Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Tibetan Book of the Dead which is also called “The Great Liberation upon Hearing in the Intermediate State” or Bardo Thodal, is traditionally believed to be the work of Padmasambhava, the eighth century mystic-saint better known as Guru Rinpoche.  Also considered as the second Buddha after Shakyamuni, he was the first person to bring Buddhism to the land of Tibet.

The Bardo Thodal is an important text to be read aloud to the deceased person while they are in the ‘transitional-state’ between death and rebirth. This will help them wake up from their swoon and not be frightened at the projected images they see.  As you assist them to perceive and understand what is happening in a peaceful way, it is a great opportunity for them to recognize the nature of their mind and achieve enlightenment on the spot.

When this is not the case, they can be benefited by having their consciousness transferred to a Pure Realm.  The most significant being Amitabha’s Pure Land, which is the ideal place to go where there is absolutely no suffering.  In fact, it is called Dewachen, the Land of Great Bliss, where the suffering of the three lower realms doesn’t exist.  Ordinary beings are permitted to enter there, without having any sort of high level of realization as a prerequisite.  This is all due to the great vows and blessings of Amitabha Buddha himself.

The mandala above is said to be so potent that merely looking at it could liberate any being from all negative karma–the unavoidable consequences of harmful actions.  It could transform anger and fear into altruism and compassion.

In Christian terms, the pure land would be considered the “Kingdom of Heaven” and not an ordinary heavenly place where the masses of people will enter.  The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying has more on this and is a popular book for beginners and written by Sogyal Rinpoche.

When I was first starting out practicing Tibetan Buddhism, I had a number of friends of the family that passed away.  For most people, I think it is very difficult to contact one’s own lama to perform the Bardo Deliverance Ceremony as they are usually busy teaching or in another country.  Searching online I only found one lama that offered to do this phowa ritual as a public service.  So I know it is very rare.

A true story:

A long time ago, my mother had a sickly day-care child.  The girl had heart-surgery when she was born.  As a child, this cute little girl had placed tiny stickers (of footprints) on the bottom corner of my bedroom door.  As they came off from house-cleaning, my mom decided to glue them to the door.  Naturally, she was there to help my mom stick them permanently in place.  It was a fond reminder to see them every time we entered my room.  Three stickers remained there untouched for thirteen years.

This same girl was close to us even after she finished day-care at the age of five.  She would always attend our sports functions with the family and often visit us at home.  Unfortunately, she also developed a type of cancer early on.  It is sad to say that she passed away from this cancer, in the prime of her life, at the age of eighteen.  My mother almost had a nervous-breakdown at the loss of someone who was like her own child.  The memory brings tears to my face even as I write this now.

I thought long and hard for a way to give my mother some peace of mind.  A few days later, I explained to her what positive action we could do to help.  A tantric lama (whom I found on a Vajrayana website) was available to the public.  He performed the Bardo Deliverance Ceremony every Friday as part of his commitment.  So, I sent the monk her picture and a donation through the mail.  And to our surprise, a few weeks later a very auspicious thing occurred.

As both my mother and I walked into my bedroom, we saw those very three footprints – on the floor… a few inches apart as if they were walking towards my shrine.

I’d like to think those footprints represented the Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.  I truly believe it was a sure, positive sign that she made it to Amitabha’s Pure Land and is happy and in good health.  This put a wonderful smile on both our faces.

About ten years later, I met Tulku Thubten Nyingpo.  To my delight, he offered a small group of us the empowerment into a special Drikung Kagyu practice.  This would authorize us to perform the Bardo Deliverence Ceremony directly for others.  As long as I have been involved in Buddhism, I know it is only rarely given.  This Rinpoche is considered a highly realized and qualified lama.  His incarnation can be traced back to Atsara Sale, who lived in 9th century Tibet.  He is one of the heart sons of Guru Rinpoche and consort of Yeshe Tsogyal.

My aspiration:

Since 2009, I made a vow to perform the Bardo Deliverance Ceremony for all those that have passed away and need help.  It is my wish to truly assist our loved ones to “cross-over” and make this transition without fear.  The extensive prayers, chanting of mantras, and offering of (tsok) food is done to increase the little merits we have and remove the karmic obscurations necessary to enter Amitabha’s Pure Land.  I am delighted to say that I have done this two-hour long practice for over a hundred people (as of 2017).

Therefore, if anyone needs this ritual done for their friend or relative (within the 49 days since they passed) feel free to contact me.  I would be more than willing to perform this rare and special service.  It can be helpful in many unexpected ways as the burdensome “karmic cords” that bind us to our family are gently removed.

As in the case with my friend a long time ago.  Her mother passed away and she just couldn’t stop crying for weeks.  I performed the Bardo Ceremony and at the exact hour it was finished, she felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders and her grieving stopped.

many blessings,



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6 responses to “Tibetan Book of the Dead

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  2. satsang

    I was wondering if you would assist me in helping my loved one transition over. My grandfather passed on a few days ago, if there is anything you or i can do, i would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU.


    • Hi,

      You are welcome to email me his first and last name. I can perform the White Sur practice for him. This is a smoke offering ritual to invoke abundant blessings and protection for your grandfather.

      Reading the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ out-loud would be very helpful. Also chanting Amitabha Buddha’s mantra for the next 49 days can transfer merits on his behalf.

      Amitabha’s mantra is: OM AMI DEWA HRI

      You can send the personal info at: NeoZen888@yahoo.com



  3. Audrey Wee

    My dad passed away last week and I feel really sad that I didn’t know what to do then to help ease his journey. None of my family members knew how to prepare and we didn’t manage to get a monk to chant some prayers too. Can you please help me to help my dad as I don’t want him to be lost and scared. Please help him! Thanks.


    • Audrey,

      I would like to help. I just need to know your dad’s full name. The location would also help but not always necessary.

      In the meantime, chant the Amitabha mantra for him and dedicate the merits in his honor.

      You can send the personal info at: NeoZen888@yahoo.com



  4. A family member linked me to your website. Thanks for the

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