A network chiropractic technique

If there was a father of modern chiropractic it would be Daniel David Palmer and his understanding that the health of the nerves and organs stems from a properly adjuMasseuse Massaging Young Man Lying on Table Closed Eyessted spine.

His theory that vertebral subluxations (a partial dislocation) cause pinched nerves in the intervertebral spaces.  When the nerves are either too tense or too slack, this affects the tone or health of the end organ.

We should remember that the Buddha taught the middle path as the answer to all of life’s problems.  One should be sitting naturally and comfortably, neither too tense nor too slack just as Palmer’s observations were.  This is very important not only for meditation but for day-to-day living whether we are walking, sitting, or lying down.

“A subluxated vertebra . . . is the cause of 95 percent of all diseases.  The other five percent is caused by displaced joints other than those of the vertebral column.” — D.D. Palmer

With that understood, there are many new therapies on the horizon to assist one to achieve balance.  One such method is called Network Chiropractic where only a light touch is used on your spine and surrounding areas to alleviate pain and release emotional tension within the body.  This method is unique in the sense that a very light touch allows the body and nerves to oscillate on its own to regain balance and alignment.

I found this website which seems to be a further extension of the network chiropractic method.  Dr. William Trebing says that, “the energetic element of your detected menengial subluxations will be addressed first using the Spinal Resonance© light touch protocol.”  He explains the simple yet effective method of how a network chiropractor would work with your spine as follows:

“This involves the practitioner using pressure with the fingertips, about the weight of a quarter, on specific key points of your spinal column and cranium.”

He goes on to say that, “This contact can be accomplished through regular indoor clothing.  This in turn will stir a process within you, creating a release of the heavier resonances that have been binding your energy flow for years, perhaps decades.”

Levels of spinal care:

In general, there are four levels of spinal care.  There is something that you begin by allowing others to assist you and then taking up a self-discipline to achieve a stable spine and maintain an internal strength.  Over time you will achieve a new found ease of movement.

  • First, learn what a regular chiropractor offers and experience how that is.
  • Second, visit a network chiropractor and discern its benefits.
  • Third, begin to practice Chi-Lel Chi Kung to work on keeping your spine fit.
  • Fourth, practice what I call a network chiropractic self-meditation.


After visiting a normal chiropractor and a network chiropractor you may want to try this self-meditation.  This network self-meditation is something that I came up not long after I received treatment.  I thought this may be helpful to others since I often prefer to be self-sufficient.

You can try it now, but for best results see a Network Chiropractor to learn how they perform their method.  With experience it becomes more clear once you understand how it is done as well as the exact points where they press.

Network Chiropractic Technique:

  1. Sit in a chair and cross your ankles (as this opens the central meridian)
  2. From below, very gently press one area of your spine or slightly adjacent to it, inhale slowly while keeping your finger pressed against your skin
  3. Let go of the pressure you exerted with your finger and simply exhale
  4. Wait and allow yourself the time necessary to make a shift, release the pain, or lessen the tension
  5. Continue up your spine and repeat steps 2 – 4.  From below you can almost reach as far as the back heart chakra.
  6. From above, your hands can reach your neck and the base of the head. Repeat steps 2-4.

IMPORTANT:  Always breathe gently and press ever so gently.  Go slow for best results.  The key is to press your back very, very gently and just allow your back to come into alignment on its own.  If you are tired of sitting in the chair or it is too painful then you can perform the same method as you lay on the bed – face down, but with legs uncrossed.

Note:  While laying face down, don’t forget to position two pillows for your face (one on the left edge of the forehead and the other on the right) so you can breathe properly.

Final Point:

If you have no immediate results in Chi-Lel chi kung or this self-meditation then you really have some work to do and it would be wise to set yourself a program to work with a Barbara Brennan Reiki healer, Feldenkrais healer, or a Network Chiropractor for an extended period of time.  After that, your body will become more pliable and results will be easier to obtain as time goes by.

Be well!


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