work of contemplation.  The superior way is to get to the root of the problem and repair the nervous system.

Once the nervous system is healed, fear of negative entities is no longer a problem – they just bounce off you.

There are many healing modalities for repairing the nervous system.  Each one that I have researched has some unique quality that will provide some results.  Here are the ones that I have personally tried and can attest for.  They are as follows: the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Feldenkrais Movement therapy, juice fasting, Reiki Tummo, Network Chiropractic, Chi-Lel chi kung, and Fragrant Chi Kung

The one that is of primary importance is the Barbara Brennan School of Healing therapy.  The Barbara Brennan trained reiki-healer will assist you in releasing pain and unnecessary connections from your emotional body.  She will also help you move dark, unconscious energies from your astral and etheric bodies.  Having someone there to help heal your core issues and empower you to bring forth your true Self is so vitally important.

With Feldenkrais Movement Therapy the healer will help you release the stress and strain that has been stored in the muscles, due to habitual contractions held in your body since childhood.  Having someone to assist you to move these old traumatic energies from your body is indispensable for stable progress to come about.

In addition, Juice Fasting helps the body to fully relax, cleanse the blood, and rebuild the organs. While fasting, the nervous system is free and doesn’t collect any forms of entropy with the outside world.  This means that other people’s dense energies such as anger or hatred won’t “stick” to you at all.  Unfortunately, once you start eating food again the problem tends to return but in a less uncomfortable manner.

To get around this problem it is beneficial to upgrade your nervous system in a spiritual manner.  For long-term benefits, I highly recommend becoming attuned to level one Reiki Tummo in order to permanently stabilize your energy field.  With this under your belt you will start to become more self-sufficient and able to handle most difficult situations.  You will immediately be less tired and listless throughout the day.

In addition to all of the above, seeing a Network Chiropractor and practicing Chi-Lel Chi Kung is very helpful for maintaining the strength and functionality of the nervous system by aligning the spine.  When the spine is freely able to adapt through any stressful situation then you are ahead of the game.  You have an edge when your endurance is increased if you need to be on your feet all day long at work.  At the very least, you have an antidote to remove the stress and get back into alignment when things go wrong after a long, hard day.

One of the deeper methods I found to realign and repair the nervous system is a method called Fragrant Buddha Chi Kung.

Performing the movements with Fragrant Chi Kung will:

  1. massage the stomach, liver and thyroid with simple arm swings
  2. open the diaphragm and unlock the base of the brain
  3. ground your body – surprisingly as the arms go up and out, the feet stick more firmly to the floor
  4. strengthen the body in a way that one can stand with steadiness
  5. activate the glands within the seven chakras due to each twisting movement

Even an old sports injury in my shoulder (a tiny break in the bone), which has bothered me off and on for about seventeen years, is improving as I notice the pain finally subsiding. I would say that consistent practice has started to build new channels around that area.

With all these beneficial qualities about it, I am going to challenge myself to practice it two or three times a day for the next three months.  I already see the possibilities of it regenerating the entire nervous system, teeth and eyes.

Here is a video I created that gives more information on what is needed.  You can also forward it easily to others that you care about.  Whatever you choose to do remember that healing the nervous system is essential to stabilizing your mind and purifying your emotions.


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