We are all the same

Every once in a while you see a video on YouTube that will make you smile or bring tears to your eyes.  This one accomplished both for me.

Have you seen the video that went viral with 34 million hits? 

It’s called “Where the hell is Matt?” as he dances a graceful, amusing step in forty-two countries around the world.

While watching it, I couldn’t help seeing people all over the world having a good time and saying to myself: we are all the same.  Of course, we each have our own unique qualities and differences about ourselves.  But at a very deep level…at a core level we are all similar.  According to Tibetan Buddhism they talk about developing five wisdoms.

Five Wisdoms are:

  1. All-pervasive wisdom
  2. Mirror-like wisdom
  3. Discriminating wisdom
  4. Sameness wisdom
  5. All-Accomplishing wisdom

One of the wisdoms is called Sameness Wisdom.  Through this video it is apparent that each of us equally shares the same desire to be joyful and have fun.  It doesn’t matter what part of the world we are in.  We all are inherently seeking the same thing…a ray of sunshine and a piece of happiness.

Here is the video:


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